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diamonds. south african house music mix by alexd


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download this south african house music mix - right click (save as):

South African House Music. Mix by alexd.

DJ Clock & Beatenberg - Pluto
Big Nuz - Incwadi
Heavy K feat Naak Musiq - Yini
DJ Happygal - Wa Unene Club Mix
Big Nuz -Inazo
Uhuru & Mafikizolo - Nakupenda
Uhuru feat. Pex African & Nurse - CHeese Boy
Busiswa - Ngoku
Heavy K feat. Bucie - Easy to Love Club Mix
Uhuru feat. Professor - Ketsetse
Heavy K feat. Professor - Beautiful War
Mafikizolo & Uhuru - Khona
Nokwazi feat. Uhuru - Imoto


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A lot of people are telling me they are enjoying this mix! It is very different, so I'm glad about that! baconpan