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Destiny 37


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hmmm, what to say? I was there for Mike Dearborn and the rest of the Techno room....finaly met beaker and SUNKIST....horay!

Got there just b4 midnight, by the time I had checked out the party Greg Gow was done which was a shame, the few minutes I got were really good...A/C looked bored and it reflected in his performance, he aparently also forgot that he was in the techno room becuase he got very trancey.

I checked out Ian Hind on Friday and I was treated to some sweet techno, I thought perhaps the bar had been raised too high for me to really be impressed at this party, but to my pleasent surprise the bar was bumped higher by a stellar performance by Mike Dearborn, one of the most technically perfect sets ever, I did not catch a single bad mix or mistake, and great tracks to boot.

Paul Walker was a very good continuation of this trend of excellent techno (i've had a good couple of days) but by then I had been in the Techno room for close to 3 hours uninterrupted and had to wander.

Apparently Paladin didn't show...what's up with that? Hope he's okay, maybe that SOS guy took him out back and beat the crap out of him?

This party had one of the wierdest vibes I've encountered....I don't know, maybe somebody else can explain it if they got that too.

And of course, it was great hooking up with the Burlington Massive! Good time had by all? Looks like.



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Arrgh, can't... walk. But that's a good sign that Taucher rocked it last night! The crowd numbers were definitely under control, there was lots of room to dance in the right spots. Taucher's set was awesome, there were lots of songs I couldn't recognise, and it was all trance! I guess those were the main differences between his set and Tiesto's, as Tiesto's was more mainstream and he digressed into hardhouse 2/3 into the set. Taucher kept the place jumping all the way through, his set started off pretty melodic, then it slipped into a deeper sound, then back to melodic for a wicked song to end the night. Anybody know which song that was? The only thing that was missing was Taucher spinning upside down, but he was hanging off the bar a few times and dancing around, so he put on a good show both visually and aurally. I only stayed half an hour into OS/2's set, but he just didn't give us a chance to rest! He started spinning some really funky shit, I love that song with the wrex in effect sample. The crowd was a little young, but I have no complaints, as some could consider me a young'n
. I went alone but everyone brought a good vibe with them so I enjoyed myself immensely! And I got to meet Cheer Bear
Where were the rest of the TBK?


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now, i have a few problems with these guys all the time. It seems when i am doing things that are not illegal and i get busted and when i do things that are illegal, no one bothers me. D37 was a prime example. I had a few extra tickets and also some guy sold me his for 10 bucks each and so i was going to sell em to cover the costs of my partying
and maybe also make a few bucks for booze. Fine what ever, its all cool. Well it seems the security always thinks i am selling drugs. Anywhere where i am asking people a question or just making a comment there very upset. At the time i was not selling tickets, I was greating friends and I decided i was to go in because the whole group from my school showed up. Then some guy comes up to me asking me for drugs. I say i dont got any and also the fact that this guy looks like he is 45 and going bald. Well he asks me again, i am like listen buddy i dont got any drugs. At this point i know he is a cop or crack head. He wont stop asking, he starts yelling at me and pleading to sell him some of the drugs and he will pay double. By this time i am getting a bit scared of this guy because if he isnt a cop he is a totaly crazy and might start getting violent. So he goes away, my buddies are like lets go, so i go with them. Security and the guy come up to me again, i am wondering what the fuck is going on now. I am just ready to go in and then they say thats it. I am like what. He is like your outahere bud. I like what!, he is saying they have me on camera and shit like that and that i was soliciting the sale of certain substances and we have several people here who said you have been offering to sell drugs to em. And how he saw me do it right in front off him many times. I am getting pissed b/c this guy is asking for drugs one second and then when i say no he gets pissed! What is this, you cant make things up just to piss me off. Just becuase he thought i wasnt going to admit to having drugs to sell to him they will just make it up so that they dont have to do any real work. And the story ends by me leaving and them saying nothing when i ask them who they are. They didnt even tell me if they worked for secuirty or the cops. I asked but they wouldnt answer. So i had to leave and was not aloud to take the shuttle bus back so i had to walk fuckin through the middle of nowhere to find a taxi.


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Apparently last night, even tickets were illegal to sell.

I tried selling one and security told me not to scalp tickets.

I wasn't scalping.. just trying to sell it at cost for a friend.

This party diddn't seem any diffeent to me than the regular ascentions they throw there.. except for the extra cost.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Rosey:
This party had one of the wierdest vibes I've encountered....</font>
totally. something really wierd happened to me, too.

i was standing beside this girl in the techno room, who was taking all kinds of pictures on a nice looking camera. then all of a sudden i see a burning cigarette butt fly into her hair. i didnt even know this girl, so i was a little hesistant to start batting her in the head. but when she tried to get it out herself - it was stuck. i could see the glowing ashes against her scalp, so i started running my fingers through her hair to get it out.

then shes gives me this look, like wtf? and i told her what i saw, and she didnt say anything. so then i asked if she was okay, or if she was burnt by the cigarette, and she gives me this look, and says "yeah..." (said "of course i did, you fucking retard").

no "thank you" or anything... ingrateful bitch.
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Seeming as i have not been to a "rave" in awhile, i decided that what better way to return with a destiny party. WRONG
this party blew. the whole night i felt as if destiny just threw this party for the hell of it, slap a big name here and there and charge alot of money. I was expecting huge, insane, loud speakers to blow your mind, tonnes of lighting, and even visuals everywhere, just like any other past destiny event that has been thrown. instead its in the same lame ass venue they use every month, which is allright cause i understand the whole issue of finding venues around toronto. however they didnt do anything to the place, no effort was put into making this party ...GOOD!
dj taucher's set went nowhere and was very boring. i didnt stay in the ambient room very much, the techno room was okay, but it was basically a bar with a little dj booth to the side, and the sound was very low. the house room consisted of 10 people or so flailing around to cheese.
well thats my venting
a crappy party that was so overpriced
that was the last destiny party for me
and i hope many others


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mike dearborn fucking rocked. i went to this party to see taucher but in the end i was too drunk to listen to his trance and enjoy it. i heard he didn't do too much flying around and that's a shame.

rosey - glad you found us!

dj bombtrack

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Props to the Destiny crew for throwing a totally original party. I havent seen something that creative in a long, long time. Instead of just the run of the muck 1 or 2 room party. Destiny had 4 rooms, totally seperated from one another, kindve making the party an adventure rather than just a dance. It brought back a lot of memories.

For a lot of people that was the first time they heard Taucher, and I dont think anyone was dissapointed. I thought his set was better than this years Tiesto set. Very epic!!

Countdown....we're only 4 Ascensions away from WEMF...yeah baby



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pyro..that sucks man. that happens to you everytime doesn't it...shitty! time to wear a disguise.

taucher last night was pretty good. i thought he had his up and downs...what you said to me was f$%@*ing hilarious beaker

i loved hearing the new tracks and the crowd erupting to the buildups. i have always wanted to see him a second time and i am glad i went.

i felt really bad for mike dearborn though, who had an amazing set upstairs. techno is not my fave, but this guy was flawless.

I also detected a REALLY wierd vibe at this event. People were just acting wierd, like they were waiting for something bad to happen. maybe someone going ballistic about the $7 Rev.

I liked how Destiny used the various rooms...People seemed to be jammed into the chillout room listening to A/C ??

all in all this event was pretty cool. It takes courage to bring in a name like Taucher..finally people are starting to experiment with the wickedness coming out of Europe, other than England. Thanks Ryan and Ryan. It was good to see some old friends again, since my hibernation period

peace and respect,

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A fucking stellar night for me!!! Waited long enough to see Taucher again, and it was frigging awesooooooooome!!!! Dude's defintitely my kinda nutter, but somebody fuked up on the stage set up and the trapeze was a bit too close to the dex for him to pull his infamous stunts. Still, he put on a wicked show and the crowd was eating it up. The "in-front-of-the-stage" crew had a litlle moshpit going at times. The tunage was most excellent, some new stuff, some older, a very nice flow and lots of energy for epic stuff. Definitely beat Tiesto's set from a few weeks back... OS/2 followed nicely, rinsing out some real anthems and it kept the crowd going for another hour at which point i had to leave.

What else can i say - i didn't see a single problem with the party, except maybe the expensive beverages, but it's not like i drink much anyways. All you bitching folks need to spend a week partying in NYC to start appreciating what you got here. I'm especially going to miss Atlantis as it is a fantastic venue...

Partying with my extended crew is always a pleasure and this was no exception. Some people i haven't seen in ages came out to celebrate the Taucher Day, boy was it wicked to see all them smiling (but not chemically altered!!!) faces!!!

Thanks to Ryan and the Destiny Crew for a really good night!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by deacon:
what you said to me was f$%@*ing hilarious beaker

you'll have to refresh my memory, nick. i was trashed as usual.


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^^haha matt..but it was good drunk times..so no worries...
wel i guess i can sleep easy now that we met rosey-finally.haha.
and keld-met you too..even though i didnt pick up it was you at first..haha... but good to meet you..
Taucher is damn good. I have never seen him before, but what a wikkid, wikkid set he played. amazing music, and he seems like such a decent guy. letting people go up and get autographs during his set. i didnt see any flying or spinning or exorsisms (hehe) as i heard can happen..but none the less..he was amazing! was it just me or was that the fastest three hour set ever?

Cheer Bear

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Just got home from work after sleeping one hour.

My brain hurts.

I saw sooo many faces last night...so i won't name them all.

Destiny was great, I had fun, But I think I'm taking another break from partying from awhile.

My friends gave me two suggestions:

1) Stop being a grumpy sober bitch
2) Do e and be happy.

I chose the first.

I think I just don't like alot of people in tight spaces.

Like I said to Frisky in the morning...I can listen to trance in my pajamas at home and dance and have more fun there.

Anyways, good job Destiny. I enjoyed myself.

OS/2 you were great as usual

And Taucher rocked the house.


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Nice to see Atlantis looking a bit different. But I must say, I'm not entirely upset that no future events will take place at this venue. I think my major problem with Atlantis is that you have a fairly big club, but a really small dancefloor ... it really takes away from the energy that a DJ like Taucher brings. Not to mention that lighting is always inadequate for some reason.

Nonetheless, I was pretty impressed with the crowd, although being low in numbers. I have this pet peeve about parties (which I call the "Toronto effect") where people pack the dancefloor and go nuts when a headliner comes on, but then clear out 15 minutes later and calm down for the rest of the set. The "Toronto effect" was surprisingly absent on Saturday!

Taucher was very good. I was a little disappointed simply because I wasn't expecting a deeper and darker set. (no Child of the Universe? WTF?!
). Ah well. Kudos to Destiny for bringing in new talent, and hopefully Taucher will draw a bigger crowd if he ever returns to Toronto. *fingers crossed*

P.S. Drinks were expensive, but that pesky 2:00am last call tends to keep your spending in check.

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This was an awsome party!
I was in the perfect mood, thanx to the weekend starting early in Peterborough and all the people that came with. (nice to finally REALLY meet Rob, Maki, and Lori)

Right from the minutes I heard of Drag'n'fly set from the line I couldn't help but start to move. Taucher played a nice set, built it up and delivered. Mike Dearborn also was good. OS/2 also a goood set.

Thanx Destiny, for another good event.
See Ya


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Can you imagine the type of damage Taucher could inflict on an unsuspecting WEMF crowd? Holy crap!!!

just a suggestion!


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Hmmm...I have to say that I am a little disappointed in Destiny.
I usually have a wicked time at their parties...both the Destinys and the Ascensions...but this one did not fit the trend.

I'll start off with the positive comments. The line up was managed well...I hardly had to wait in line at all. The searches at the doors were thorough yet fast. I liked the tarps that were used to cover the windows and create more of a dark atmosphere. Lastly, the ambient room was a really nice change of tempo...I was nice to have a place to sit and chill and be able to talk to someone without having to yell in their ear.

Now...onto the parts of the evening that I didn't like. First, the main room was a sauna. I got to Atlantis fairly early in the night, before there were enough people dancing to really "heat up" the main room, and everytime I walked into the main room I felt a wave of heat envelop me. Was the heat actually turned on?

Secondly, I have to mention something that I am really upset about. I was GROPED by security, and I don't mean the little frisk you usually get upon entry. To make a long story short, I was hanging out by the bar closest to the bathrooms in the main room, and when I stood up the security guard came over to me and put his hand up the back of my shirt and started rubbing my back. This threw me off a bit and took a few steps away from him, but I didn't want to leave cuz my boyfriend was still tying his shoes (he didn't see anything). Then, the next thing I know, I feel this security guard pressed up against me, and he reaches his arm around the front of me. At this time I freaked right out, grabbed my stuff and my bf and took off. WTF!!!!????? Isn't security supposed to protect me? I didn't report it that night, and I'm regretting it right now...I have a feeling that the guy thought I was high and was trying to get a little bit of action from some unsuspecting little girl, but unfortunately for him, I was 100% sober. Did anyone else encounter this?

On a slightly lighter note, I was pretty disappointed in Taucher's set. It really didn't live up to the CD's of his that I have. I thought that the best music of the night was OS/2's set, but by that time I was so tired and shaken by the whole security guard incident that I really didn't have much strength left in me.

I hate how this sounds like a purely critical post, but I still have a few things to whine about...$3.75 for water? And what was with the crowd? Destiny 37 had one of the strangest vibes that I have ever encountered...I didn't know what to do with myself. It wasn't the usual Destiny vibe, thats for sure.

All in all, it was a pretty bad evening for me. I haven't lost faith in Destiny though! I'll definitely be at the next Ascension and I'm really excited to see the new venue.

I just had to air my grievances. Thank you to Jason and Igor...you guys made my night so very memorable


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Oh Destiny ... good and bad things alike on the night. I got there pretty early (about 10:45 or so), only to be greeted by a security guard who said that cameras were not allowed. Now, the security guy was real nice about it, and I stopped and chatted for a few, and he let me bring my camera back out to the car and not have to wait in line again. I don’t have a problem with security about this, but I DO have a problem with the promoters because of this. Earlier in the day, Destiny CLEARLY stated that cameras were allowed at the party because “cameras are always allowed at Destiny parties”. Hmm ... where have I heard that one before? Oh yea ... at New Years’ when security wanted to throw my non-disposable camera in the garbage. There was a real dickhead guy that worked for Destiny selling the tickets that was preaching to me that Destiny has never allowed cameras, that he’s worked for them for a long time, etc, but I know that’s a load of crap after talking with one of the promoters (the guy wearing the blue flowery Hawaiian shirt) later on in the evening. I seriously hope these communication breakdowns get resolved because it really pisses me off to get conflicting stories from the same company. Hopefully this will get resolved for the next party. Destiny – You’ve got two strikes against you after the last two of your parties I’ve been to. I hope you don’t strike out, or I’ll be sure to avoid future parties you guys throw.

Anyways, on to the rest of the party. The vibe at this party? What vibe!? It was very disappointing to see hardly anyone dancing in any room but main. There couldn’t have been more than 20 people (if that) at any given time in the house room, and of all the people upstairs in the licensed area, only 5-10 people were kickin’ it to the sweet, pumpin’ techno that was laid out for everyone. As for the main room ... there were lots of people dancing, but I just couldn’t get into it for the most part.

The sets:

Drag N Fly – Nice hard set man. It got the evening off to a good start, and I was hoping that would set the tone for what was to come in the main room. Unfortunately I was wrong.

Eryk S – I checked out the first bit of his set, and it was not bad, but I wanted to check what else was going on in the other rooms, so I moved on.

A/C – Ack. That’s all I’ve gotta say. He did NOT look like he was enjoying himself. A few mistakes, but I don’t think he cared. I can’t really blame him though. How can you put your heart into a set that only 5 people are dancing to?

Phantasm – Nice beats as per usual. I’ve enjoyed Phantasm’s sets each time I’ve seen him. I was shakin’ the moneymaker on an empty dancefloor until it was time for the main event – Taucher!

Taucher – Taucher. The “next big trance DJ”. * yawn *. Sorry, but I was really disappointed in his set. He’s an interesting DJ to watch – his antics on stage are quite humourous, and he threw down some nice tracks, but his technical skills just weren’t there. Trance is supposed to move you spiritually and cause you to shake your ass on the dancefloor. That did not happen at all. I left after about an hour to head upstairs to check out the guy who made my night.

Mike Dearborn – This guy’s set made the party for me. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Dearborn’s set (along with Paul Walker), I would’ve called the party a total write-off. A perfect set. Hard techno beats, a sprinkle of funkiness to mix things up a little. I kicked it non-stop the whole time (well ... except to refill the water bottle of course. It was so bloody hot up there!). I was sure to thank Dearborn for such an amazing set. There were a few others that felt the same way. It’s a shame that there were only 15-20 people dancing throughout his set. I hope someone brings him back to Toronto soon so a real techno crowd can give him the props that he deserves.

Mark Scaife – Took a quick walk over to the house room to cool off (for some reason the house room was easily 10-15 degrees cooler than the rest of the place). Mark played some harder beats that I’ve heard him play in the past, but it wasn’t disappointing at all. What was disappointing was the turnout in the house room. I swear it had to be that nobody knew about the room, cuz there was great beats in there all night long. Not to mention the bathroom there was the only washroom that had cold running water til about 1am. Unfortunately it started to get a little too cold in there, so I had to move it back upstairs for more techno.

Paul Walker – He picked up where Mike Dearborn left off. From the time I set foot back in the techno room, it was full-on kickin’ beats. I was right up front again until about 5:30 when it was time to get going.

I find it pretty funny that I was at a Destiny party, and I spent 75% of the night in the techno room - and I’m not disappointed one bit. Good to party with Susan and Tom (Par-T) again. I saw Nick (Twitch) there, and talked with him for a bit, but where were the rest of the TBK? I was the guy with the dark grey button-up shirt, blue pants, burgundy sling bag w/ glasses that was kickin’ it right up front in the techno room all night. I know some of you were there cuz you mentioned the camera girl (who was kinda cute I might add). Say hi next time!

All in all, I had a good night, even though there were more than a few problems. Oh, and thanks so much to Susan and her friends for the ride home.


-- Jay aka Fut

Jazzy Jeff

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hmmm. This should have been a wicked party but somehow it turned out not to be
First off I got the most extensive search at the door i've ever had...the dude in the white shirt went through my wallet and everything in my pockets and threw out tons of stuff like my rolling papers (in my wallet), all my good candy (he said cause i'd already opened it), my water...all this was to be expected kind of, but i dunno i've only been to 8 parties and this was the worst search i've ever had....didn’t like the whole camera bit either...i also found it kind of funny to be lining up at about midnight while all these old people were walking out probly thinking wtf? about how we all looked...

so anywaz, i got there at maybe 12:30 and we were standing near the bar on the main floor...maybe this was kind of the weird vibe some ppl felt...but i'm using my glowsticks a bit and this big girl walks up to me and goes "i think you're sexy" i'm like "thanks!" and i smile, then she says "you have a g/f?" i say no and then she's all "how bout you call me up..." and she grabs my arm and starts writing down her number but her pen won't work and she's being really pushy. So she drags me to the bar...and i'm just being nice so i decide to humour her while she writes it down I haven't really said much to this point and then she's all "promise you'll call?" and i'm not one to lie so i say "no" because she was starting to get on my nerves...so then to make her happy I give her my email... then later on i see her again and I go "hey hows it going! how you likin the party?" and she starts seriously yelling at me for not taking her number and i'm startin to get a little scared and then her friend drags her away...and from that point on for the rest of the night I was kind of nervous i kept a lookout for this crazy chick everywhere I went...

bad thing number 2 i took bad E it didn't do anything so i was a little bummed...spent a good chunk of the evening kind of waiting for it to happen but nothing did...that was a little bit disappointing (even though most parties i'm sober)

i thought music wuz good I liked it when the dude got everyone to wave their glowsticks in the air (can't remember who it wuz at that point) I also liked how there was a good amount of room to dance....even though it woulda been nice to half a few more ppl there, by 4:00 the place was really starting to empty out! one thing that was cool i got one of my friends to sneak in some sparklers for me and I lit up 6 of em and handed them to people around me and then kept 2 and did a little light show for everyone...man in the dark those things are BRIGHT!
i think i'm gonna bring some to parties more often...but then right when i was almost done a security gaurd told me to stop so i go to hand him the sparklers and right then they fizzled out and everyone laughed it was pretty funny...

ok so that's all i have to say i guess it wasn't much of a review but i'd thought i'd comment on the weirdness vibel cause i felt it too...plus i also never got that feeling of absolute craziness when everyone goes fuken nuts and the place lights up with psycho energy-vibe!...oh well ya tell next one...PEACE!~
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I also got burned by the camera thing. The disposable that I brought with me was taken away by security at the door. Not that big a deal except that I had decided to bring the same camera I had used at Purple Heaven with all my Purple Heaven pics on it because "Destiny Producitons" posted that still camera would be allowed. Stupid me to believe a promoter.


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I hear ya. Like I said in my review, that's twice now Destiny has gone back on their work. I'm not impressed. And btw ... what were you wearing on Saturday? I'm sure I had to see you somewhere in the techno room over the course of the night.

-- Jay aka Fut


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Everyone should understand letting camera's into a party isn't on the top of the list for a promoters priorities. I'm sure Ryan did all he could as far as asking for permission to have camera's there. Things happen last minute, and sometimes, there is nothing anyone can do about it unfortunately.

It's just the way things go sometimes



TRIBE Promoter
...too many slimy adults creeping around, from security, Destiny hangers on to party goers. Instead of sketchy kids messing with the vibe at a party, to me it seemed it was the over 21's who were being really creepy.

Par- T

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Destiny # 37 - unlike any previous Destiny party I've been to, or any Ascension either . Went, looking forward to a night of trance to take me on a trip and ended up spending the majority of my time in the techno room being moved by a fantastic set.

Where was everybody? supposedly they had pretty much sold out of almost all advance tickets, but Atlantis didn't not look at all full, even at peak time. It was nice to have room to move, exception of the movable dance floor, but they could have accommodated more people.

I got inside less than 10 min. after arriving
and listened a bit to Drag 'n fly and decided to walk around a bit and check out the "never used before" spaces Destiny advertised. The Ambient room was nice, people chilling on comfy chairs and couches but I was not in the laid back mood just then. Moved on to the house "room" which wasn't much more than a hallway with an unopen bar down one side and a small dance floor with 5 people (including me) hanging out in the cooler air.
Shine was playing a nice prog. set followed up by Phantasm sending out the funky house to the only 3 appreciative people who were dancing - me, Jay and someone else

When Taucher went on I was expecting to see someone like Mark EG entertaining us with crazy antics and cool tunes, instead I got the same old standard fare - I wasn't that impressed. Watched until time to head back to the techno room for Mike Dearborn who proceeded to unleash a set with one wicked tune after another. He laid down an excellent set that had me wishing it wouldn't stop. There was no other option but to spend my time there dancing my ass off with the few others doing the same - bring him back soon, please. Paul Walker followed with a banging set continuing the flow 'till the time to shutdown.

Broke up my techno time with a couple of excursions to the house room for TJ Hooker and Mark Scaife or the Ambient room where Paladin (?)and A/C were keeping the comatose amused - I was the only one dancing in there, to tunes including Underworld and the Orb! By the end of the night the Ambient room's music was rocking, and I seemed to be entertaining all the rotund security parked on the chairs, all they needed was a bag of chips or some doughnuts to complete the picture (so this is where our money goes!!).
Tried getting into the trance being offered as I passed through the main room on my way elsewhere through the night, but it just seemed uninspired.

Thanks to those in the Techno, house and ambient rooms who made this party worthwile for me. Good to party again with Susan and Jay (Futronic).
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