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Destiny 35


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Just want to say thanks to Lenny Dee for schooling us with some SERIOUS hardcore...
and to everyone on the dancefloor that made my set one of the best in a long time.




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great party..lenny dee rocked the place!

im tired..

but i have that thunder in paradise track stuck in my head thanks to you!


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Well... Destiny did it again. Those who missed this party should kick themselves cuz it was just amazing. There were just enough people and, of course, WIKKID music. The hardcore/jungle room was incredible. The amount of energy that the dj's had totally reflected through the crowd.
Lenny Dee completely took the night with his hardcore beats.... fuk. WOW!!!!
Thanks to everyone that was there. Destiny 35 was one crazy good party.

Captin Kurk

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Last night was a pretty cool party. Great production by Destiny, and great music. Let me start by talking about Lenny Dee. He comes on the stage and starts playing some amazing hardcore. I look at him closer, and judging by his stage presents I think one of 3 things is going on:
1: Lenny Dee is absolutely crazing, twitching his eyes, banging his head, and making some of the weirdest faces I have ever seen to the beat.
2: Lenny Dee is a complete crack head and that is why his so crazy on stage.
3: Or, Lenny Dee has been possessed by the Devil himself. If you do not believe this is as likely as the first to things I mentioned, you obviously were not there. To add to this theory, Lenny was the most technically creative, and advanced D.J. I have seen in a very long time. But that's what happens when you sell your soul.
All this good humour aside, Lenny ROCKED!!!!!!!!! Every single one of his tracks that I heard him play were wicked. It was exactly the kind of hardcore I like, very technoy, and not to stompy. Mr. Dee was also absolutely astounding technically, as I mentioned before. Somebody bring Lenny back!

Now for S.O.S.' set. That was one of the best set's I've heard him play in a long time! There was so much energy going on between him and the crowd. S.O.S. rocked the house. Wait to go Len!

Great party, a bit too many drugies for my liking. That aside, this party rocked. Wait to go Destiny crew for consistently put out top quality events with amazing music. You guys rock!


Par- T

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Great party, I just wish I was more into it than I was. I was more in the mood for house, but I didn't want to miss this party with such a good line-up.

Sets that rocked my world- Scott Stubbs, SOS, Doran Chambers, Phantasm (I needed that house) and Eyal. I couldn't deal with any hardcore so I can't comment on most of what was going on in the back room. One, observation: A/C kind of reminded me of Joe Cocker - anyone else get that feeling?

SOS, your set was one of the best of the night - got me going even when I was feeling sort of worn out. A definate highlight. BTW what are you doing riding the shuttle bus? Couldn't Destiny provide a limo or at least a car for the talent.

Can't say alot else, since I wasn't as into this night as I had hoped, but I had fun anyway. Thanks to Will for the birthday drink- good to see you again, and Partykid too.
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Also, I am hoping that someone can tell me the name of a track that Scott Stubbs spun, its a remake of retro track I believe.
It says:I'm talking to you, so come on..
Can anyone help me identify this.
I heard it on Friday on 1Groove and then Stubbs spun it.


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Ok nevermind,
The Track is called Shout(Airscape Remix) by Sagitare, its an old Tears for Fears track if you recall, well at least the vocals are.
But I am still looking for word on the Dr. Trance request.


I thought this was a pretty damn good party!
I was really surprised that a lot more people didn't show for this one.
Favorite set on the night would have to be Scott Stubbs, he never fails to disapoint.
The sound was pretty good although it could have been just a bit louder and clearer. The lighting kicked ass. Im glad they used the Docks' lazers.

I give it

4.5/5 glowsticks

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