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Democracy has failed


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Sarkozy started the modern discussion of the failure of fiat currency.

Snowden was a kind of martyr to expose the surveillance going on in the worlds largest "free country". (save India)

And then there is China. Which doesn't even pretend to be Democratic, haha, ok yeah it does.

One time I worked for a company that invested about $700MillionUSD in China. I worked with a nice chap, his name I'm sure was "Adam".

me> "So, why did you choose this job?"
"Adam"> Well I had the choice to study Japanese.
me> "But you speak English very well?"
"Adam"> Well I wanted to learn English but I had the choice to learn Japanese.
me> "I'm confused, you speak English and Japanese?"
"Adam"> Yes I had the choice to learn Japanese or not go to school at all.
me> "That doesn't seem like much of a choice?"
"Adam"> Well I speak English now.
me> "Well, I guess so..."

The smog there was terrible. The working conditions were unbelievable. The 'investment' itself was surrounded by walls on top of which were broken bottles embedded into the masonry. This isn't anything special in developing countries.

But outside of that wall were tents and huts and trenches full of sewage and workers who each morning went in to weld and install a major brand. A brand which in other parts of the world likes to extoll it's environmentally friendly forward looking products.

And as far as the failure of democracy, let us consider ostensibly the largest self-proclaimed democratic state (India aside). I mean the USA.

As a scientist and amateur mathematician, I find it highly interesting that American voters essentially come in at 50%/50% for their two party system.
The only way that ~300million people can come in at 50%/50%, by the law of large numbers, is if they are voting at random. That is to say, no intellect is involved in the American vote. This should be obvious to anyone who saw Bush #2 be elected twice.

But instead of poking fun at our southern neighbeours, let's look right here and how Stephan Harper got elected.

We all know that most of us did not vote for him, and by "us" I certainly am not limiting the readership to Tribe.

It's quite clear that a minority of people want him in power, and yet, there he is. Is this a Democracy?

In the OECD we have a whole host of countries that claim to be democratic and yet have arguments that assuade them. I mean the UK is technically a monarchy and Angela Merkel and the guy in France technicallly..... well....

My general point is that untill I can vote directly for the person who "governs" me, I don't feel very comfortable.


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