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DEMF please and thank you

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by erika, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    That is all.
  2. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    the one I went to 10 years ago was pretty awesome
  3. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    or we could talk about floor and window treatments.... sigh...
  4. Dr. Grinch

    Dr. Grinch TRIBE Member

    DZ feat. Toophaced - Some pretty slamming dubstep with some pretty terrible MC'ing

    Martyn - Not super exciting. My buddy was expecting something pretty dope from the founder of 3024. Some decent tracks, but not a super killer set.


    A-Trak - Fucking sweet. A juggle of Harder, Faster, Stronger on two decks was super fun. Crowd loved it.

    Hype - Some slamming jungle. Funny moment when A-Trak is cleaning up his gear and Hype starts scratching, and he gives him this look of half bewilderment, half amusement.

    Theo Parrish - only caught a few mins, but very impressive. The sound down on the underground stage was really improved this year by the extra sound dampening they installed.

    Starski & Clutch - Worst mixing I've ever heard, bar none. The MC seemed embarrassed to be up there at points.

    Hudson Mohawke was a no show sadly

    The Martinez Brothers - Did the same build and drop no less than 9 times in a row. It was honestly one of the most boring sets I've heard. It was surprising people kept going off for it.

    Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson - Some grimey hiphop meets some sweet live horns. Good fun. The crowd was up for it too.

    Kraak and Smack - Fucking great breaks set. Crowd exploded for this shit. Very surprising for a pair of dudes from the Netherlands. Really loved their set and would like to see them again.

    Mr. Scruff - Incredible visuals meets a pretty fun DJ set. The amount of setup time involved was actually laughable though. Almost 90 mins of watching Scruff and his crew plug things in and swap feet on the turntables.

    Ghostland Observatory - BWahahahaahah, soooo bad. Like MGMT but 50 times shittier.

    Inner City (live) - Wow, what a total pleasure to hear all of these tracks that i've lost my mind to on the dancefloor straight from the source. They were pretty strong for a group that I'm not sure actually play out live very much anymore.

    DJ Pierre - Once again, one of my favorite DJs at DEMF. Played a terrific mix of classics and some pretty banging techno. I think this may be the second or third time he's been on the main stage at DEMF, and he's always been entertaining.

    Monday was sadly a rainy washout for me, and we bailed early due to the weather and a friend being pretty worse for wear.
  5. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    Sorry didn't contact anybody to meet up...was just too busy!

    Plastikman - fucking incredible. Amazing visuals, and an amazing concept. He was behind a screen of LEDs the whole time. Even perfectly sober, it melted my mind. After what people thought was finished, he came out and played Spastik on a 909 and an FX box. It was ridiculous.

    Kraak & Smaak - awesome breaks

    Francesco Tristiano - Was playing beats on Ableton, while playing live piano on a Grand. Very good beats, and a very creative performance. Dude has beautiful eyes too.

    Mr. Scruff - Very cool set that was influenced by all kinds of funk and soul from all eras. from 50s to electro. Wasnt there for the setup - but i enjoyed the whole set very very much.

    Secrets - House music with live piano and live saxophone, and very soulful live vocals. It had everybody dancing hard, even in the rain.

    Simian Mobile Disco - lots of scenester house, and big bass. Had everybody dancing hard. Great mixing and track selection. better then i expected.

    Pretty Lights (live) - my second favorite set of the weekend, to Plastikman. These guys were fucking awesome. Live drummer putting out heavy as hell glitchy breaks playing over gnarly basslines. It was almost like Glitchmob, but live - and way better. lots of hiphop and soul influence. I had never heard of them before, but i'll never forget them.

    Booka Shade - Had been looking forward to this set the second most, after Plastikman. Also a live set, and perfect followup for Pretty Lights. Live drumming, and awesome elector house synths. Hearing them play anthems like Body Language live was huge. the dance floor was beyond packed for this show, and everybody was losing their shit. They played an encore of "Manderin Girl" followed by a rework of "Oh, Superman" (which i'd place in my top 25 favorite all time tracks). The rework had a lot more breaks an way more shit going on. But, It was an awesome way to finish the festival for me.

    and with that, i will leave you with a video of a live performance so you can get a feeling of what it was like :p

  6. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    it was an awesome weekend

    day 1

    dz + toophaced - heavy basslines, annoying mcs, too much of a circus for me, but the crowd was going nuts

    ida engberg - sounded and looked very nice, the crowd was eating it up.

    martyn - started with 2 dubstep tracks, then moved to techno, house, funky, and never returned. closed with a 4/4 version of joy orbison - hyph mngo, which was nice to hear. great set, a real treat.

    excision - typical excision, crazy heavy dubstep, industrial sounds, played swagga (and remixes) early in his set. didn't catch the whole set, but the crowd ate it up with hands in the air.

    paco osuna - held it down. the crowd clearly enjoyed it too. he was better than the last time i heard him.

    john acquaviva - lots of people just standing around, enjoying the atmosphere. when he pulled out the jaguar, people starting dancing, but again, kind of a chill set compared to what was going on elsewhere. it was nice to check him out again after so many years.

    a-trak - prime time blogster house, and he killed it. the daft punk doubles were great, the scratching wasn't too annoying, it was a fun set. funny i had to go to detroit to see a dj from montreal. he clearly had alot of fans there too, as the place was over-packed, with crowd surfers going all night.

    plastikman - we were hyped for the show, and had a spot at the audience-right balcony. after 5-10 mins of the snoozefest that is plastikman live, we left, snuck into the vip (not paying $150 for clean toilets), and drank backstage while listening to the rest of his set. sure it's fun to hear spastik and the consumed ep and whatnot, but i think unless you were in the pit, it would've been a pretty underwhelming show. that was my take anyway!

    acts i missed but wanted to see: mark ernesus, onur ozer, woody mcbride, kyle hall, theo parrish, claude von stroke, marco carola.

    day 2

    dick/godfather/starski/clutch - scheduled as 3 hours of booty house. since hudson mohawke was a no-show they played for 4 hours. i can't understand how these guys have any iq left after playing 4 hours of booty house. it was fun, for the first 15-20 minutes, after which they start playing the same songs over again. the girls were nice to look at. the mixing was atrocious at times, the turn-tablism very good at others. godfather played 'the jaguar' 3 times during his set, and more than just a few-bar tease each time. that's too many times guys, get some new music.

    hudson mohawke - very disappointing no-show.

    martinez brothers - super fun set. yes its a bit monotonous (break, build, tribal drums, repeat) but it doesn't matter, their youth and energy on stage is infectious.

    KID SISTER - ROCKED THE HOUSE LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS! started with right hand hi, played mostly material from her new album, switchboard, pro nails, and a few new tracks. kid sister is the hottest flyest nerdiest best performer around. her new dj is a miami bass guy, and after her 45 minutes on stage, he started with pure party miami bass tracks which grew old fast after hearing so much booty prior. i took like 50 pictures of melisa young. <3

    cassy - didn't hear enough to comment. what i did hear was bstf (bog standard techno fodder). i'm sure she killed it though, it wasn't hard to win over the beatport dancefloor.

    dj sneak - awesome!!! huge crowd, big tunes, everyone loving it.

    kraak and smaak - fun set, at times they played funky bassline electro house/breaks that made you go "nice!!", but at others they would play really boring electro-house with predictable breakdowns that made it seem like they were really just shooting fish in a barrel. the crowd went nuts the entire time.

    mr scruff - perfection. crossed the barriers of house and techno, into funk, soul, afro-beat, hiphop, jazz, basically everything including the kitchen sink, and ended off with his latest track, which will undoubtedly turn into a huge anthem in the dubstep scene upon release (it's awesome). the crowd went off the entire time!

    ghostland obsevatory - i had never heard of them, but the way the kids were pouring into the crowd taking every half-square-foot of space to be there, i was curious. i left after 30 seconds of the singer coming on stage. it was embarrassingly bad.

    inner city - caught the beginning, but left early to catch the bus across the border. listened to the end of the set (good life!!!) from across the river in windsor, on my walk back to the hotel. it sounded great.

    if i could replicate, i would have also checked out: recloose, i-robots, orlando voorn, derrick carter, derrick may, itchy hawtpants, anthony shakir, rolando, robert hood, dj pierre, and maybe even greg gow ;)

    day 3

    shigeto - the only act performing at 1pm, but surprisingly very good. a live drummer and guitarist, who would switch it up with two laptops they also had (likely running ableton). their live stuff was chilled and nice, the drumming was impressive at times too, and the tracks they were playing during their 'ableton only performance' were outstanding.

    tokimonsta - only got 30 minutes out of her alloted 60 due to weather (heavy rain, thunderstorms). the lightening was fun to watch. tokimonsta is a small (japanese descendent?) woman from LA, who has been lumped into the 'flying lotos / samiyam / dam funk / daedelus' camp of californian messy beat makers. her 30 minutes, even though played to an empty floor, were outstanding. i'd go back and check her out any time. i don't think she's released much, but i'll be keeping my eyes open for her stuff.

    the rain - it rained for awhile and all the stages were shut down. they opened the underground stage last-minute so that all these partiers had somewhere to be at 2:30pm on a monday. no idea who took the decks. the sound was atrocious so we went for a walk in the rain.

    francesco tristano - this is a young italian kid who is clearly a classically trained pianist. he played strings of life on his piano, and some other stuff. it was great. the reason i know who he is, and knew to go? i saw this video a few months back: YouTube - Francesco Tristano & Carl Craig / Bis 1: The Melody his set was good, but it would've been very good had carl craig accompanied.

    agoria - fantastic dj. he played to an empty main stage, but his original style came through regardless. i was there for half of his set, and enjoyed every minute.

    dOP - if you were there, you knew this was the place to be. two djs and one MC / singer. their performance consisted of dj'ing fun loud party tracks, drinking vodka, and live rapping or singing over most of it. half the girls in the audience seemed to be on stage shaking it. i wasn't there for any longer than 25 minutes, but it was memorable. i'd check out this show again for sure.

    dj koze - caught the end of his set. smooth smooth and then some. i think half the crowd were discog nerds ("omg i looove kompakte!") and the other half had no idea who these german djs were, but were too wasted / hyper to care. his set was good but i think his set at milkrun in toronto would have been much better.

    michael mayer - caught most of the set, left just before he ended. he played lots of familiar stuff from kompakte's back catalogue. again though, this isn't day time party music, especially not for a crowd as rowdy as the one he had. i enjoyed the tunes, but would've rather heard that in a different environment. also i spotted Alex Smoke in the crowd and waved at him / snapped a few pics, but he was totally ducking away from me. can't handle a friendly stalker eh, ya scared skinny scotsman?!

    then we drove back to the GTA, made it home by 12:30am.

    who would i have caught had i been able to replicate and stay all day? joel mull, stacey pullen, radio slave, barem, simian mobile disco, picotto, pretty lights, booka shade, liebing, magda, kenny larkin, modle 500.

    in short, almost every timeslot at every stage had serious talent. anywhere you were, there was something else going on that you wished you could be at. detroit's "movement" fest has come a very long way from what it used to be, and it's easy to see that it's been overwhelmingly for the positive. the only thing i would change (and it isn't much really), is to put more NON "dance music" based performers. there is plenty of electronic music out there that is not performed by DJs, or is not club-friendly. bring some more of that in, and put it on at night when people are actually around to check it out.
  7. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    thats how i felt
  8. Dr. Grinch

    Dr. Grinch TRIBE Member

    Funny Zoo, you and I were at every stage at almost the exact same time. I was even at Tokimonsta when they shut her down. Onur Ozer was boring as shit, you didn't miss anything.
    We caught the dude at the tail end of Kid Sister and we were so confused by a skinny dude in tight jeans being up there instead of a girl. Glad someone knew what the hell was going on.
    Your thoughts on Plastikman were spot on too. We ended up at the back of the mob, and it was shitty being back there, not being able to catch the visuals through the masses. The music certainly wasn't anything revelatory.
  9. romstah

    romstah TRIBE Member

    ida engberg - nice tunes, decent beats
    paco osuna - killed it
    claude von stroke - loved hearing vocal chords
    plastikman live - stunning visuals, but very hard to move due to the enormous amount of people who wanted to see him, left about 5 mins after.
    cassy - loved her set, better than ida imo
    derrick may - killed it, played some classic tracks, even old folks loved it.
    inner city - gave me goosebumps, when they sang big fun
    woody mcbride - banging techno, loved it!

    drumcode - caught a bit of ida quickly followed by marco, we had to bail short into his set, it was like a sauna in there.

    im on the boat 2 - it was a treat to see richie, marco and cassy switching/tagging every other track
  10. mgs

    mgs TRIBE Member

    I could only make it down for Saturday and part of Sunday.
    Arrived Saturday afternoon, checked into the swank MGM Grand (i'm glad we got such a deal on this hotel, one of the nicest ones I've stayed in), found out we were on the same floor as Krosum & friends, which was a total bonus.

    We all headed down together, listened to Woody McBride lay down some classic mid-west sound, he was having a blast, so was I. Drank an $8 beer. Wandered around wondering who first pioneered the fun-fur leg warmer look.

    Caught a bit of Paco Osuna, then mainly stayed at the Torino stage where Marco Carola was dropping some heavy business.

    Plastikman? Well, I liked it. Crowded, but I managed to sneak up to the front anyway. Great visuals, I was impressed. Far better than the Mutek show in 2004.

    Regrouped at the hotel, drank some vodka, headed out down town to 1515 Broadway, we just missed Larry Heard, but we had a good time anyway. Heard that lots of parties were busted due to a shooting.

    Slept, woke up, went for a swim/hot-tub/steam-room to rejuvenate. Breakfast in Greektown, then to Hart Plaza. Found some shade behind the Beatport tent and basically stayed there until we had to leave. Martinez brothers had people screaming, but we didn't stay there too long.

    Now, if any of you are ever in Detroit, do yourself a huge favour and go to "Slows BBQ", on Michigan Av., near where the old Tiger stadium used to be. Hands down the best slow smoked ribs/wings I've ever had. Filled up with good food and music, the drive back here was a breeze. Wish I could have stayed longer, but that's how things go.

    Last edited: Jun 2, 2010
  11. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    Martyn's set @ the red bull stage Justin.tv - Paxahau - Recorded live May 29 2010 at 3:00PM PDT

    caught mostly snippets of acts thru-out the days, missing monday entirely b/c of the weather...just wasn't up to brave it. Rolando in the basement was definitely one of the highlights with a circle of dancers just B.R.I.N.G.I.N.G. I.T.!!! I was watching from above the dance area and a drink was spilled in the circle (OH NOOOOES!). The dancers were trying to soak up the wet with towels, shirts, flyers, but still too moist for them to do their thing. So I made my way thru the crowd and gave them a hand (and my friend caught the pix)...


    The Red Bull Stage had my vibe - caught the end of Martyn, Excision (had the entire crowd jumpin' - on the floor and on the stairs), Phat Kat (awesome, especially their last tune), Scruff (THE SPIDERS ARE INVADING!!!!! EEEEEK!!!!), Kraak & Smack (too spring break for me but started and ended the set to my liking)

    Martin Buttrich was also excellent, caught some Sneak, Derrick May, Larry Heard, Martinez Brothers (I prefer they play deep house vs big room)

    The after parties were pretty much bust for me. Got to the Drumcode party, rammed, Marco Carola playing. It was meh - sound was brutal, only 2 stacks powering the entire place, ugly bass, no mids, no highs but levels were rejigged and got better thru-out his set (probably due to my incessant hollering). Just as Adam Beyer was about to lay down his first track, cops come in. Beyer not playing anywhere else. Busted #1 for being over capacity and still serving after 2am. Mind you, the Detroit police were some of the nicest boys/girls in blue that I have ever encountered. Even as they were clearing the place, they were smiling and joking, despite some rough words from some disappointed patrons.

    Headed to Centre Street Social @ Grand Central Lounge thinking it was a blessing in disguise as we were about to catch Ben Klock who was on @ 2:30 playing a 4 hr set. Too dark and hard for my liking, not intellectually challenging enough. Strolled around the other rooms and as we were out on the smoking patio, the music stops ~ 4:30am. Busted #2 b/c apparently there was a drive-by shooting nearby. Ladies & Gentlemen, we are in Detroit.

    Busted #3 - lost my bank card somewhere between Grand Central Lounge and walking back to hotel. It was time to retire for the eve.

    Had and sold a ticket to the boat cruise which turned out to be a smart choice. Since Villalobos cancelled, I had no desire left to go, I'll see his ass @ Sonar. Carl Craig opened at midnight, to only play for 45 min before the boat even left the dock @ 1am. Hawtin blew out the sound system, Cassy played instead of Carola, Sneak & Carter played 90s filtered house all night. Boat came back by 3:30am.

    Redemption - driving 30 min to (west) 8 Mile to the KDJ Roller Rink party. Out in the middle of nowhere, KDJ supplying the tunes and I was the only asian person there along with 10 whities and a few hundred black people. Everyone was worried about me heading out to this one but best vibe of the entire festival, everyone was so incredibly friendly. Wide age range of folks, busting out their roller moves as singles, partnered, triples, quads and quints. You knew some of these people were actually around during the roller disco era and despite their graying hair and laugh lines, they still got it. Some came in their troops, team moves & uniforms. I didn't grow up with roller skating in my arsenal of fun - there were no rinks around me, and certainly no one busting out moves like I saw here. Experience of a lifetime.
  12. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    oh and it was good to finally meet zoo :)
  13. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    wow ... after that review, i really wish i'd hit the kenny dixon jr rollerskate event

    even the kid that handed me the flyer seemed like he knew it was going to be a really special event

    oh well :|

    ps nice to meet you too, and the other few tribers that were there :)
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2010
  14. romstah

    romstah TRIBE Member

    now i dont feel bad for leaving early.
  15. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    Rob Hood destroyed the Made In Detroit stage. The man produces incredible swing out of such simple percussion, people were jacking up a storm in that pit. Easily the highlight of the weekend for me.

    Started off Saturday with a fantastic dinner at Angelina Bistro and then entered the fest to Woody McBride banging it out on the main stage on Saturday - he was having a blast rocking an all-wax set and segued into some sweet, crackly, oldschool acid techno toward the end. His sound really should have been booked in for a later timeslot, but such is...

    Theo Parrish brought the deep to the MiD stage, teasing the bass perfectly and bringing out the souled-out heads. The Plastikman spectacle was just that, already had my say about it here.

    Despite the naysayers, the Ghetto Tech boys were hella fun - the jittin' was surprisingly absent, but a small circle opened up near where we were dancing and we had a blast watching some slick moves. Really surprised to find out that Brian (Godfather) still remembered me, even though it was over a decade ago when we booked him to play in T.O. Standup guy and seems to get faster and more precise with his mixing every time I hear him.

    The missus and I decided to take an old folks nap on Saturday aft, so we missed Shake, Larry Heard and Orlando Voorn but made it back in time to hear Carter lay a decent Chicago beatdown - nothing special, but at least he's consistent. Inner City closed the main stage off quite nicely, you could see this was the act that a lot of oldschool Detroit people came out to see. Highlight was their covering Octave One's "Blackwater" with Ann Saunderson on vocals (she'd been singing backup to Paris Gray up until that point).

    We'd bought advance tix for the Metroplex 25th anniversary party, and while the soundsystems were outstanding (honestly, why don't any clubs in Toronto sound like this anymore?) and the vibe in the main room was solid as a rock, overall this party was a huge, tiring letdown, to the point where we've asked the promoter for a partial refund. First off, the door staff were holding people in line for over an hour - big surprise when we finally got in around 2:40 a.m. to find the venue wasn't anywhere near capacity. Top that off with Ben Sims (the main reason we decided to hit up this gig) being a no-show, with unconfirmed rumours that he was left stranded at the Detroit Metro Airport. He posted a couple of pretty p.o.'d messages on his Facebook page, must have been an incredibly frustrating experience on his end.

    After checking out of our hotel on Monday we tripped up to Hamtramck, found a great little Middle Eastern resto for lunch and then went and did some bin digging/clothes shopping at Detroit Threads. Came back downtown, parked the car (Memorial Day = no tagging!) and started off the day with Sean Deason. The guy may run a seminal Detroit label, but from what little we heard, can't mix for shit. Then headed over to the Redbull stage and were pleasantly surprised by Francesco Tristiano. Young guy, very humble and focused approached to his music, you can tell he has a deep appreciation for his own talent and his set was a real treat. The Moritz Von Oswald Trio brought on Carl Craig as their special guest, playing a beautifully dubbed out set that fit the heavy mid-afternoon climate perfectly. Spent a little bit of time catching up with Stephane Vera, who was shooting vid for a lot of the fest, and also had the pleasure of running into Bev May, another person who I haven't crossed paths with in over 10 years. Seems like she's doing quite well, now living in New York and working in IT - decided to not ask her when she's finally going to get around to publishing Future Jazz. ;)

    Next up was Punisher back at the MiD stage - I've loved what Michelle does ever since she first came to T.O. as a teenager for the Phryl parties in the late 90s, and her Movement set was no exception. She's an amazing storyteller and is as great a musical representative of the Motor City as any of the older gen crew.

    By the end of her set, the rain began to set in. We were hoping for brief thundershowers, but after an hour and a half of steady downpour, we decided to preserve what little energy we had left for the drive home. Would have loved to have caught Stacey Pullen and Kenny Larkin's live PA, but I'm glad we booked it when we did.

    Had an absolute blast with our travelling companions, who were supposed to have been booked in with us at the Inn on Ferry Street, but ended up being upgraded to the all-suite Antheneum, when the Inn oversold their rooms. Since they were within walking distance of the fest, we often just grabbed the free shuttle from our place to theirs and had a perfect rest stop for snacks and drinks between the various goings-on.

    Also, thumbs up to Byblos Cafe for providing a healthy alternative (fresh raw carrot and apple juice whut!) to the standard concession crap and thumbs down to the nauseating number of smokers in the underground stage.

    Overall, a very worthwhile weekend and great inspirational fuel for our upcoming Toronto ventures!
  16. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    Should add that we had a laugh and a half the few times we decided to peek in on the Beatport stage. Truly appears that the new hallmark of a DJ's popularity is to see how many attention-whoring hangers on you can pack into the booth during your set.
  17. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    martin fazekas at an opening party in windsor

    view from our hotel



    the audience that didn't need wrist bands

    main stage for john acquaviva

    a-trak lighting the place up

    plastikman live

    classy decal at theborder

    break/jit/juk dance circle during godfather and friends' 4 hour booty house marathon
  18. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    kid sister on fire

    kraak and smaak performing, mr scruff setting up

    the festival from across the river

    tape art

    me with a whole bunch of rave chalk

    the stage that Kid Rock paid for


    francesco tristano playing strings of life

    the carnage that was the dOP live show ... with every scenester hipster person imaginable on stage during the performance

    koze and michael mayer

    great weekend!!
  19. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Great shots zoo.
    And thanks guys - now that's a proper review thread! :)
  20. romstah

    romstah TRIBE Member


    Lil girl dancin during woody mcbride's set

    me and my wife

    derrick carter with dj sneak on the side



  21. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

    hands down WAY better musically than last year (apart from luciano vs loco dice). i feel like last year i spent too much time wandering around trying to find something that entertained me and not enough time shaking my tail feather.

    - cassy - best set i've ever had the pleasure of hearing from her in person. i've really only ever heard her play on the more mellow side, but i lost my shit. so good. <3
    - plastikman - damn, yo. ok, so i nearly had a panic attack trying to escape from the crowd in the bowl, but once i managed to get out of there and find a spot near the top, i was able to enjoy myself. no, it wasn't all danceable, but i loved it. the visuals were ridiculous too.
    - richie hawtin @ beatport
    - chris leibing @ beatport
    - marco carola @ torino
    - simian mobile disco @ red bull (bonus points for being covered in the rain!)
    - old miami - less randomness than i was expecting and the music wasn't as good as i would have liked while we were there, but that's probably a blessing in disguise because it was way too hot while the sun was out for me to even entertain the notion of dancing. that being said, it was fun and something different and i would definitely go again. it was entertaining just for the people watching. the bar was so overwhelmed i couldn't even be bothered to wait for half an hour for a drink. i wonder how much money they bring in on this one day?
    - the doubletree. i love that place! the cookie was perhaps the greatest baked good that i have ever eaten. and the bed was perhaps the greatest bed i have ever slept in. i thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. the suites were amazing. never staying at the shorecrest again!
    - the cab driver back from old miami talking about how his mama didn't like his girlfriend. he was hysterical.
    - the people in detroit. they are so freakin' friendly!
    - make your own omelette and lucy and ethel's. so good and under $6.00! i love how everything is so cheap.

    -rain on monday. i hate rain. i would have brought my wellies if i would have had any sort of forethought. ruined a shirt and my shoes are still covered in mud because i don't yet have the energy to clean them.
    -detek party. loved voodeux (basically the only djs that i saw for an extended period of time at this party) but it took forever to get in, the place was completely rammed and just got too hot towards the end. i think we left just before claude von stroke came on. maybe if i wouldn't have been so exhausted i would have been able to deal with it more, but i dunno. disappointing. and my clothes had to be put into a "biohazard bag" afterwards because they smelled like i had been rolling around in an ashtray. i keep forgetting that you can smoke indoors in other cities. blech! to be honest, i think i'm kind of over the afterparties at DEMF. i could do without them next year. for the most part, i find them to be completely underwhelming.
    -missing onur ozer's set. to be fair, i was just curious to see if he sounded as good as he looks. LOL.
  22. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    i skipped after parties this year entirely, and did the same in 2005 ... last time i hit a detroit afterparty was 2004 and prior!! i find the festival atmosphere to be more fun than the after party clubs, and i like getting so much sleep all weekend, partying all day in the sun :)
  23. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    My 2nd time at DEMF and overall enjoyed it more than last year.

    Checked in at the Doubletree. Love this hotel. Apart from the amazing chocolate chip-oatmeal-walnut cookie, our room was huge, the beds super comfy, the staff friendly and it's a short walk to Hart Plaza. Got to the festival itself in time to catch Ida at the Beatport tent. I liked her but not nearly as much as the drooling guys crammed at the front. Kyle Hall at the MID stage was very good, he's always fun and eclectic. Acoustics in there were so greatly improved compared to last year too. Briefly checked out Excision at the Red Bull stage but dubstep's not my thing so off to Beatport for Paco Osuna, he was very good. Then to catch the tail end of Carola at the Torino stage (very good btw, the crowd was just lovin' him). Mistake of the day was trying to squeeze into the main stage - what a nightmare. Squeezed our way back out and eventually ended up on the right rampway overlooking the bowl with a perfect view. Richie miracle #1! I've never seen him as Plastikman so I was impressed. Miracle #2 - a soap bubble landed on my glasses and stayed there for ~ 1 1/2hrs.

    Went to the I Love party that night. I had really loved the Works last year so was hyped to go. Plus DJ Three (!) was performing. The lineup - this was the ticket holders one, not even the general - was super slow. The place was rammed, easily 3 times over capacity. Going from room to room was an exercise in frustration. For the most part the crowd was polite, so that made it bearable. Now, I had gone to that party specifically to see Three. No set times were posted online in advance except the vague message that headliners would be on from 12-4am. Eventually I found a single, standard letter size paper stuck to the back wall of the front room with the time slots. Three wasn't on til 5:30am. Gaaaaaaaah! Bear in mind that it's now only 2am and I didn't want to have a particularly late night. Checked out Voodeux who were great in the back room and then hightailed it back to the hotel. My only consolation is that Three will be in town soon.

    Had a great brunch at Luci & Ethel's diner in the Leland Hotel. Saw some of Martin Buttrich at Beatport and then it was Cassy! Loved her. Such great tunes and she's so cute. Then off to see Mr.Scruff who was basically amazing. That's my best sight of the entire festival - looking out at the sea of people, Mr. Scruff bouncing away, his incredible visuals behind the stage and the view of the river and Windsor in the background. Awesome. It was nice meeting zoo at the end as well.

    Old Miami baby! Not as surreal as last year but that's probably cause I expected the randomness. Had no clue who was on at any point except for the "not Ricardo" guy (later revealed to be Adrien de Maublanc of Masomenos). We left as the wind started at pick up and good timing too cause the fire marshalls were just walking in. Waited out the storm back at the hotel. At the festival caught the end of Agoria and then over to the Red Bull stage. Really disliked the last 20 mins I caught of Koze. But who cares cause it was time for Michael Mayer! Hands down, the best set of the entire festival for me. I actually braved the very enthusiastic crowd to be front & centre, so worth it. Wandered around and didn't really pay much attention to anyone else til it was time for Booka Shade and they were quite good as expected. Ventured out to the Fuk the Aristocrats party at the Works and what a change, less than 1/10 of the crowd compared to Sat night. The front room (DNB) was sad, maybe 8 people if you counted the bartender. The duo on in the back room was great, someone i.d.'d them for me but it's not matching the dj listing at all. Oh well. Then Arthur Oskan came on and he was great. Kinda funny to have my highlight of a Detroit afterparty being a TO local but hey, he was really good.

    Checked out of the hotel, bought a tin of those amazing cookies and then ate and boozed our way home on the train.

    In summary,

    Festival highlights - Michael Mayer, Mr. Scruff, Cassy, Marco Carola
    Non festival highlight - Arthur Oskan (at the Fuk The Aristocrats party)
    New ppl that made my ears perk up - Paco Osuna, Voodeux (at the I Love party)
    Best sight - Mr. Scruff show at the Red Bull stage
    Best stage - Red Bull, especially considering that last year I ran away from there after 5 mins! The setup and view are great. Sure the crowd's a bit young but they're enthusiastic and I found it a refreshing change from spending all my time at the Beatport stage like I did last year.
    Other highlights - the Doubletree hotel, the large TO contingent!

    Lowlight - the afterparties. Not sure if it's worth it. Old Miami was fun for well, being itself. And sadly enough this year the Works just didn't do it for me.
  24. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    Francesco Tristiano is a gorgeous man.

    as was that blue eyed booty dude that started up that stage, but wasn't on the bill
  25. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    where you at the party where moodyman got his dick sucked behind a curtain so the audience could see the silhouette? personally, i think it was a set-up (some girl or guy sucking on cucumber or somehting. pretty sure it was 2000.

    good party. larry heard played as well.

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