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derrick may/stacey pullen

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by misswasabi, May 21, 2001.

  1. misswasabi

    misswasabi New Member

    just got back from the new kool haus ( aka warehouse )....didn't know where to go and ended up there...was beginning to regret it at about 2am ( hardly anybody there ) but stacey pullen was wicked!

    the new venue is more or less the same ( shiny new bars that glow pretty colours and brand new washrooms - hurrah for the ladies!)...but definitely a bizarre crowd.

    left early but derrick may looked promising...i saw glowsticks so i left.
  2. Bean

    Bean TRIBE Member

    i still can't bring myself to call the warehouse its new name [​IMG]

    arriving at the warehouse, i was surprised at how empty it initially was. however, around 2 it eventually filled up some more, but still was empty.

    i couldn't get into richard f's set; it was too housey for my liking.

    stacey pullen's set was about a half hour too long. more on the house side of things, it had way too many breakdowns for my liking. i kept believing that pullen would slip into something more techno-y, that he was playing around with house to lead into his set from richard f's, but such was not the case. at the end of his set he dropped "the bells", so that somewhat made up for it [​IMG]

    i only caught the first 45 minutes of derrick may's set... it started off incredibly mellow ... and melodic... building into some great techno.

    in terms of logistics of the event, a few things stand out:

    1. the search at the door: that's been the most *thorough* search i've ever undergone. it was a bit aggressive, but the trade off was knowing that i'd be safe inside.

    2. the sound: it was quiet! the whole evening, i felt as if the sound technician was holding back.

    3. the lighting: nice new lighting at the warehouse, but too much for techno [​IMG]

    4. smoke machines: not once was a smoke machine used.

    i had fun at this event, mostly due to the people i came with and some familiar faces. i just wish the attendance was better.



    .:. share what you know, learn what you don't .:.
  3. me

    me TRIBE Member

    Quick Flashback. Pullen at the Syrous Anniversary Party was the "Rowdiest" tech room I've still seen. Cats fucking dogs...
  4. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    I'm glad I didn't touch down at this party.

    Gotta go with the first instincts ------------------> Suke.
  5. discodancer_j

    discodancer_j TRIBE Member

    Can i get a detailed review of Richard F's set please...you know, track titles, mixing etc...I was at my cottage and missed this party and i know my peeps had a good time...good job...

    I was in awe of the multitudes of stars...yo
    ps-lol @Bean...too housey?..is that possible?
    pps-what bad vibes were you gettin' Suke?
  6. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    Bad vibes I was getting ...

    poorly advertised.
    too much other stuff going on that Sunday night.
    Stacey Pullen hasn't pounded it out recently in Toronto.
  7. dora

    dora TRIBE Member

    And Suke my dear darling, you would have been right on this one. Tom said: go to Junior's House - and I wanted to, I said: go to Victor Calderone - but i didn't. I let Jay convince me to go to this event instead...

    the minute I walked in, I thought, Jay is gonna get the beating of this life. My friend Brian will vouch for me that I was the sorriest site for the next 2 hours there. Warehouse (I will not call it a dumb ass name like Kool Haus ever) looked completely sterile, and it looks like all the other clubs now: Tonic, Guv, whatever. I lament for fellow concert goers as another venue is lost to dance music.

    The system was crap, it was so quiet i keep hearing the music from the other side of the complex, and unless you were right in the middle of the floor, you couldn't hear a thing, and the speakers had you nicely quarantined into this little square. The crowd filled out more around 2am, but it never got enough people to BE a crowd, and the vibe was SO NOT happening.

    There was a ridiculous system that the Calerdone party and this party had that shared the orange room, so you had to get marked so the right people went back to their respective parties. So you had tons of people confused trying to go to the other rooms, and why not, you paid enough money.

    HOWEVER - long live music. Music saved my night. I had to give it Richard F. some solid mixing skills and happy tunes, and I put on the shades and try to tune out the crowd...all good. Stacy Pullen comes on and starts rockin' it out and I'm really getting into it. The fact thathe was totally into it too was just such a bonus.

    The Orange room turned out to have the better vibe going, more people dancing, less gawkers, and mixed with Calerdone's people it was very cool. and Oliver and Matt C. really mastered the decks. Is Matt C. an international superstar yet? 'cause he should be, an amazing set from him!

    and then to Derrick May, whom I have never heard before, and oh my god, the minute he started, all the money I paid was worth it, and I just tuned out everything else. There are so few people that can drop such cool melodic tracks right in with some hard techno. It was just a touch of ambient in the breakdown...had me cruising on a different plane, and right back with the hard techno.

    Jay talked to Derrick, who apologized for his set due to bad vibe and allergies, but if this was him at his worse, I can't wait to see him with a better crowd! Derrick May is a god.

    PS I saw that "universal flavours" is promoting some of the long weekend stuff, and god forbid, summer's end too. I had a great time last year with MWE's summer's end, but I would be very careful before hitting another universal flavours event. very.
  8. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    I arrived at Kool Haus (which, for the record, still is a horrendous name for a venue) at around 11 or so, to be greeted by a thorough, albeit reluctant search. I was impressed by the thorough search, but I got the impression that the reason for this was the abundance of new staff trying to prove that they can be good doorpeople.

    Once inside, the renovations struck me as interesting. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but what I will say is that the way the bars were lit, it makes it look like it was set up for a commercial shoot. There were only about 30-40 people that were there when we arrived, and most were up in the bar area. I understand it was early, but it still threw me for a loop. Thank god for everyone involved (partiers, DJs, promoters, etc) that the venue did start to fill in around 2am. The setup was very simple. Only two racks of intelligent lights (1 on stage, 1 in the middle of the venue) and the DJs were clearly visible because they were set up only a few feet back from the front of the stage.

    Daboom and Loopy were on the decks for a back-to-back when I first stepped into the venue. Nice set, they had things primin’ nicely for the rest of the lineup. One thing though … right in the middle of the set Daboom drops in a mellow, chill track, and I’m just waiting for him to drop some Bob Marley over it. It was kind of funny, and not bad in the least because he was sure to drop a hook after a minute or two. Good job Rob! [​IMG]

    Richard F was next up, and he wasted no time getting into his groove. It was a much harder set than the one that he dropped at Life so I’m told. I was definitely not disappointed in the least. It was great when he dropped Spaced Invader and then layered an acapella overtop of that. I was sure to shake my ass during his whole set. The only thing I feel bad about is that there were only 300-400 people there by the time Richard was finishing up.

    Next in line was Stacey Pullen. There was no nonsense here, just pure bangin’ tracks for the duration of his set. I was thoroughly impressed. It was a lot more housey and funky than I was expecting, and you won’t hear a single complaint out of me. The crowd was much better about halfway into his set, probably around a thousand people at that point. Nowhere near the capacity of the venue, but it was nice to have space to move, to do your thing. Pullen dropped a few harder, more techno-based tracks towards the end of his set to prime for the next DJ to step up to the decks, Derrick May.

    Derrick got things started with a very downtempo, ambient track. Everyone was standing around saying, “What the hell is this?” but quickly following with “I don’t want to go anywhere because I want to see what he’s going to do with this.” He did not disappoint. It was the first time I’d had a chance to see him live, and I thoroughly enjoyed his set (are you starting to notice a trend here?). It’s unfortunate that the crowd started to thin out about a half-hour into his set, and I could tell that Derrick was disappointed. When I was talking to his during his set, he apologized for there not being more action while I was taking pictures of him on the decks. I would really like the chance to see him perform for a packed venue and see how crazy it would get when he blew the roof off that place. There’s one more thing that I’d like to say about Derrick May before moving on with the rest of this review. Over the course of a few days leading up to the party, people had a lot more bad things than good to say about Derrick, mostly along the lines of how he’s “very egotistical and selfish.” In response to those people, I’d like to tell those people to get their head out of their asses because that was not the case at all in my experience. Derrick was very friendly, outgoing, and personable, and there isn’t a single thing bad that I have to say about the guy.

    I had a really, really good time on Sunday night. I’d say it was one of the best times that I had in a while at a party. Jo, Svet, it’s always fun partying with you. It was good to see Dora and Brian (Brian, what’s that, twice in one weekend? What?! [​IMG]. Bean, it was good to see you too, and I’m glad I was able to see you before you leave for your new job in Windsor! Good luck! Richard, Stacey, and Derrick – it was great meeting these guys. Not a negative vibe out of any one of them in the lot. Thanks to Kwon, Shawn, Mike and Rob at Most Wanted for the great party, it was great meeting you guys and I hope you keep throwing great parties. I know after this event, I’ll be sure to come out to the next one.

    -- Jay aka Fut
  9. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    Sorry Suke, you missed out. Pullen pounded it out on Sunday. [​IMG]

    -- Jay aka Fut

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