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derrick carter vs. mark farina!!!


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Originally posted by sweet_e
all i have to say is June 4th!!!!!

cant wait... if its half as good as the last set it'll still be one of the best sets of the year!
YOU KNOW, I'll be there. I missed him last time under the circumstances, I have no excuse this time.


Aussie Paul

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Originally posted by sweet_e
"...step across the line!"

he was playing an "eclectic" set... geez Timmy get with the times :p!

But was it

Junior Jack - Stupidisco or
Dave Armstronge - Make your Move

....... Very Controversial !

My fav is JJ - Stupidisco - I've been in love with This Tune since Nov. It's on the flip of 'Da Hype' but will get it's very own realease in this month. ;)
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