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DEMF... here we go!


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Quoted from featured article on DEMF:

"Many of them worried aloud that the loss of Craig signaled a corporate veer in the direction of the festival, which in 2001 also sold its naming rights to the Ford Focus automobile. "

"This isn't a commercial festival," said Oldham, who records under the name DJ T1000. "Our very presence on the board proves it."


Members of the panel include Kelli Hand, DJ Bone (Eric Dulan), Eddie Fowlkes, Mike Huckaby, Mike Grant and Alan Oldham.

You can't buy more divisiveness than this in an event anywhere in the world. I wonder how many people turned down
Carole. C'est dommage. What coulda been in May 2002 if all that tomfoolery didn't happen last year.
I hope it goes well though for the love of Detroit.
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Two people can go down to Windsor on the greyhound for $55.91 each.. all you have to do is book together ahead of time for the companion fare deal (buy one, get one free)


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I totally have no excuse to miss out on DEMF this year.... :D



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