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Democalypse 2016 - The Contenders, the Horse Race - the cynicism and the money


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‘Pizzagate’ Theories Inspire D.C. Gunman, But Still Have Defenders in Powerful Places
December 06, 2016

David Neiwert

Alex Jones' outrageous claims about a Clinton-led child sex ring at a D.C. pizzeria fuel a disturbing gun threat, as others tweets out support.

It all began innocuously enough for James Alefantis, with a sudden uptick in followers for the Instagram feed for Comet Ping Pong, his Washington, D.C., pizzeria, early in November, before the election.

A month later, on Sunday, a ratcheting spiral of conspiracist-driven lunacy –– a spiral fueled by claims the restaurant secretly hosted a cabal of child abusers led by Hillary Clinton –– culminated in a North Carolina man entering the business and firing off a round from his AR-15 assault rifle.

The gunman was arrested by Metro police in the street outside the pizzeria shortly afterward. He was identified as Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C., and he told investigators he was there to “self-investigate” the sordid claims about the restaurant.

The so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy theories are predicated on a series of emails from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta that were released by Wikileaks late in October, in the election’s waning days, deliberately misinterpreted to suggest that Podesta and Clinton were part of a child-sex-abuse ring who selected their victims for sex acts in secret rooms at the pizzeria. One of the theories’ chief promoters, unsurprisingly, has been conspiracy-meister Alex Jones, who claimed the emails contained pedophile code words and that the affair is more deeply connected to a global child-abuse conspiracy.

The theories originated on the anything-goes Internet forum 4chan, a favorite haunt of Alt-Right white nationalists, and soon articles began circulating on Facebook and Twitter with headlines like “Pizzagate: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite.”

Alefantis told the New York Times he first became aware of the conspiracists’ claims about his pizzeria when his Instagram account showed an unusual spike in followers in the days before the election. Within the week, he said, he began receiving hundreds of threatening and hateful messages on social media and through texts, including one reading: “I will kill you personally.” And Instagram message read: “This place should be burned to the ground!”

As Alefantis explained, he has never met either Clinton or Podesta (though Podesta’s brother is one of his customers), has no secret rooms at his pizzeria, and otherwise quietly employs 40 people in his family-oriented business.

“From this insane, fabricated conspiracy theory, we’ve come under constant assault,” Alefantis told the Times. “I’ve done nothing for days but try to clean this up and protect my staff and friends from being terrorized.”

One Pizzagate theorist came into the restaurant and shot a live video of its interior that he posted on Facebook. Police told the man to leave.

The claims kept ratcheting higher, especially as Jones began stoking them to a nationwide audience on his InfoWars program. His most recent iteration, published the day of Welch’s assault on the pizzeria, claimed (falsely, of course) that Clinton was secretly behind the death of a sex-worker activist in Haiti.

The threats had been stepping up as well; even nearby businesses were targeted for harassment on social media and in their shops.

Edgar Maddison Welch poses with his AR-15. (Facebook)

On his Facebook page, Welch indicatedthat he was a fan of Jones’ InfoWars program. He also posed for several photos with the AR-15 he carried into the restaurant; in his car, he had left behind a shotgun and a handgun as well.

Conspiracy theories are generally built on claims that have little or no basis in factual reality and so are often viewed as harmless fantasies that don’t often intrude on the real world. However, as any number of violent incidents in the past decade have demonstrated, including Sunday’s scare in Washington, their unhinging effect frequently has the power to inspire unstable personalities to embark on terroristic rampages.

What is especially remarkable about the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory has been the extent to which the bizarre and utterly groundless claims have been embraced by people close to the incoming Trump administration, often going beyond Jones, whoTrump has exhaustively praised while appearing on his radio program. But the theories also have been promoted on Twitter by Trump transition team member Michael Flynn Jr., the son of Trump’s apparent selection for National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The elder Flynn had, earlier in November, tweeted out a comment that supported claims that Clinton was involved in child sex abuse, though not at Comet Ping Pong specifically: “U decide - NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc...MUST READ!” he wrote.

Evidently defending his father (for whom he also has served as chief of staff), Flynn Jr.posted a tweet the same day as Comet Ping Pong was attacked, linking to the Twitter account of Jack Posobiec, the self-described “special projects director” for “Citizens4Trump”:

Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it'll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many "coincidences" tied to it.

Flynn Jr. subsequently posted close to a dozen tweets related to the conspiracy theory, adamant that the proof was substantive.

Certain Alt-Right figures also indicated they intended to double down on the claims as well. Milo Yinnapoulos earlier in the week told students at West Virginia University that he considered Alex Jones’ related claims (as usual, wholly spurious) that the Wikipedia emails revealed Podesta participating in a Satanic ritual called “Spirit Cooking” entirely credible, because “I know that lesbianism and witchcraft go together like Donald Trump and winning.”

Yiannapoulos had announced early Monday that he intended to discuss “Pizzagate” during an evening appearance at Miami University of Ohio, but backed out at the podium: “Sadly, I got a number of phone calls with Washington area codes saying ‘Not yet! Stop it!’ So we’re going to talk about a few other things instead.”

Jones too appeared to double down in a video he posted, apparently in response to the Comet Ping Pong attack without directly addressing it. With a Christmas tree as his backdrop, Jones instead launched into a lascivious recounting of the alleged sex acts described in Podesta’s emails, concluding with a wild-eyed attack on CNN and other media outlets, suggesting that they were the real purveyors of fake news.

“Just, as for CNN and everybody else,” he said, “look, I know the mainstream media is dead. You’re dead. Your response now is to be state-run media, Obama has said it, and then try to shut us down. Good luck!”

James Alefantis remained shaken after the Sunday incident, but refused to be cowed.

“What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences,” he said in a statement. “I hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today, and stop promoting these falsehoods right away.”


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I think we should probably close this thread as it started as a pre-election thread, and start a new one about the TRUMP presidency for that content going forward.


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Well it's all linked still. Special KKK was bringing us fresh news on pizzagate weeks before election day!

And now the bitter fruit is coming from all that bullshit.

I'm happy to keep it going, sure feels like a "democalypse"!!


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JAQing off is amongst the most embiggening of all traditions

Asking questions about Pizzagate is on par with bigfoot investigations, intellectually, but comes with the collateral damage of motivating crazy people to stop imaginary pedophiles with any means necessary,

Would rather these people were talking about Bigfoot. No one gets hurt- they learn orienteering and camping skills!


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Your schtick is kind of getting old dude, it's embarrassing. Just constantly making fun of ideas is the equivalent of Nelson on the Simpsons and doing nothing else but pointing and laughing and saying "ha ha".


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No, YOUR shtick is getting old lol

Everything's a hoax!

I bet you even think the guy who got arrested yesterday at the pizza place was a false flag just to discredit your amazing Movement - cause you were getting too close to the truth!

People you follow like Wolfgang Halbig, actually harass grieving parents from sandy hook - its pretty low and vile shit.

But you celebrate that guy, and have posted him here as if he's a credible source on Sandy Hook. Meanwhile he's preying on grief for his own notoriety.


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Here I am!

I can only post about how crooked and unliked Hillary is, how she cheated her way into the nomination, and being funded by despicable organizations like House of Saud and Goldman Sachs, so many times. “A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.”
Winston S. Churchill

If anyone has a Nelson Muntz ha-ha Pepe that would be awesome.

I made money last night. I wish I bet more. People should listen to my political instincts so they don't become disappointed. We'll never see another election like this.

This is the greatest win of any competition (sports, war, etc) of all time. People did not listen to the first rule of Roadhouse (never underestimate your opponent). Trump destroyed and we should all pay attention.
All this Trump shit must be really pissing you off Littlest - since Saudi connections to Hillary were so important to you!

The business dealings of Trump and his associates raise so many red flags that Congress should launch a formal inquiry into them independent of the Russia investigation—and voters should hold members of Congress who oppose such an inquiry accountable.

Consider all the facts that only a Congress in dereliction of its duty would fail to probe:

  • Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, set up a limited liability corporation under a pseudonym where he received millions of dollars from foreign and domestic interests with business before the government.
  • Cohen also “helped a major donor to Mr. Trump’s inauguration pitch a nuclear-power investment to the Qatari sovereign-wealth fund at a meeting in April,” The Wall Street Journal reports. According to The Washington Post, Cohen solicited $1 million from the government of Qatar in exchange for influence and access to the incoming Trump Administration. And Cohen’s financial transactions were generating so many suspicious activity reportsthat a gangster’s lawyer could hardly have raised more concerns.
  • According to the Associated Press, Elliott Broidy, a top Trump fundraiser, spearheaded “a secret campaign to influence the White House and Congress” with political donations, working on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the UAE—and against Qatar—with the expectation of getting a billion in business. At the same time, according to The Daily Beast, “he was also receiving the biggest payouts in the history of his company from the U.S. government.”
  • The same man was involved in a suspicious $1.6 million hush-money payment to a Playboy model that was facilitated in part by Michael Cohen.
  • According to the South China Morning Post, “A billion-dollar Indonesian property development with ties to US President Donald Trump has become the latest project in China’s globe-spanning Belt and Road infrastructure project,” and news that the project would benefit from $500 million in government loans from China coincided with Trump intervening on China’s behalf in a dispute with the Commerce Department. The affair seems to be a violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause.
  • Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., appears to be another violation.
  • In the years before Trump ran for president, his company somehow had hundreds of millions of dollars on hand for cash transactions inconsistent with both industry practices and how it had done business for its prior history. And a reporter from a golf magazine says that Eric Trump told him several years ago that they had all the investment money they need from Russia.
  • In Sunny Isles Beach, “over 60 individuals with Russian passports or addresses bought nearly $100 million worth of units in Trump-branded condominium towers in a part of South Florida known as Little Moscow. Among them were Russian government officials who made million-dollar investments and a Ukrainian owner of two units who pleaded guilty to one count of receipt of stolen property in a money-laundering scheme involving a former Ukrainian prime minister.”
  • According to Adam Davidson of The New Yorker, “One foreign deal, a stalled 2011 plan to build a Trump Tower in Batumi, a city on the Black Sea in the Republic of Georgia, has not received much journalistic attention. But the deal, for which Trump was reportedly paid a million dollars, involved unorthodox financial practices that several experts described to me as ‘red flags’ for bank fraud and money laundering; moreover, it intertwined his company with a Kazakh oligarch who has direct links to Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. As a result, Putin and his security services have access to information that could put them in a position to blackmail Trump.”
  • According to The New York Times, “Federal prosecutors are investigating Kushner Companies, the real estate firm owned by the family of Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, over its use of a program that grants visas to wealthy overseas investors.”
  • Trump promised voters that he would put his businesses in a blind trust. But the actual trust, which reportedly gives his sons control of his company, isn’t actually blind in any meaningful way; it allows President Trump to withdraw money from the company at any time; and the Trump Organization will not even release the full language of the document to the public.
  • Finally, Trump promised voters that he would eventually release his tax returns. But he lied. Having gotten elected, he has simply kept concealing them. What truth is it that he is so determined to keep the people from learning?
And there’s much, much more, some of it potentially influencing matters as important as the approach to regional wars that the Trump administration takes.​

Bernnie Federko

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Still I wonder if this isn't a proactive Trump camp line, he actually has a pending child rape case involving a ring of young underage models that were provided for certain rich men.

Corroboration is needed here too as we are relying on a single source so far: Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl

I bet someone is trying to "even the scales" and balance out this story about Trump and Epstein.

Very weird cycle. Some propaganda is making it farther than it would in cycles past and getting a lot of people to believe it.
This Epstein/Trump/Clinton/Dershowitz/Acosta shit is nuts.