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Dennis Hahn in the Purple Room (Revolution) KW Dec 2nd


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I had a blast. Sorry I didn't get to stay in the Purple room all night like I would have loved to but a few friends had ex boyfriend drama that had to be attended to in the main room. I get the feeling that there is always drama in that room!
As always, I loved Dennis's set. It's awesome when he has that much time to play to take you on a trip through tunes over the course of a full night. I'm going to miss your purple room nights a lot when I move. But rest assured I'll pop back in from time to time. It's funny that people from Toronto are driving to NYC for events and here I am going to be driving the other direction back to Waterloo!
Getting to know all of you over the last few years has been wonderful and it is honestly bringing a tear to my eye to think that I won't be able to come out with you every weekend anymore. Thanks for the smiles, the embraces, the memories, partying, and the fantabulous tunes! I'm going to try to stay in town for one more trance night out on the 16th as my final event as a KW local.
As I spent a good portion of the night in main room (not my choice) I can honestly say (as I'm sure 99% of you already know) there is no better vibe than that of a trance room filled with your favorite people with a dj that rocks it like Dennis. Waterloo is blessed to have a place such as this.

other non sappy notes:
Dennis you're a teenage heart throb! don't worry, if you broke up thier relationship it wasn't meant to be in the first place! lol.
Nice booth bunnies you had going up there with you tonight.
How old did thier fraudulent IDs say they were :D (maybe I'm just getting older) :(
The AC in the purple room was cranked tonight... I had to dance more to warm up... I'm not complaining, I loved it.
Sound as always is awesome for that room, never a complaint there.
I'm not a big fan of seeing 4 security gaurds come up and tell the dj its over though... I mean when the rest of security are all standing around the sides of the room can't you ask one of them if the dj has been notified yet? I actually caught one as he was coming up and told him Dennis had already been told 3 times bc I knew that's exactly what he was also about to do. I thought it was pretty clear you were co-operating since when they told you the first time you finished your mix and then started packing up while the last track finished up.... them telling you to kill it with only 1 minute left in a song, come on are you really going to get home that much faster bc of it? But that's my ONLY beef with the place... and it's a pretty small one.
I ran into a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. A guy I used to train with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, A guy I used to Captain on a Rugby team from years ago, the manager at a GNC I used to frequent (all of them now working security there) and handfulls of additional random nontrance related friends.

PS the EDM related ones rock more though ;)