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Dentists Tribe recommends for teeth whitening


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I decided to go ahead with a professonal teeth whitening procedure. Anyone have a dentist they would recommend? I know the job costs around $350. I'd prefer the dentist be in the east end of toronto or downtown. Thanks. :D

Dirt Dawg

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I assume you speak of tray whitening. anybody can do that.

Zoom whitening is the UV procedure that takes about an hour and gives you that suppa white smile... that is a G to get done but it saves you the shittyness of sleeping with trays for weeks

I got the zoom guy if you want to PM me. Have you tried any f the strips out there?



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I have used the Colgate night stuff and it works well. Another trick that works that ppl don't know is to take Calcium Magnesium supplements daily a few times a day. It really does help and is good for sleeping and nerves/stress..