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Depeche Mode Floor tickets


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i have 2 pair of 2 tickets to sell. Floor tickets:
Row 31 Seats 31 and 32
Row 35 Seats 31 and 32

Selling at cost $220 per pair.

Didn't know i was heading to coachella when i bought them. But now i've seen them twice in the last few months, probably don't need to see them again.

Pickup near College and Bathurst.

PM if interested.
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case sensitive

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Evan, if you have to ask the date of this show, you don't deserve the tickets! :)

I'm guessing face value is around $80? Either way.............BobDobalina PLEASE CHECK YOUR PMs FROM LAST NIGHT



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face value was some thing like $91 and there's $11 booking fees. All on the ticket.

I guess i was meant to write $202 for each pair. sorry.

Show is Thursday 18 May.
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