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Desire party @ surface -Peter & Tyrone and JAY-J"


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what an incredible experience.

I attended the event just expecting to hear some sexy and intimate sound of deep house..

but woah. Peter & Tyrone's mix featured by three bongo drummers and saxophone player made my LIFE!

as soon as the bongo drummers started creating some african beats, the energy lifted up, and everyone somewhat gethered in the center..before you know, there was a circle some dancers manifesting the energy that they were feeling for the moments. it was a manifestation of the culture that the deep house music possess. the DJ, drummer, dancers, saxophone player..everyone who were there somewhat contributed the passion each had in the space, and created such a powerful and yet beautiful energy..the sense of unity was THERE.

When the drummers took off and started collaborating with each other along with the DJ, it was such an incredible energy that I was able to feel. it was what I truly needed, and it felt as though it was literally healing my tortured soul.

of course, the music set by Jay-J was very intimate and sexy..I enjoyed both wathing some people dancing as well as to dance with them.

What an amazing nite.
My big thanks go to everyone who attended the event, and especially for those people who were there for the pure passion and love for the deep house music.


-Kumi <- aka sweaty piggie

Do those drummers work with Peter and Tyrone for production work etc?? I am extremely interested in learning more about our deep house music culture we have in Toronto.

nice meeting you for the first time, spacebabe + afterglow :)
oh and nice exchanging greetings with vince, the drummer-
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Jeremy Jive

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Kumi it was nice meeting you too. Sorry i wasn't more talkative. I'm a little under the weather this weekend.

That being said, I went down to Surface to hear what Jay J would play. Since he is such a large influence to me as a DJ buying his records, I wanted to see what inspired him and what he liked to play. I wasn't disappointed at all. In the end I was blown away. Jay J was on point from the moment he got on until the moment I had to leave with my sanity. I'm not usually a big fan of bongo drummers but the iDrum crew knows how it should be. They were accenting the music not trying to be the music. The saxophone player was doing the same. He added a truely unique and interesting feel to the night. Overall it was more of a performance than a gig. It's not easy for five people to all play along together like that and create such a feeling in the crowd. I didn't see a single person who was not having the time of their life. Personally I danced for three hours straight and didn't want to stop at all. The only complaint I have is that Jay J didn't go on until 1:30. 12:30 would have been better. But I got to see the man play and thats what counts. And how can you not be excited by a dj who brings custom made thongs to give out to the dancing girls. That made me laugh.

Oddly enough I saw a lot of people there that I didn't know liked deep house. I'm almost used to going to deep house nights and knowing almost nobody. This was a nice change and i'm glad to see more people warming up to the deep sound. I'll convert everyone in the end I swear it.

jeremy -loveslapped- jive


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hey dave, in case you have forgotten, friday nite wasn't the first time i got to meet with you! ;) i had met you at turbo for the first party that 2am productions threw a few years ago! :)
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Big Cheese

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I had a good time

thanx to those two dance floor devils for keeping my spirts up (you know :) ) 'coz i was feeling under the weather and nobody else i was lookin for/meeting up with showed...

rawkin a jam solo... holy hell not again :cool:

great track selection, although IMO the live drum and sax were impressive, i'd perfer to have the night without, or not as much. It seemed like they were laying it over every track. Takes talent mos def and they were bringing some fierce energy to the crowd, but my steeze was to hear Jay-J throw down, not Jay J and those dudes throw down.

The flow was great, i agree i was kinda stumped as to why he started so late, the openers did a fantastic job of keepin the crowd into it for when he stepped up though

b4 the main room opened, just wanna post a sorry for scaring the shit out of those girls sitting down on the couch *lol*
i was slowly starting to bust out n' get in a groove when i was just groggy and not paying attention, my heel hit the edge of the table dancing and everyone within a 3 meter radius jumped then gave me cut eye... :eek: No drinking neo-citron b4 you go clubbing


P.S --> i was forced to give surface another chance (wabi 5 year review), and the service was not much better then b4. @ least the bartender said sorry and made nice to everyone who was waiting a while to get drinks.


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this party was sweet
and if you wanted something a little harder, slaps and hammers were throwing down dirty shizzit in the other room around 2am

good crew out...
good seeing TOM out, man its been ages!
Jeremy-i'm styling in all black a la Wayne Newton-jive HA
Dave-crazy dancer, fo sho

the bongos and sax made people crazy it was awesome
my friends from Syracuse had a good time

ps-was nive seeing mingster again :)

kumi u r a crazy dancer!


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nice to see you too janice!

after MUCH deliberation, i decided to hit this, for just one hour (haha) and i ended up staying much later! somehow i got over the boots i was wearing and managed to dance a little bit.

the live instruments were awesome. the sax was cool, but meh, not as much as the drummers. i loved, LOVED the drummers, it sooo does something to your step, it totally enhances the rhythm in the room. we watched the dancers for a little while, kumi was kicking up a storm, and crazy seizure girl was pretty good too.

it was great to see some peeps, and just to hang out with some of my ultimate favorite people. thanks guys!! :)


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Hello and big thank you to everyone that came out to Surface to make this an amazing night!

Everyone present that evening was having a great time and all together made a vibe that is dear to our hearts and makes us want to bring you more parties like this!

iDrum crew was representing and banging them drums wicked! They don't play alongside P&T regularly, but we do have them come out to all our parties to compliment the atmo...for more info, check out...www.idrum.info

On the sax...the wonderful Jazzz musician...www.andrewrathbun.com, originally from Toronto, now making himself a name around the world.

As for the venue...we love it! Great atmosphere...although, yes, the bar being a little difficult at busier times. The reason why Jay-J went on so late was, because we were waiting for more people to come down and honestly lost a little track of time, with all those happy people around us...we'll try better next time.

Hey, Kumi...we finally met, and didn't even have chance to make it up to you for the last time! You super-rock! And those video captures of you dancing will be featured in Jay-J's upcoming DVD...yes Toronto, this party will be part of the DVD compilation featuring clips, music, interview, commentaries...all and anything about the life of an amazing DJ and producer Jay-J Hernandez on the road. Will keep you posted.

All around great time...thank you!
And hit us up for Fred!


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wanted to know what you all thought about surface as a venue?we like the place and I think it creates a good kind of underground vibe that adds a nice touch to the deep sounds. thoughts?

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Greg, I like surface, as exactly you have put it: has this underground and yet warm/deep/cozy atmosphere to it.

I love the couches and fire place too! and thanks so much for bringing the iDrum crew as well as the saxophone player!

It was one of the best deep house events that I have ever experienced in my life! and it made me realize how much of sweet deep house scene we have here in Toronto you know?

It's been very inspirational, and I have been day dreaming about lots of great things to manifest my own being, so thank YOU!


And yes, I am a crazy person, and I apologize if I have bothered anyone on the floor by being reckless, but I really needed to *dance* :D

I will look forward to attending upcoming Desire events in near future!


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Kumi, I love when people get reckless on the dance floor. I have the same bug about getting reckless at wicked jams!!! Well we will for sure throw together something soon at surface....thanks for the input.


Par- T

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This was a fantastic night!
I had a great time and it looked like everyone else was too.
The sets were wonderful - Jay-J, Peter & Tyrone, Slaps & Hammer and the addition of the drummers, all made this a memorable night. I was even enjoying S & H's funky set so much that I didn't want to leave to check out Jay-J, but I had to and a sweet soulful, jazzy set was being played for all.

It was a total surprise to see so many people from the board there, as with Jeremy, I'm used to only seeing a couple (if any) of people I know at a deep house event - nice for a change.

Roxy/ Surface has been my favourite club since Industry closed and it is great to see them bringing in more variety than in the past.

Thanks Kumi for being a partner to tear up the floor, it's been too long. Good to see you too Janice and everyone else.