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Denon turntables


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Has anyone had experience with Denon turntables? Good or bad?
I know they're not 1200's but are they better than, say, Numark tables? Are they worth buying to learn on? I was told that Denon makes the best replica of the 1200.
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On sale $375 ea., from $515. I know, I've been told many times it's 1200's or nothing. But since $1500 (+ cost for mixer) really isn't affordable at this time, I'm looking at other options. There doesn't seem to be many though:(


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the problem aki is that if you learn on non-1200s or something at least comperable like good vestax than your doing yourself more harm than good in the long run..

the pitch on those things will probally end up being really touchy and inconsistent

it will fuck your technique up

and youll probally learn more slowly

and then youll buy 1200s and just wish you had done so in the beginning
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