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Dekoze vs. Rob G


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honesty it was too good for such a small group to share! two dancers at the end including me - C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Loads of fun, nice people, nut not nearly enuff of them.

I was saying to Beaker that Toronto can never have a solo DJ set again, there have been too many battles - setting precedents for fun, laughs and danceability!!



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Originally posted by Pilotboy
where was this????


robb g and deko-ze were f***ing incredible! i'm glad robb thought this one up - it should definitely happen again.

i regretfully announce that ian and i have decided not to continue through june. we haven't achieved the stability we were hoping for and with our busy schedules, we don't have the time to push it any further. with the night out of the way, we'll be able to focus on other projects. i personally would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the night - sir dj angus robinson, lori, james maggs, finch, tommy smalls, dave saddler, joanna, dave horse, ross, rob, jake. also thanks to the djs who have played for us and, of course, to everyone who made it out to see us, esp. those who came out on a regular basis. :)

next week will be our last week and craig/eco.R1 will be dropping in for one last mighty night of techno alongside tommy smalls and james maggs.
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I'm really sorry to hear that Matt -- it's too bad that things couldn't work out for this night. I had nothing but good times every time I came out. Last night was WICKED, but there were only 40 people there to enjoy it?!? I would've been dancing WAY more last night, but everytime I'd start to move I'd remember that my legs felt like jello.

Also, Deko-ze has more fun than anyone when he's spinning, and Robb was just as into it last night. Any other night in this city and I'd be surprised not to see a rammed room, it seems that this night was destined to be ignored...:(

All the best to the b-liners in their future endeavors, I'll continue to support as much as I can :)


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shame on everyone!
this is hugely disappointing but even i was getting depressed when so few people would turn up for such a great series of events.

thanks to matt and ian, the residents, and the regular crew for sticking it out this long; it was great times while it lasted.

Booty Bits

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i just cant manage the corporate whore by day/ clubstar by night lifestyle!

if i wasn't such a weekend warrior, i would have been there!

sorry to hear it won't continue through the summer. i had a great time when i attended.


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Originally posted by Liquidity
maybe it needed a better known venue?

Milano's is relatively known - I forget who does it (Lifeforce?) but there has been Jungle on Sunday's there for awhile (At least a year and a half).

Cheers to everyone who was involved in this. Hopefully something will morph out of this.

Anyways - What am I going to do on Thursdays now? :(
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i hear matt's pain...

its so disheartening to put in a lot of time and effort into planning a weekly event, only to see the night do as well as expected.

i really liked the house/breaks/techno/dnb formula that these guys did, and they brought a lot of great dj's to the decks on a weekly basis - props to Ian and Matt, and everyone who helped out. its just too bad not enough party peeps made it on a regular basis.

this is truly a sad, sad day :(



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RobbG and Dekoze was FUCKING INCREDIBLE.........even when i wanted to stop dancing i couldn't i had to keep bopping mah head........it's a shame that set deserved a crowd cause it was fuckkin SICK:D