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did anybody feel the eathquake?


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I felt the 5.1 dolby digital surround sound. The .1 (subwoofer) gave my house the shakes. That count?

LoL, it wasn't 5.1 magnitude here, it was 5.1 in NY somewhere. We just got the tail of the shakes. I slept through it no problem.

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Allison heard a series of noises and noticed the closet doors shaking slightly. I just assumed it was the pipes rattling, or that she was hacucillating.


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As I said in the other thread...there was a bit of one...they announced it on the weather network...

Nothing huge that everyone could feel but some ppl reported it and there was seismic activity...

Just though I'd confirm that with everyone :)



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That's what it was!! Jeez. I was trying to get to sleep around 6 AM this morning and all of a sudden my room started to shake. I thought my CDs were going to fall over. I sat up in bed and just waited it out, all wide-eyed.

I've only encountered two earthquakes/tremors. One here in T.O. at lunchtime when I was a little kid, and once in Japan.

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