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Denon DN-S5000 CDJ CD Turntable


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Cosmetically, this CD turntable looks like its seen better days. However it works perfectly, the disk drive was replaced within the last 2-3 years, and ive never had any issues with it at all. Looking to get rid of it just because Ive only been using my pioneer ddj-sr controller instead of turntables and cdj. Would much rather see someone get some use out of it.

Pictures: Denon DN-S5000 CDJ CD Turntable | electronics | City of Toronto | Kijiji

Owned by another triber. Looking for any reasonable offer.
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I totally bought it! :) Great meeting you Joshua. Works like a charm, and adds to the set up. It's good to have the digitial option available.

My buying is over for the fall/winter. I think that really makes it a great get up.

The other triber who owned it had a Michael Jackson 45 attached to the platter.
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