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Devine 5 Year @ The Comfort Zone


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Almost decided to skip this all togoether, but some how managed to kick myself out of bed. Once I stepped into "the zone" I realized why I never go there anymore, but once you make your way to the front into the dark dancefloor you realize why you miss this place.

Myka had the crowd in a frenzy with one dirty drop after another! Kenny G was on point playing some more techy electro ish that was great.

Then the man for the evening took over and he did not disappoint! Lafleche rinsed it out and I broke my curfew and stayed until 1:30.

An evening of awesome music and people watching. Big up to my DANGERhOUSe partner Dave.


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thanks for posting this review chrome, i'm glad to know that i'm not the only triber that actually goes to zone (though while most people stopped going to it a long time ago, i've only been for the first times this year after hearing all the horror stories)

after making the usual mad dash across spadina into zone at around ten (at night) i got into zone to a see a comfortable packedhear zone and to hear kenny's set which was solid. it was nice to see a mix of regulars and others and there was definitely an energy about the room.

when lafleche came on at 11 he blew me away. he truly has the kind of energy that would allow him to become one of those "superstar djs". he is definitely suited for a small club because he has a real connection to the crowd and literally pulls the energy from them and feeds off it. his set was nice and hard for a house set with some very different influences from rock to some south east asian influences (like junior sanchez the night before electro-retro-rock-soft punk seems to be up there on the playlists right now) he even played after three despite the roars of one of the more intimidating security guards (who are always amazing none the less, strict but fair, they deal with people (even the ones that are really off their head with a sense of humour that you gotta respect given the crowd and the hours they work)

though i missed addy's continental breakfast this weekend just shows that there's no place like zone!!!


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I had to sleep on this one. My promise to myself was that I won't go back there until:

a) summer
b)long weekend
c)I have a Monday off!

I love LaFleche like the next guy......I bet it was good. I had to save the funds for Carl Cox....and of course....my trip to Amsterdam on Friday!



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Originally posted by solacevip

and of course....my trip to Amsterdam on Friday!


go to escape nightclub, you won't regret it. that was my best clubbing expiernce ever. i believe it's in museumsplien(sp??).



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Yeah, E-van-ho and I hit up 'tha' spot on Sunday evening and the music was perfect. Got there just in time to hear Myka drop some loverly tribal and fat, fat house. Lafleche seemed really pumped up for the gig and was all smiles as he jacked the room into orbit from 11 to 3. I left at 1 and the place was going crazy. However my set of the nite belonged to Kenny Glasgow. He dropped some dirty, sexy electro-tech tinged house. OUCH! I was exhausted by the time I left after having danced for the entire 5 hours.

Happy Bday Devine Sundays.
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Re: Re: Devine 5 Year @ The Comfort Zone

Originally posted by Uncle Bobby

^^Ivan is that u?


Dunlop is that you???


ChrOmE The ThIRd!

P.S. This post was brought to you by the numba Chreeeeeeeeeee