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Democalypse 2016 - The Contenders, the Horse Race - the cynicism and the money


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FIgured we should start our American Pres 2016 thread.

Some good news for the race and bad news for the Prison Industrial Complex if he wins! Fingers crossed for Jim fuckin' WEBB!:

A Democrat Finally Steps Up « The Dish

And no one's more thrilled about Hillary running than Wall Street, Insurers and Neocon Dreamers (still imagining America can change the world with its might):


The Military-Industrial Candidate | The American Conservative

2016 Republican field preview:

Previewing the Possible 2016 Republican Presidential Field | The American Conservative

And some stuff on Paul the Younger:
How Rand Paul Threatens Left and Right | The American Conservative
The Pluses and Minuses of Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy | The American Conservative

And who can stay away from clicking ANY story on Ted Cruz??

Why Ted Cruz Could Win in 2016 | The American Conservative
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Ever since the decision of Citizen's United handed down by the supreme court, I'm now convinced that we're seeing the beginning of the end of any hope of America recovering from it's steep turn into legitimized bribery and corruption.

This coming presidential cycle is going to be a massive shit show that will make 2012's seem tame by comparison - not a small achievement.


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Some more updates:

In 2016 muslims will be the new gays for the GOP primary cycle: For Republicans, Muslims Will Be the Gays of 2016 - The Daily Beast

More effects from Citizens United collected here by the amazing David Cole, "Over the five years since Citizens United and a related decision by a federal appeals court, super PACs have spent more than one billion dollars on federal election campaigns. About 60 percent of that billion dollars has come from just 195 people. ": The Supreme Court’s Billion-Dollar Mistake by David Cole | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books

And yes - holy shit - Romney is *actually* running:

Mitt's Multiple Personalities: Romney's 2016 Presidential Hopes - The Atlantic

Mitt Romney 2016: Can the Two-Time Candidate Find a Backbone?
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Canadianocalypse 2015 - The Contenders, the Horse Race - the cynicism (Libs) and the money (Cons)/ + collapsing oil prices and the fact that aging useless Baby Boomers will still vote for Harper

C'mon. Really? What's with this *Americana*. We need a Destroy Harper thread.

*(I'm on it)*...


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If Jeb Bush throws his hat in the ring, then watch out for the Republicans! Although he belongs to an American political dynasty that has some infamy attached to it, he is likely the smartest and most personable of the lot.

If it is Bush v. Clinton, they will both be establishment candidates but Bush a little less so. I would think he will appeal to more of the independents. Clinton may get Wall St money but the Bush family have a huge network of old money. It would certainly be a very interesting run to watch if it boiled down to these two.


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Yes I think the race would be interesting - but on another level so boring.

This would be the race of dynasties - the war of the establishment.

Nothing will really be at stake and we saw this movie before...
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But to be fair, a war for the establishment produces a stable outcome. The establishment is made up of mostly moderates. So while voters fool themselves into perceiving a significant choice, the general direction of the country will remain on course no matter who wins. Unless there is an anti-establishment candidate surfaces who is interested in closing the socioeconomic divide (LOL! and where will they get their campaign money from???) then the whole world is likely best with a Bush v. Clinton race.


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How Michele Bachmann Inspired Factcheck.org to Debunk Lies About Science : Climate Desk

Very cool news - factcheck.org and Kathleen Hall Jamieson starting new service with in-house science evaluator there to very quickly react to claims of science made in political arguments during the 2016 race!

Those of you who are into PBS may remember her being a semi-frequent guest on Bill Moyers, and much more frequent during election years.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson | Guests | BillMoyers.com

Check the stuff on the left for a list of clips/shows you can watch. We're all better off with her around!
Rick Santorum is thinking of running again? Holy shit that should be amusing.

Shame that Michelle Bachman isn't running - her unique, unblinking brand of crazy will be sorely missed.
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Ron Paul's announcement that he's running for president has really helped me determine who's fucking nuts in my facebook feed.

Right out the gate after the first couple of interviews, he's building a reputation of "mansplaining" to female journalists, and saying he's going to campaign with "the Constitution in one hand, and the Bill of Rights with the other" (his own words).

Sooooo, he's going to tear up the U.S. Constitution? The Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution.
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Yeah, he's got a strong showing when polling their own base - but outside of that, he's got no chance. Hillary (so far) is blowing every Republican candidate out of the water, and that includes Trump.

He's already pissed off the Latino vote (and probably did some damage to the Republican brand by saying what he did) and then went after one of the sacred cows - veterans.

The worst thing that could happen (and the likelihood is not remote) - is if Trump declares himself an independent. He splits the Republican vote practically in half by doing so.

And keep in mind how last presidential cycle, Republicans that were considered fringe were getting victories in various states at one point or another - they even gave a win to Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain for Christ's sake. They don't know what they want, and they don't want someone else, not even in their own party, to tell them who's a viable candidate or not.
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