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did I just eat something?


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have you ever been so distracted you didn't even realize you were eating?

I just made this grilled cheese cuz I haven't had one in forever. I was even excited about the ketchup and everything! somewhere in the first half, I started thinking about the future and life and regrets and other various things. all of a sudden I'm done!

wtf? I didn't even enjoy it. what a rip.

it's kind of like when your so transfixed on say, having an orgasm, that you don't really enjoy the ride(so to speak).

whata waste

so everybody, this is a warning, chew your food, taste it, be grateful, and fuck like it will go on for ever!
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I know the feeling except for it happens to me when I drive (scary, I know). Sometimes I just end up places. For instance, I was driving in to Toronto from Hamilton last week and one minute I'm passing through burlington, next thing I know I'm at a stop light on Jarvis. WTF?? I had no memory of even getting off the Gardiner. That can't be safe.


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I try not to get too hypnotized on the road because I am damn sure I don't drive out of instinct.

It is scary though and it does happen.


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that always happens to me with songs! i will put on a song or cd that i want to hear one specific track from then i get busy and don't pay attention and miss the whole thing and end up having to replay it several times before i actually get to hear it!

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true about the driving thing. It usually happens to me when I get close to my house on Danforth or Victoria Park. I switch into auto pilot! lol maybe that's why most accidents happen close to home! ACK!

sentence, I find that happens to me when I listen to one song too many times. it loses that UMPH that caught you in the first place.

there are songs that don't lose it. and for them it is great to be alive!


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You know people that have anterograde amnesia (reverse-amnesia, where you can't form new memories) tend to have a real problem with eating.

Apparently being able to remember that you just ate is really important in controlling hunger. If you give someone with anterograde amenasia a nice big dinner, wait 10 minutes (so they forget that they just ate) and then serve them another big dinner, they will still eat it. You can keep doing this, and they'll keep eating until they start to feel sick. And even then they might continue, since they won't necessarily know why they're feeling sick....

Scary stuff.

Anyway, the moral of this tory is -- try to remember when you eat.


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Originally posted by Aphrodite

so everybody, this is a warning, chew your food, taste it, be grateful, and fuck like it will go on for ever!

you want me to fuck me food??!?! :confused:
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