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Dekoze / Dara @Turbo

ecstasy riot

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Dara played a dark set, at least he started off with it, so after about 30 minutes I left to venture upstairs, which turned out to be a spectacle.

Dekoze just played and played tracks from all over the place. From Kosheen's Hide U to Fatboy Slim's Star 69 to Witchcraft. I loved it, because for someone like me who isn't really capable of listening to just house for 3 or more hours, it was perfect. There was a lot of breakbeat influence which made me very happy and my arms.

I was surprised at the turnout, there was hardly anyone up there. You all missed an amazing set, in my opinion.

He kept me dancing until about 3:30am where I decided to give the jungle room another chance, and I was nicely greated with Slide (or was it Slip?) rinsing out some hard and heavy but not dark and death metal type like Dara, dirty jungle. I danced my ass off upstairs and went crazy for the last 30 minutes downstairs.

Definately a nice evening, especially becuase I went by myself and us usual since he shares Turbo, like me, as his home on Friday, I ran into Jay, which is always a pleasure, from one cook to another.

meghin <--------- smiling


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I had such an amazing time!
Dekoze was destroying the place. What a set.
Progressive, hard tech and breaky. He brought me up just when I needed it and cooled it down when my feet started to hurt.

Just watching him is a thrill. The man loves what he does. Not even a thunderstorm will rub the smile off of this face.

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If its true that the toronto underground music scene has trouble digesting and glamorizing its own artists, then its comforting to know that there are still a handful of DJ's who have a following strong enough to prove that this stereotype is on its way out. Deko-ze is one of those DJ's. But who couldn't respect deko-ze, with his mixture of hard progressive/techno/house he should have appeal for all? Never have I seen a DJ who could mix between genres in a few records as skillfully as the man I saw last night. The crowd on the main floor was solid the entire night, dancing entranced by techy flavour. A true Toronto legend, Deko-ze is the man.

Peace & love. D


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how could I forget...

shout outs to Miss Riot, Jeremy Jive, Futronic, Pink angel, Smiley Jo, shimon and the TBK out to represent'

Peace & love. D


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by basic:
I'm not sure if this is why, but torontojungle.com has taken over the jungle duties @ Turbo on Fridays...</font>
OOOOOhhhhh shit.....
i totally forgot..

we i'm glad... altleast some diversity now.
Mystical was ok but T-junle will be bringing mad talent properly! word!


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I'm feelin a lil cracked today....................but DJ DARA was fuckin amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more to come later on a good but messed up night..................


Bobby Thrust

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It is great to see that Toronto is discovering what the rest of Canada has known for years. Deko-ze is an amazing dj. He is not a trance dj. He is not a house dj. He is not a progressive dj. He is not a breaks dj. He is all of the above and more. Watching him play just one genre makes little sense to me and it is fantastic that he is being given the opportunity to show the scope of his styles. That and the fact that he indeed is one of the most grounded djs on the planet who will not have fun if the crowd is not (and that matters to him more than his fee).

I wish I could have been there to enjoy it myself.

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^^^^^ ditto

Really amazing set, as always. Played just about all of my favs at the moment.


However, i am going to mention it one more time to rub salt in the wounds:
"Strange World" + Mike Monday Remix= me very happy. Waiting to Hear Out + waiting to hear best part of track on loud sound system. Nearly had heart attack when cut short.


hehehe, i'm just teasing. That's what makes Deko-ze so great and so much fun to listen to. His teasing. Who else can bring that endearing sense of cheekiness into the music he spins. Ha! I love it!
Always a pleasure to listen to.

Great night.


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What a great Friday night! Deko-Ze threw down another fabulous set. He started out a with a few more buildups that usual, but hey, there's plenty of time to ease into things. Around 1:30 or 2, Deko-Ze was in full force behind the decks, throwin' down some seriously bangin' tracks. Gotta love that white label of "Whack Ass Motherfucka", and I absolutely lost it when he dropped Witch Doktor and had it layered over another track. Good times all around

Unfortunately by around 4, I was done for the night. After being up 22 hours, I think it was time to catch a couple hours of shuteye.

Jo, Svet ... mah party girls, sorry you had to leave so early. It really started pounding shortly after you left. TBK Massive in effect like always. Shadrach, Jer, Alchemy, Rich, StarvinMarvin, Suke, and the one and only Miss Riot. Magda, it was fun chattin' with you again, and I'll be sure to tape those Iron Chef episodes for you

See everyone next week

-- Jay aka Fut


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJAlchemy:
...with his mixture of hard progressive/techno/house he should have appeal for all?</font>
not everyone likes it hard.
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Oh, and dropping Spastik and layering My Beat over it was pretty good too. It sounded great for the first few mins, but then it lost a bit for about 30-45 secs because of contrasting parts of the tracks.

Good nonetheless

-- Jay aka Fut


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Excellent night out. A really solid turnout considering the minimal promotion for the night.

Deko-ze dropped a fantastically varied set like only he does. And it was good to see people going off - I mean, really going off. A nice followup to last week's TRIBE Anniversary party.