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DGRDG breaks and techno at the LABRYNTH


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Can't wait.

Come out and support our (Echootje, J-Hi, Headwinds, Jus Me, MoFo and others) fundraiser. You'll be supporting local Djs and visual artists.

C'mon. Anyone of you swingin' by?
Say hi, I shall be working the door. :D


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Me too! :D

So much planning has gone into this...I'm excited to see how it will turn out!
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i'm totally stoked about tonite!

we've designed some incredible projections that -- like the best electronic music -- combine both organic and computer generate elements which were produced over the last year during our new media design program. The projections will be upstairs with the thunderous beats (some created on the fly!) and we're setting up large canvases downstairs with a few choice deep green markers and lots of thick gradeschool pencils --i hope everyone enjoys themselves in intitimate atmosphere with wonderful, creative people, beats, visuals, and delicious cold pints...

truly a night to transform and breath life into our scene...yeah! :D


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^^ Cool to see u coming out James :)

heading out the door as I type, nobody's paged me for a while so I'm assuming I won't need to bring anything else?

Gonna be a great night! Lotsa peeps in attendance.



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PS trinitydub, don't be afraid to introduce yerself if you know what any of us look like.

We can chat bout Ambient Ping.

peace & carrots.
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