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Demographics: the recipe for good Detroit techno


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Windsor looks like a resort town compared to Detroit

A few years ago, I had to drive through Detroit and it was a scary experience. The road signs directed us to drive through an impoverished residential area (lots of decrepid buildings) to get to I75. I would not have wanted to stop for directions. When we got to the on ramp for I75, there were some homeless guys pushing shopping carts on the ramp, that traffic had to avoiding hitting. I haven't been back since. But according to these Infographics... it's gotten worse!
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I loved Detroit when I was there. Definitely had that post-apocalyptic feel to it in the mornings, but it was still a cool place. Trying to find breakfast that wasn't $20 a head in the hotel was a little annoying, however. ;)

Remember that people do live and work there. Yes, it might not be safe to walk around with a gold chain on your neck at midnight... but when I was there for DEMF, there was always a police presence and the streets seemed relatively safe to me.

Looking forward to going back there, hopefully for the SCP/UR Backpack Festival in August.