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Devil's Martini


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There is a new club opening where Helium used to be.
if anyone has any contact info, could you post it, or send it to me via pm. thanks!

The Watcher

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Originally posted by vinder
doesn't devil's martini already exist?

Used to exist. And I guess it will again

Devil's Martini was FUCKED when I went.

I was with my GF at the time, we were dancing together, arm in arm, and this guy came up to my gf and grabber her ass and said "Come dance with me Baby"

I freaked.

TaCk OnE?

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yah, it's in some back alley right by the amsterdam brewery on king.

oddly enough I went there on friday by total accident as it was my girlfriends friend's birthday...

avoid if if you're able to...the place at helium must be something like that, but not devils martini...that's definitely taken.
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Originally posted by daddyiwantchocolate
Devil's moved from Pearl last year, didn't it?
473 Adelaide.


DWIC, knows her stuff, its been open for awhile as Devils, same building same owner, pretty much same layout as the Old Helium, Old MFN, etc.


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no offence to guys who have been there but when I was there there were alot of good looking women and a lot of balding / short / chunky / guys.
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THAT'S why it seemed so strangely familiar when I was there on friday.

I went to Helium once really drunk, and I swore it was the same place. I think the alley way entrance threw me off.

anyway, yeah. very strange, very horny crowd and a very odd mix of music. classic rock, rnb and popular hip hop. lots of bum grinding and titty grabbing though, which was fun for watching.

I'd never go back on a Friday.