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Derrick Carter anyone...


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So he is playing next friday (26) at the Rage, its $15 or $20 and I was wondering if people out here like him and if anyone thinks they might go. Personally I love him and want to go really bad but I do have a concern.

This was touched on really briefly in another vancouver thread but what is with the rage??? Honestly though, has anyone been there when its not a good dj night vs. when it is a good dj night? Will I be able to dance without hoochie mamas getting their gross blonde fried hair all in my face, then thier boyfriend giving me dirty, I'll mess you up looks cause we are dancing close to eachohter? I really want to know cause I would like to go, and I dont' want to be all shocked/suprised with what I see inside the joint.

I know this shouldn't really stop me, but if the peeps there are the gangster/gino/hoochie types I have to think twice.
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I wouldn't stress over it. The rage is huge and usually unless its a good DJ it's no where near packed at all. So plenty of space. The venue ain't bad, and when its an event nite it ain't the usual beer drinking crowd.

If it weren't for fucked up exams I'll be there!


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Exams at IBC?
How's it goin bro, still tanned from Cancun?
I saw your name as the last reply and had to see what your sayin

The crew here saw S&D in TO, I would suggest you take in the Van show - 'another level'.
Prepare for a Digger throwdown.


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Yup I heard that was insane! Still hitting S&d up here for sure, but yeah got my professional exams coming up. U done yours yet, hows the crew?

Kick ass in those exams!!!

So u swinging by again this summer or what???
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I wasn't planning to, but think now I might. Feel like a little social interaction. All work, no play making me a dull girl...

Are you still going, Locke?


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Sorry mmb

I didn't end up going, had to hit up a cool house party and I didn't check the board before.

I am sure there will be some night that we both go out for...
and if you are a dancing maniac like you say you are I shouldn't have a hard time finding you if I know you are there