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Derrick May, Ken Ishii @ Aria


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First of all, Ken Ishii never showed...which was pretty shitty since he was the main reason we went to Aria instead of going to see Hardcell.
It was my first time seeing Derrick May live, and honestly I wasn't impressed at all. I though he played a fairly boring set, he had a couple tracks that picked up the crowd, but then he'd follow that with 2 or 3 nothing tracks that lost everyone again.
Yaz followed May and fucking killed it...played banging techno but had a nice flow...totally made up for Ishii not being there.
The Bensen&Hedges thing earlier in the night was cool for a bit earlier in the night...but eventually all the fire breathing made the place incredibly hot, and after awhile they just got kinda boring and were in the way.
Overall a good night cause of Yaz, def with Ishii would have showed up though...
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Temper Tantrum

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Derrick May's set sucked. I was highly dissapointed. He kept dragging out tracks, building them for too long and 'teasing' the crowd too much. Yaz's set was much better , would have preferred to hear the whole thing but unfortunately exhaustion kicked in and we left earlier then planned.
Still the fire breathing tricks and light show that they had going on was pretty neat, found a good spot behind the back speaker and danced my ass of for a fair amount of the night --> when the firebreathers and what not were going on I found too many people were watching and not enough were dancing!

Props out to Pyrovitae who SHOWED that crowd how to dance (Girl whipped off her shirt and booted her ass of in a little lacy black bra "It's hot, should I take of my shirt?" "GIRL, it's montreal") endless supply of people complementing her on her dancing, and guys asking me if 'that was my friend'
Chaquita you rock.
Eva --> my roomate, my girl, my partner in crime in montreal, endlessly mother-henish, endlessly beautiful and wonderful.

I know Breakz_btch made it out but we never ran into each other which sucked

Music was decent, it was a good night but only because Aria owns as a club and I had good friends with me.

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y'all should've come to Hardcell instead... he banged out the swedish beats large!

it would've been nice to see some TO peeps at Sona (you can automatically spot the people from TO...MTL peeps are definitely 'unique'

but big up the Yaz comments, he's an excellent dj (and also runner of my favorite record shop-Terminal Records)...