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dekoze @ tonic


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- thanks to dekoze for taking birthday requests

- thank you to malia and heather for the birthday surprises

- nice to meet bassqueen, forgive the drunken ramblings


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Happy birthday again, deep! Sorry I snuffed your twinkies

Dekoze rocked... and rocked and rocked ... haven't stayed to the end in a long time and it was certainly worth it. Impossible to stop moving.

Nice to meet Beth - thanks for the drinks.


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driving around aimlessly my partner and crime and i decided to hit tonic to hear dekoze and i was definitely not sorry that we made the stop.

first off happy b-day to deep, don't worry about not recognizing me because just the way you talked to me when you didn't know who i was shows just the amazing kind of person you are (and i must agree that you do need to be dragged to Deep Dish on saturday)

mofo- you must think i'm a nut always staring at you before coming to say hi but it's just that i'm always second guessing myself from your pictures

chickpea and girl friday- you guys ROCK! amazing dancers, i could feel your energy across the room.

to jay and jake the snake it was great seeing you guys too, i hope it's not as long before i see you guys again

tonic was emptier than i've ever seen it but it was ok because it gave me a chance to appreciate the club and some of the visuals and to have my own space to dance. there was an interesting mix of regular partiers and people who stumbled in off the street but everyone seemed intent on having a good time so it didn't really matter.

dekoze- what can i say? i don't even know how to classify what he played but it definitely hard and funky. there were times when i just had to stop dancing to appreciate the music as difficult as it was. even though the beats were hard there was a subtleness in some of the mixes (that last one with what sounded like birds chirping just about floored me) and besides how can you not love a dj with a big grin that shows he loves playing the music as much as the crowd loves dancing to it.

a night that left me grinning from ear to ear


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Great night! But it hurts this morning.

Deko-ze was great, as always. And the company was fun and entertaining, as always.

Lots of new disco balls at Tonic!

Nice to meet you as well deep. And I'm always one to appreciate drunken ramblings, as I do much of it myself. You were charming
Happy birthday.
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girl friday

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God damn I love wednesdays.
I had such a fantastic night. Excellent friends and excellent music. Dekoze completely rocked the place. I haven't danced that hard in ages.

Dimpy, we don't see you often enough, I love partying with you girl.
Thanks to Beth for the drink tickets thanks to chickpea for being brilliant in general and to everybody else who stayed till the very end.

Hey Deep, Heather's saving your other twinkie for next year


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Haha, I had so much fun dancing by myself to the breaks in the back room (thank god Loress joined me for a bit). But then I went out to catch Dekoze throw on some nasty breaksbeats so I was a happy man.

Dekoze was awesome as usual. Not my thing but I still had a good time regardless. He's one of those DJs that actually pep up the crowd. Lots of smiles and a lot of class. Why can't everyone be like that?

I think Green Velvet was the topper. And did I hear some UK Garage samples? Hmm...

Thanks to Heather and Malia for the pre-party fun. Too bad the cat made me a phlegm machine. Next time, I'm bringing cake.

Deep - happy birthday. You are such a sweetheart and so humble all the time. Hope to hang out with you some more soon.

All of you guys who came are so amazing. Jay, man. Thanks to you and Deep, I was inebriated with only $1.38 in my pocket!

Alchemy and Rich, can't wait to come see you guys next week. And I swear Derek, if I get even a pea-sized toothpaste glob on me, there's going to be hell.

Dimpy, it's okay, I stare at you too. But for different reasons.

Brian, what a horrible ride home. I couldn't have picked a better person to go home with though. Some good laughs, as always.

Patrick and Terry (probably not reading this), always a pleasure. Mmmmm... Patrick.


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The night started off quiet, but definitely kicked into gear around midnite as people started streaming in.

Good night out with the friends, and danced til it hurt - the only way to do it!

Nice one for a weeknight in January when you expect everyone to be hibernating!!!