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Depeche Mode

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My 1st time seeing DM tonight after being a fan for 20 yrs. And had I known tickets were gonna cost $100 b4 I told my friend to grab me one, I probably wouln't have gone. I still can't believe I paid that much for a concert....

Having seen on their website what they played on their last visit here 6 mos ago, I knew I was gonna be somewhat disappointed by what they're playing now (last tour had more oldies). Was pretty annoyed with Dave not singing the chorus once during 2 songs (held the mic to the crowd). With them recording all the shows from this tour so they can be sold / downloaded, you'd think he'd at least sing the chorus once during the song. Saving grace was that rendition of "Shake the Disease" Martin Gore did w/the keyboardist. Gave me goosebumps!! The pianist made my night right there. Loved Dave's energy tho.

Destro Sanchez

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^what he said.

^^what she said!

blown out the water.

from the box seats the sound was oomph & meh, but the view of the crowd during Personal Jesus was spinetinglin'

Thanks R&R, the kid, etc....

Havin space to boogaloo was coo

Missed my boo :(



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That acoustic version of "Shake the Disease" alone was worth the price of my ticket...so beautifully done.

Really happy I went and lucked out on half price 100 level tickets from a friend. Nothing will top the Violator tour show at the ex over a decade ago (in the pouring rain). That is still one of the best concert experiences I have ever had

....but definitely had a great time at this show.

What was up with the crazy wig Gore was wearing for the first little bit??
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Loved it, Loved it, Loved it....

Was right in front in 100's and had an incredible view... Bleh to my friends with the floors..I'll make sure I call you earlier next time!!

Depeche Mode, once again, rocked my world. I stood up when they got onstage and never sat down. Could not stop my feet from dancin'... Sorry to those ppl to the right I kept hitting with my arms.. :eek:

Knew they were recording their new CD so I was expecting more new than old, but I liked what they put out. Some great melodies with clean lines.. and their voices are second to none.. Sent me off into my own little world as I just closed my eyes..and listened.. sigh..

Yes, there were a couple of songs where they had the audience sing out the chorus, but I was singing right along in my crackly voice as best as I could!!:) It was so impressive to have such a diverse crowd singing such incredible lyrics together... "Reach out and Touch Faith!"

Well, off to bed. But this was a banner beginning for my long weekend..:D
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DJ Lazarus

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The show was good. The after party was fun. Here are some pictures for those who weren't at the show to be jealous of my seats. Ha. ;)





Cool video footage of Dave singing http://www.djlazarus.com/davegahan.AVI - 19 MB (right click then "save target as")

DJ Lazarus

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Um, HOTT!! :eek: Did they play "Behind the Wheel?" That song hit me the most when they played at Coachella.

P.S. I'm jealous

Below is the setlist from the Toronto show:

A Pain That I'm Used To
A Question Of Time
Suffer Well
Walking In My Shoes
It Doesn't Matter Too
In Your Room
Nothing's Impossible
John The Revelator
I Feel You
Behind The Wheel
World In My Eyes
Personal Jesus
Enjoy The Silence
Shake The Disease
Never Let Me Down Again
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DJ Lazarus said:
Holy crap, you were practically right behind me. I'm barely outside the frame of that picture.

The one thing that now seems pretty funny, though it wasn't really at the time, was the fact that when my buddy and I showed up (our tickets were for 2nd row, center, seats 31 and 32), we discovered that because of the way the stage was set up, row 2 center actually ended at 30... so our seats were inexistant. :O

We asked an usher, who asked another, etc... Five ushers later, they went to get the supervisor, who ended up seating us in row 4 on the right side, which annoyed me at first, but in retrospect wasn't that big of a deal, seeing as we never spent any time in our seats anyway.

Plus, as I was right next to that ramp thing, I got to touch Dave at some point. :eek: (He was VERY sweaty.)


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Loved the show. I've been a fan since jr. high. (!)
Wicked light show, the pacing was good to give Dave breaks as needed. I had a good time. The moving screens were beautiful!


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tatgirl said:
Saving grace was that rendition of "Shake the Disease" Martin Gore did w/the keyboardist. Gave me goosebumps!! The pianist made my night right there. Loved Dave's energy tho.

My all time fave DM song too! (well last night it was anyway)


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annec said:
The moving screens were beautiful!
Yeah... it was even better than when I saw them on their Exciter tour, and I thought the screen thing was pretty cool then.

I have to say, the crowd last night was so much better than when I saw them in 2001... It was in Ottawa, and most people spent the entire show sitting down... There were just the odd person here and there standing. At least the Toronto people last night looked like they actually wanted to be there, and I didn't feel like a freak for wanting to stand up.

I really wish they had played "The Things You Said", though... I've always wanted to hear them perform that song live, and so far no luck. I guess the odds of it happening are pretty slim, but I can still hope for next time... :)
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rave jedi

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I had a fucken blast at the concert and after-party at Funhaus. Lazurus, you are one awesome DJ (Probably my third or fourth time seeing you spin). Long live DARK RAVE!!!:cool:

Anyway, I still had a better time at the December 1, 2005 at the ACC. Guess, it has a lot to with the vibe around your crowded section and the "ideal setlist" for you personally. I was very, very happy with the setllist from December. Here it is again:

December 1, 2005

> Intro
> A Pain That I'm Used To
> John The Revelator
> A Question Of Time
> Policy Of Truth
> Precious
> Walking In My Shoes
> Suffer Well
> Damaged People
> Home
> I Want It All
> The Sinner In Me
> I Feel You
> Behind The Wheel
> World In My Eyes
> Personal Jesus
> Enjoy The Silence
> Somebody
> Just Can't Get Enough
> Everything Counts
encore #2
> Never Let Me Down Again
> Goodnight Lovers


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I would have prefered to see that set ^

Esp. Goodnight Lovers & Somebody. Oh well. Shake the Disease & Personal Jesus was good.


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What a night!! Two nights, really.

After seeing them in Montrèal the night before last, I have to say Depeche were a little more 'on' for Toronto. In Montrèal everyone there was going more crazy than people here, including for that warm up Dj set -the whole first section of the Bell Center's floor was bouncing!

The show itself was amazing both nights- JTR, Photographic and It Doesn't Matter Two were on my tops list for T.O. and Judas and Nothing's Impossible for Mont. Missing: Sinner In Me (amazing live) and Darkest Star...

SWR were good, and some songs grabbed me at different points both nights but they didn't hold my attention. Tops for them was the 'I'm gonna fuckin' tear you apart' song at the end when everyone stood up.

Some pics:

demand business.jpg




laryngitis my ass.jpg




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