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Did anyone know of Lafleche being in town??


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Heard on Saturday he was doing a set (not sure where) from 10:30 - 12:30. Thought that was a little odd...


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I was supposed to go but I didn't. I wanna know how the rest of the party was too. I thought that Palais Royale was further west of Sunnyside?

Any reviews anyone?

-- Jay aka Fut

OLM from HOM

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Lafleche ended up at LIFE ... He was rotating with MYKA every few tracks after Max Graham was done. He did an excellent job.

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that 420 guy

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lafleche played the event at the palais royale. i arrived at 1:30am to find that the event was being shut down in an hour and they were only letting ticket holders in.

another example of the city cracking down on the dreaded rave parties.

- that urbanation guy

Par- T

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Yes I went to this party, moved from the Island Airport to Palais Royale. Bought an advance tkt. so I had to go.

The party was empty, most people were outside for the jungle. I stayed inside to hear Lafleche (the main reason I had for going), he was good. Just me and a handful of others dancing and showing support.
Wilhem K came up next with some tech-house and techno. Not bad at all.
Before he finished they had closed the outside program and everyone came inside. They then had D&B for about a half hour and then closed the party.

Could have been a really good party, too bad it wasn't.