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Derrick Carter and lessons the professor taught me @ Footwork


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I havent been out in a while. I've been busy. So tonite I figured it's time to go out there and shake er a little bit. I'll be the first to admit, I didn't really care that Derrick Carter was here. I couldn't have given 2 damns (nothing personal to Mr. Carter as I am well aware his music is beyond awesome) What I was getting all 4 cylinders riled up for was Mike "Yes I do blast Tiesto outta my room, deal with it" Gleeson and the Loopidy goofs going back to back, and as if the almighty Poseidon heard my calls for more waves on the sea..I got my moneys worth. Back and forth, energy shooting out of theirs pours, eager DJ's unplugging each others headphones so they can get in there and rock that crowd...that mighty crowd. Smiles and ass shaking, hands in the air with Poot, the bump and hustle with Maz, stressy gave me a lapdance..again, all the wonderful comments and hello's were appreciated. The footwork layout is sweet btw, good on Joely and Steffer. Alas, I did leave early after a long day, so if you have a review of Derrick Carter, please enlighten as I only heard about 45 mins of it

Goulet would be proud.


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An unbelievable night with a great crew.
I'm not sure how much more of this I can handle.
Too much fun at FW of late. Ow.

Gleeson and the Goofs were a great warm-up, playing some of my house-tune favourites and some warm and bumpy jazzy stuff. Loopity Goofs bring the crazy bass.

Derrick banged it out - just enough vocals, a whole lotta bomp. Funky bassline after funky bassline, teasing and droppin it down. Impossible to stop moving.

Baby Joel is soooo dreamy. He turned the night/morning a little more electronic, just enough beat to carry us til the end, just enough trippiness to soothe our brains... quite the fulfilling evening.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play. I had fun.
You kids are crazy.


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It was awesome to be back at footwork for DC. Thanks to Gleeson I actually stayed the entire night - open to close! I don't think I've done that....ever!

The warm up to DC was spectacular - nice to know that the locals can still (strongly!) deliver the goods.

DC played a good set. I've heard better sets from him, but all in all it was a memorable night. I thought the last hour of his set was the best - props for dropping roy davis jr.'s "watch them come" track - very nicely done!

It was great to see some old familiar faces out last night - darcey (i knew i'd find you there!), nick (shit i can't remember your tribe name!), lee mac, stir-fry, timmy, vench, juice, josh, sugar, jessica, JAR, mackers, and the new faces i got to meet as well. Apparently kalemic was there - but i never saw him. I'll take his word for it though (just this once).

Joel - props for dropping DP's around the world - made me feel at home :)

I am so going to pay for it this week though - coming out of retirement is hard work!
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Made a last minute decision to hit this and was very happy I did! I don't get out much these days so the best part was seeing so many people I haven't seen in a while. Warm up was fantastic. Especially Gleeson you were on fire! Carter was very god although not the best set I've heard. I was kinda expecting it to get a bit more techy. Not as much crazy mixing as usual as well. But a solid set that had me dancing almost the whole time. Renovations/sound are awesome. The place looks beautiful. Love the new booth and the row of subs in front of it.


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i had an awesome night from start to finish.

stir-fry saved the day!
had a few drinks, and made it to fw early, no problems, no lines!
the place filled up fast.

i really liked the tracks that the Goofs and Gleeson played, sounded great, had me on the floor dancing, awesome job guys.

derrick was fun, he played fw's system perfectly. although i agree it's not the best set i have heard from the man, it was awesome. it was so great to see him totally tuned in to playing - rocking track after track.

great to see so many people out and having fun! it was a great night!
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The Watcher

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Such a great night out, reconnecting with some old friends, dancing with some new ones, busting moves ALL NIGHT LONG! Thanks to all for the amazing fun!

Naomi, you're too cute... glad to see you out!
Maria, we have too much fun together!

Awesome time @ Footwork 2 weekends in a row?!


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Definitely an epic night!

Got there just after 2 and the party was in full swing. Awesome to see so many good people and get/give so many great hugs!

I caught a few magical moments on the dancefloor, it was my first Derrick Carter experience and I was suitably impressed with nothing to compare it to.

The afterparty was INSANE. I only wish I had a bigger place to accommodate all the good peeps I wanted to hang out with. Still, I got in some serious QT with some seriously wicked people. Yay for working hard so we can play harder!


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And for Kung Po Beef, lest she still be reading this: sorry it didn't work out babe... you've got my number now, don't be a stranger! Next time we do it up proper :)
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If - like me - you've apent the last year scouring the internets and "other" bins at record shops for the infamous "What the Fuss?" remix that Derrick drops in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5qrrM9XKDg

Let me save you some pain by reporting that Derrick has no idea who's remix it is. Or he was pulling my leg. He says that he played some party in Chicago and got pretty wrecked. When he woke up the next morning he was flipping through a pile of promos that someone had stuck in his bag when he stumpled upon the white labeled Stevie masterpiece in his bag. But it is a true whitelabel - he has no clue who's remix it is. And it's not the same as the unsolicited remix, FYI.

After I asked him about it, he DID however produce said record from his bag and drop it / loop it / rework it for the next 30 mins. The guy is a fuggin master.


AWESOME! So many familliar faces. And how could you dream up a better bill than Gleseson, Goofs, Carter and BJ? Incredible right to the bitter (and an hour earlier than expected??) end. Killer closer when Joel dropped Boheim Jack (the bohemian rhapsody rework).

Great service @ the bar all night. Efficient coat check (aka I stuff that shit behind a speaker). TONS of cuties - wow. Smiles everywhere. Super friendly crowd.

Don't think they've got the new configuration tuned as well as the old one. There are some really obvious dead spots on the floor - and some equally obvious hotspots. Not nearly as clean as it used to be when the bins were stacked.

What a fall we've had... Farina, Carter AND Heather. It's like a dope house OMerload. And next up KASKADE?????? Sick. Pure sickness.

And if you were impressed by the ladies at the Carter show, just wait to see what Kaskade does to a room full of women. Lord help us all.


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My first Derrick Carter experience and it won't be my last. It was really great to dance to a different kind of house music than I usually go out for. I'd describe it as chunky bumpy and funky. Some of those basslines were overwhelming at times. So danceable. My only complaint was that at one point it got a little too pushy on the dance floor cause of one particular group, but that didn't ruin my evening.

Shout outs to Naomi, Nick, G, Jessica, and Josh. Great to see you guys out as always.

Keep the great DJ bookings coming Footwork!

Don C

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I was counting down the days to this party, and was not disappointed! Terrific crowd, lots of friendly faces, and everyone was up for a party!!

Great tunes from the Goofs and Gleeson to open things up (probably the best I've heard from all of them lately), and when Carter came on he kept things chugging along. Missed Joel's set, unfortunately, couldn't hang in there long enough.

It may not have been DC's most memorable set ever, but its got to be hard to consistently top some of the things we've heard from him before. I thought he played great music throughout the night, and man what a pleasure to see him behind the decks at Footwork finally!

Thanks again to the folks at FW for making this happen - bring him back soon!


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Had a fantastic time, for sure!
I must agree that his set definitely didn't "wow" me, but I had tons of fun, nevertheless. I had great company, the vibe of the club was great as always and of course, it was at footwork - which never disappoints.

Gleeson was ON FIRE - wow man, I wish I caught more of your set, but what I heard, HOOOOLY!!!

Left speaker represent! :)
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we got there early to avoid line-ups. watched the place fill up with several hundred smiling, energetic and excited people. the vibe in there was top notch all night, despite immense crowding. nobody went expecting to have much space to dance.

it was great "coming home" after being away from FW for months now. and it was really great to see so many wonderful people out.

we stayed at the back all night, so the sound wasn't what it is further to the front, but i still got my jammy on at the back a fair bit - to all the djs' sets ('cept baby joel, cuz we had to head out to another party).

good times indeed. :)


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What a great night all around. This being only my second time at FW and my first time seeing Derrick Carter, I was all smiles all night long. The night started off great as gleeson and the goofs were crankin' out the funky chunky house tunes that i love.

The crowd was good too, a little pushy up front but i found a decent space along the left side. Saw some people that I knew and met a lot of new faces. Not having any other sets to compare carter too, I thought he played awesome. I really enjoyed the Stevie Wonder rmx he was working throughout his set.

I can't remember when i heard the track, i'm sure it was during carter, but did anyone else hear the Cosby Show remix? that was some funky funky stuff. joel kept things going quite strong and ended the night well.

Big ups to my big sis for no line and reduced cover. :cool:


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I had a really great time on Saturday, despite Mr Gleeson disregarding my explicit warning NOT to play that horrible song that should remain nameless.

I liked all the sets I heard, had lots of room to dance near the back, and saw a bunch of great people. It was especially great to dance with some people who I rarely get to party with anymore (Tearer, Libradragon, stir-fry).

I'm so glad I took yesterday off work!
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derrick carter haha

I was loving the bohemian rhapsody near the end of the night

the night was all I expected it would be and then some ;)