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I haven't used it since I was an underage teenager - it always seemed to work back then.

Does anyone still use it? What are delivery charges like nowadays??


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I used it a lot at the beginning of the school year before I made friends with people with cars! It's awesome and it's only 5 bucks. Not too shabby if you ask me. This is in Waterloo by the way so it may be more expensive if you're somewhere like Toronto.


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anyone know of a delivery service that brings weed?

please post your dealer's number on this here public message board.:p i want some. now.

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I used one recently. Just opened the phone book and called one up. Large order, around $200 worth, and it costed me $25 for deilvery!!

:( <--- I was desperate

Temper Tantrum

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Nat >> As Adam said , MOVE TO MONTREAL. In my apartment complex alone there are four dealers!! ;)

And at ten bucks a gram, and when half the time they smoke you for free, its a sweet ass deal.

(Pete when you get up here, prepare to have met your match!)

~allie~ --> turning cronic :D
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poker face

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SOme peeps I have been hanging around the past few weekends have been calling it all the time. By the time it is 11am they have probably had dial-a-bottle at there house 5 times. It is funny because the beer delivery guys hang out and party sometimes.

I think it is around $50 a case or so?


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looking for their phone number??

would anyone have their number???
I would liek to try it out this weekend??

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