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Deko-ze @ Turbo


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Well, I'm probably the first person home, (as I've said before I HATE working Saturday morning) so I'll be the first to say that I had a great time at Turbo tonight. Wave said earlier, in another thread, that Deko-ze is amazing when he's 'on' and I'd say he was definitely on tonight, working in some classic tunes with all the new favorites too. I love the way he manages to flawlessly mix records together and still bounce around with so much energy. He can certainly inspire you to find the energy to keep dancing!!! It was nice to see so many people having a great time tonight, and great to see so many familiar faces. Anyway, I'm off to bed. I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the night. Someone tell me all about it when you get home!!!! 'Night all.


I dropped by Turbo for a couple of hours to check out Deko-ze's set and I was not disappointed, as usual.
definitely one of the best dj's around.

Subsonic Chronic

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I SO wish I'd been able to stay longer at dekoze. his mixes seemed a little off when i was there, but the tracks were fantastic. maybe just getting used to a new system?
I saw so many familiar faces that I didn't expect to see, it would seem that the scales have shifted in the Friday night club scene. Now that Turbo has Dekoze, he can spin his harder stuff that didn't fit in with the progressive music being spun at System.

Most interesting...


p.s. I don't know how exactly Dekoze is spelled, can anyone clarify this for me? I've seen it spelled 3 or 4 different ways on flyers that I'm not sure which one to believe.

p.p.s. I danced my ass off while I was at Turbo


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Don't let the opening line of this post confuse
you, It’s quite contradicting to what I have to say

This is for all you dedicated Breathe goers who
wondered how your usual Friday night boy did
in his new home.


Go to Turbo,
catch a bit of Dekoze
down a few,
make my way to Breathe @ System

I got there around 12:45
and began double fisting it.
It's been about a month since I've heard Dekoze
play and lets just say he has lost no luster.

In case you're wondering I was the dude in the
middle with an orange shirt with the bullseye on
the front spazzing like a trout out of water.

Within 1/2 hour, my intentions for the latter part
of the night were shattered into a million pieces.
With every tune he dropped, those broken pieces
turned into dust by my stomping feet and eventually
disintegrated. The man threw in classic Sister Bliss,
Wack ass mutha f*ckah
& the pinnacle of insanity
was when he dropped Fatboy Slim's WTF for 32
beats and mixed out of it.. teasing the crowd ever so

The crowd was divided into the usual Friday Turbo
crowd & the dedicated Dekoze fans, you could easily
tell them apart. The floor would ram up with people &
die down at timely intervals but the overall vibe on
the floor was good & there was just enuff room to dance.

As per usual, DekoZe began removing his clothing as
he usually does progressively during extended sets. I
think he does this so he can eventually take his pants
off without it looking weird and relive himself in a
bucket under the booth. Not that I would know, but
playing for that long without a break makes you
wonder where he goes to the washroom.

If it were me, I would just put a loop record on
and run to the can. <--Procedure patent pending

All in all it was awesome

Way to go Mike!

Things I didn’t like:
The following may seem petty. But I guess I'm spoiled
by System and got used to it as my usual Friday night
venture. So anything out of the norm kinda got my goat.

Lineup -
well getting there a bit late, I became really unappreciative
of the obvious stagnating of the VIP line, I understand the
idea of doing this to create an ambiguous hype to attract those "nothingelsetodoonasaturdaynightletsgohereitlookshappenin"
passer-by's, but I was really impatient to get in.

Beer in a can -
Now unless your a guy named Chad & who just came back
from playing squash & desired an imported alcoholic beverage,
you were forced to feel like Cletus the slack-jawed yokel due
to all the domestic beers being sold only in cans. I drink Bud,
not cause of their keen ad campaign over the last year but
because it's always been my beer of choice but I h8 cans so
I think I may switch, sorry "WASSaahhgh" guys.

No alcoholic beverages on the stairs -
Me like Beer.
Me like drum & bass too.
Me like to bring beer with me to listen to drum & bass doonstairs.
But alas I cannot cause I guess they fear that I'll kill myself by
falling on a CAN if I slip. Thanx for being motherly. This
resulted in me being separated from my DnB loving buddies
fer most of the night. Sorry peeps Bud before buds.

Things I liked:


Cute DnB Dj chick rinsin' out propah downstairs.
I liked her style,
hated the MC.
I think his name was
MC disruptah-of-good-toonage
I diddn't stick around to confirm.

Sound -
I have to say it's real crisp.. and real loud... I just wish they sold
earplugs.. maybe they do.. I was too lazy to check so I rolled up
pieces of kleenex & that did the trick just fine.

Big ass fans blowing -
Nice to be able to cool off WHILE on the dancefloor.

There is more, but I forgot now.
(lucky you)

Props to the peeps that showed up
Nataza, Martin, Ella,
Jon, Ricky Tahh, Erin,
Nick McTwitch, Adrienne
and her "circle"
of friendz, Livingroom Porn Star & everyone
else.. sorry I missed you Pete.

Prop deficit to those who promised to show &
didn’t.. you know who you are and will pay dearly.
hahahah j/k

If the absurd length of this post hasn't convinced you yet,
Truss it:

Make your way to the next Dekoze @ Turbo



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Subsonic Chronic:
I SO I don't know how exactly Dekoze is spelled, can anyone clarify this for me? I've seen it spelled 3 or 4 different ways on flyers that I'm not sure which one to believe.

If I'm not mistaken, it's Deko-ze!
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My god...that man is awesome! We were 'just going to stop by' before going to Ken Ishii...if we didn't have tickets already I don't think we even would have made it there!

It was cool to see some of you guys out...McBee, Twitch, Livingroompornstar, Cosmic, Chris...does anyone know if Deko-ze's playing this coming Friday or Saturday? I have a friend visiting from nyc who I'd like to take to check him out



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OMG, what a set? Deko-ze (yes, that's the correct spelling) kept my hungover ass dancing all night long, start to finish. I'm not sure what was wrong near the beginning (there were 4 or 5 skips in the first hour) but thankfully that was corrected and the rest of the night was all about great music!
I'd been waiting all night for DIDO's Here With Me (Parks & Wilson's Twilo mix) and sure enough, it was dropped around 5am. ahhh

Another beautiful track dropped around that time was The Gift (Way Out West) which boosted my energy levels even higher.
Amazing set by a top DJ. Way to go Mike!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by OTIS:

No alcoholic beverages on the stairs -
Me like Beer.


I know this is kind of annoying, but unfourtunately that is part of the liquor license regulation. And with the regular visists by the undercovers we must enforce it.


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Had much fun last night. Tanx to all for coming out and shakin' it. Other than a faulty needle (thank god for spares) it was all pretty sweet. And I got to hear one of my all time favourites: "Odyssey to Anyoona" by Jam & Spoon which came out like a zillion years ago.

"does anyone know if Deko-ze's playing this coming Friday or Saturday? I have a friend visiting from nyc who I'd like to take to check him out"

Deko-ze will be playing the Eastern Bloc party next Saturday at Embryus. It's kind of an invite party for Paul Walker's (EBloc owner) birthday, but you could probably get tickets by calling the store. He'll be playing fairly early in the night as he has to go to St. Catharines for a late night set. He'll also be playing Sunday Sessions at Limelight the last Sunday of the month. Otherwise he is completely booked up outside Toronto for the month.

Deko-ze's next Turbo set is in May opening for Laurent Garnier.
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Deko-ze rocked the fucking joint!!!
holy shit..everytime i have had the pleasure of seeing him behind the decks i have NEVER been dissappointed. Pumpin tracks all night long =)
It was great seeing everyone from tribe once again..i look forward to may when everyone will finally get together and get all drunk and stupid hehe..
also thanks to those who helped me out in a situation...it was appreciated ..you know who u are

once again..great set mike!! loved every minute =) !!!!!!!!


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That was quite a night.

Highlight for me: "Yeke Yeke".

That was a brilliantly programmed set. Perfectly timed peaks and valleys.

I was happy to see that there was more people at the club for a local DJ then there was for Barry Weaver. Not saying that Barry's not a good DJ, 'cause he is... I'm just saying that it's good to see the crowds starting to support the locals.

Deko-ze = Canada's best party DJ



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downstairs: ally cat was off the hook. for real, this girl laid down some energetic toons. l natural was bang on from begining to end. everfresh threw down proper.

nice SW jam. big up teddy.

nice to see:

anyonelse i stumbled across in my stuper.




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Deko-ze is without a doubt Canada's best DJ. In the two or some odd years that I've known him, he has yet to disappoint me. Congratulations Mike on a spectacular debut at Turbo.


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All I have to say is that I've seen a lot of headliners come into Toronto and they turn out to be nothing special so all I have to say is: f@%# danny howells, F@%# sasha, When you got someone as talented a DEKO-ZE, who the f@%# needs them, his sets are 10 time harder and better!!!

Wicked set, DEKO-ZE i'm proud of you, way to go!!!
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Deko-ze: righeous set - great pace that kept the hardcore dancin well into the morning. I stayed to 5, somehow managing to keep goin on canned beer - fuckin swill!

I do understand the bottle concern with so much concrete and feet. But beer in a can always has a tin taste. Turbo please bring back the bottles for those of us who cant stomach the hard stuff without serious morning repercussions. A straw is an evil device.

There is one jungle DJ who spun early in the night who I didnt recognize - his set had nice ragga flavour more bright and bouncy than hell bent on drivin us to the darkside. But still agressive and seemed to unify the danceful more so than others. No offence - but I think he was shortest one there. Anyway, props DJ ???

Also Alley Cat was super intense...she didnt let up, playin with us all nite and only smiled (or maybe smirked - not sure) after the killing blow which could have been this one track she dropped which sounded like it sampled an air horn...very weird...but somehow it worked.