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Did anyone else see Nolan Richardson(arkansas coach) totally flip out?


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I caught the end of this........but I didn't see what provoked him. He was making alot of racial references.....and hacking all the white media. Did they do something to him?

stupid white men


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His beef was that he feels he is held to a higher standard in terms of performance on and off the court, when compared to other coaches at Arkansas due to the colour of his skin.

He felt this was unjustified as he is the only coach to have led Arkansas to a National title in any college sport in the last two decades.


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Thanks for posting that Ninja site again. I love it

looks like Ive hijacked my own thread?

well there football team has been for shit for a while, I think Richarson is a goos coach though.......the team he lead in March Madness wasn't really to talented, just alot of hard work and soul.
that say alot for the coach. Fuck the media!