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Depression & Men


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Health Canada looks at vitamin D primarily for immune system functioning. The "average Canadian having acceptable vitamin D levels" is entirely arbitrary, just recommendations that fall in the CYA (Cover Your Ass) territory. Vitamin D as a mood stabilizing supplement is generally accepted amongst NDs everywhere and if you compare the vitamin D levels of Canadians to anyone near the equator, almost all Canadians would be considered deficient.

"But Lok! Why compare people with perma summer to people who have seasons?"

People in Jamaica don't get SADS. In Central America there often isn't even a word for depression.

Get the drops, don't take pills, as mentioned you need calcium and fat to make pills bioavailable but taking the drops sub-lingually circumvents that.

It's such a cheap thing to try, has zero side effects and if it doesn't do anything for your mood at least you'll get one or two fewer colds this winter. On the flip side, it will be the best "anti depressant" you'll ever take.
you lost me right there. Show me the clinical data to correlate with what you are saying.


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I should stress that unlike psychoactive pharmaceuticals, taking a vitamin D supplement will not make you viscerally feel "something" but with regular logging you can identify significant improvements in a lot of depression. Taking an active role in your own (mental) health is essential to help determine the efficacy of treatments that are not strictly psychoactive. It's pretty easy to tell that you're hopped up on Valium or Prozac or Wellbutrin but far more difficult to realize that you're feeling better since you started taking vitamin X. Write things down!

And really, wouldn't you rather rule out something as benign as vitamin D deficiency before committing to more advanced therapies? Little to lose, everything to gain.
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i take 2000 iu of vitamin d a day. have for years. i also take an iron-free vitamin supplement. actually it's 2800 iu as the multi take has 800 iu of vit d as well.

it was documented in few of the sport nutrition books i've read.

can't say i've ever suffered from depression to any great degree; obviously, i've had bad days, but nothing prolonged, i thank my lucky stars for this, as i've had friends that have suffered from depression, one taking their life (she was triber way back, but i'd known her since my teens). in the winters though, i'd get tired easily (mild depression perhaps, i dunno), even with regular exercise, which ceased after supplementing vitamin d for a while.


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^good point.

alot of times problems are the reason for heavy abuse of substances and the outcome!
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Bi Bolar is just another term for being a spaz, or "hyper active" as they would call you in the old days.

Our melting pot becomes more sensitive, the more streamlined it becomes.. Then you get all these new fangled medical problems.

not to worry, someone will make alot of money selling your kids drugs.
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^or could be that those people where already depressed and thats why they did an excessive amount of drugs.
^good point.

alot of times problems are the reason for heavy abuse of substances and the outcome!

so true. i've been in a bout of depression for many a year. my only solace was chemicals and dividing myself away from humans.
now i just drink myself blind every night, and I find that whittles away the pain and angst just enough for me not to give a fuck any longer. not giving a fuck really helps sometimes - at least for me.
works like a charm. liver... not so good.
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i thank the people who have come in here and are able to have frank discussions about depression/mood disorders. i think it's important as a society to be able to talk about it openly, and that alot of the problems stem from keeping quiet.

a really good friend of mine (male) and i had a two hour talk about his depression. it took him over a year to admit it to himself, and he still won't admit it to many people.

it's okay to be depressed, and its more than okay to get help for it and talk about it. more people need to talk about it. it's a super shitty feeling to feel alone.

and to all the posters who think that depression is a crock of shit, get over yourself. depression is an awful thing to go through. assuming that it's made up and a load of lies is ridiculous. just because you are not physically ill does not make you not sick, and i personally think that you are adding to the problem with your comments and opinions. what if your best friend, SO, or a family member was depressed? you have now shown that you lack the compassion to care for them when they need it. it may not be a broken leg, but just because you can`t see it doesn`t make it not there.

i have also read that vitamin b can help with mood too... myself, i`m on the vitamin d train and b (but im amenic cuz of my crohns)... vitamin b can also help with energy too. i think that if you`re not hurting anyone, and it makes you feel better, than why not.

Ryan L

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I have lululemon pants that I wear to the gym. Sounds like some guys at the gym may have a problem with it similar to some of the people in this forum. But then again, as its said, they have the problem. I liked the pants for yoga so I got them. I didn't feel like spending a day looking around for ones that were as good from a different brand so I could maybe pay less and not offend other dudes at the gym.

I also have depression, and it sucks. It is only as bad as I let it get. The only thing is the depression makes me want to not take care of myself given its nature. It sort of feeds itself. Medication could be an easy way out however when I took it for the first time I had a horrible experience that set off to this day regular panic attacks pretty well once or twice a day. Every panic attack I get, it seems like I'm going to die which is normal. The weird thing is that as a result I don't fear death anymore because I experience what feels like near death every day. I still goes on but it serves to feed my depression more. It's easy to write depression off, but until you have had more than just a couple of weeks of it, most will never really get it.

It made me feel good to know that Landsberg, even if I find him somewhat annoying, is dealing with similar issues as it is somewhat of an inspiration. He sits in front of a camera everyday and talks to people when depression makes you want to be alone. Good for him!
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Bernnie Federko

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Octo - Why did you think that would be funny?

Anyway - Someone looking for an excellent resource would do well referencing: The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression. It was a Pulitzer finalist in 2002.

Summary of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression
The Noonday Demon's contribution to our understanding not only of mental illness but also of the human condition in general is stunning. The book examines depression in personal, cultural, and scientific terms. Drawing on his own struggles with the illness and interviews with fellow sufferers, doctors and scientists, policymakers and politicians, drug designers and philosophers, Solomon reveals the subtleties, the complexities, and the agony of the disease.

Solomon, whose 1998 New Yorker article on depression garnered vast attention, confronts the challenge of defining the illness and the wide range of available drug treatments, the efficacy of alternative treatments, and the impact depression has on various demographic populations. He also explores the thorny moral and ethical questions posed by emerging biological explanations for mental illness.

Like Jacques Barzun, Robert Hughes, or Elaine Pagels, Solomon employs a single lens—depression—and through it shapes a work of immense cultural significance. This book will change readers' view of the world.
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Dirty Girl

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Yeah. Give your head a shake, James..
yeh seriously james, a spaz is a spastic. and a spastic is someone with cerebral palsy. even in the insulting slang sense it refers to someone that is stupid or someone that falls over their own feet and stuff. totally different than bi-polar.
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