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Delivery Driver


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My company is looking for a Delivery Driver for a home furnishings retail store.
You do not have to be overly strong but not weak either.
What is more important is that you have skills outside just driving as you will be required possibly to do sales, marketing, money handling...etc.
Therefore you must be presentable, able to communicate well, work independently...etc.
They are looking for long term employees, not summer students.
The pay I think is $10 or more.
If your interested, send an email to rickysonata@rogers.com and I will give you more info.
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Delivery and driving should be about $12. That would get more people to apply, particularly if the hours are long and you have to do other stuff like market, handle money and sales.
Maui, is this just for summer?
If so, I can send you some resumes of students.
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SRM said:
it's not that, it's just no one wants to work for 10$ an hour anymore

Exactly, so times must be good. I know a lot of people working for less than ten bucks.

Anyway it doesn't take any special skills to drive or lift stuff so...
Mofo I think the pay is around $12, I said $10 and up, it depends on your experience. No they are not looking for summer students as I mentioned.

And just to point out as I noted the physical work is not that tough by my standards anyway. There are two people for any delivery that is bigger than a 27" t.v. And we don't really do fridges and heavy crap.

We still need one asap if someone is looking.


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Maui said:
And we don't really do fridges and heavy crap.
but dont you provide home delivery service ?
27' tv = okay.
fridge = no.

i guess i'll be calling the company who moves the fridge.
or, i'll move it myself.
did i mention i have a full sized Ford Explorer ?:p
just weird...thats all.


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Still looking?
I can subsidize the salary even more if it's full-time permanent.
Sometimes we can even pay for the first few weeks.


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Thanks mofo, we had our new guy start today. It only took 2 months for them to hire somebody.

I'll post again in the future if wee need anyone.


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Okay, let me know. That's a long time. Wow.
That's why I asked cuz you never know.

Yah, we can pay for the first few weeks.. And if both parties agree, we subsidize the salary..

And we do a pretty good job and job matching.
Yah, update me if you do need anyone else. Or if this guy doesn't work out.
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