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Degrassi Characters Suitable for Ibiza

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by nawberry, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    I am sure there have been a ton of threads discussing which Degrassi character would be (or wouldn’t be) good people to go to Ibiza with, but I figured I would throw in my two cents on the age old issue seeing as now is prime Ibiza time and Degrassi remains a Canadian classic.

    Good Ibiza Buddies


    Sure he has a number of issues and a lot of internal anger, and his fateful trip to Port Hope would almost certainly come up while he is high on K, but I would nevertheless still want to party with Wheels. He likes to drink, is serviceable with the ladies but certainly not a scene stealer (i.e. good wingman), likes techno, and seems like a good guy. All in all, to my mind, Wheels is Ibiza-worthy.


    Had it not been for the School’s Out episode I would have overlooked Tessa, but now she is at the top of my list. Who wouldn’t want to be in such a sexually charged place as Ibiza with someone like Tessa (and her slutty ways)? Tessa is definitely Ibizable!

    Crappy Ibiza Buddies

    Mr. Raditch-

    I have had nightmares about finding myself in Pacha with Mr. Raditch on my side. Who wants to be in Ibiza with such a righteous Johnny-do-right, not nawberry.


    No way am I going to Ibiza with a guy named after a sandwich. I would think differently if he were just named Bacon. Lounging on an Ibizan beach with a guy named bacon sounds pretty cool.


    Talk about a buzz killer. Snake would make a terrible Ibiza mate. I can just picture him constantly barking at me “Don’t snort that nawberry!†“Haven’t you done enough?†“You seem pretty high already nawberry maybe you should think about quiting..â€. Fuck that! No way would I go to Ibiza with Snake.

    Well there you go- any other opinions?
  2. Sunshyne Jones

    Sunshyne Jones TRIBE Member

    geez! i can't BELIEVE how many TIMES this freakin' TOPIC has been written about on this board!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i'd go with wheels too 'cause he's the best out of the ones you listed, and i wouldn't go with kaitlin or joey or spike and i can't remember anymore names.
  3. litespeed

    litespeed Well-Known TRIBEr

    Joey for sure!

    He'd be up for taking any drugs offered to him and would probaly come up with some entertaining schemes to get into clubs for free.
  4. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

    i'd go with Spike....

    and those who know me.....know why.

  5. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    I'd go with Dwayne Myers!
  6. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    Stephanie K know how to party.
  7. thom100

    thom100 TRIBE Member

  8. HouseHeadSacha

    HouseHeadSacha TRIBE Member

    ^ lol

    wheels would suck to party with IMO,
    stephanie k all the way.....
    and maybe yick too, if he didnt plop himself down in the middle of the dance floor...
  9. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    i would go with liz. (not me, the liz from degrassi)
    but basically cuz i have wanted to pank her since i was pre-pubescent, and i could definitely find enough drugs in Ibiza to get her naked and horny.
  10. Hipsterave

    Hipsterave TRIBE Promoter

    moose (the guy who got aids on the show) was my archery instructor at camp about 14 years ago
  11. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    Stephanie K was a big oversight on my part. I would totally go with her.

    On the bus ride home another good character occured to me-

    Luc- he would be able to sniff out the good dealers and would have my back if anything were to go down. I am also pretty sure he has guestlist at Space.
  12. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    How would you rate him as a possible Ibiza buddy?

    He could do his archery tricks on the beach.
  13. Snapper

    Snapper TRIBE Member


    You know what they say, "All the way, with Stephanie Kaye!"
  14. Hipsterave

    Hipsterave TRIBE Promoter

    A BIG 0 He was a lazy fatass
  15. sugar

    sugar TRIBE Member


    Did you go to Tamarack?

    My vote goes to Shane. That guys know how to fly. He doesn't have any brain cells left to destroy.
  16. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    I disagree about Yick. Sure in the later years he had the appearance of coolness, but who can forget his nerdy past. I think the façade would quickly be exposed under the intensities of an Ibiza trip.

    Shane would be awesome to party with. He would be fearless. Back in the day I would have been wary of his drug-addled condition, but now, he is pretty much on par with me and my friends, and coming across Shane-like characters at places like the zone is commonplace.
  17. Caz

    Caz TRIBE Member

    you like kids?
  18. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    See, I don't think Joey would be a good choice. Remember the episode where he sold fake pills? Not cool, man. I would hate to be stuck in the middle of a dancefloor listening to Judge Jules without some really strong drugs.
  19. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member

    nawberry, I fucking love you!

    BLT stands for Big Long Ting (he told me).

    I would go with Rick!
  20. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

    good one.
  21. Katman

    Katman TRIBE Member

    Definitly Caitlin...

    Hang out at the beach and watch her prance around topless in a thong... once she's out of Toronto and the social repression that haunts her is 3000 miles away, she would turn into the slutty drug fiend that I know she is.
  22. Caz

    Caz TRIBE Member

    i thought so.
  23. Flashy_McFlash

    Flashy_McFlash Well-Known TRIBEr

    Don't forget the Uggo Twins. They're not much to look at, but there's two of them!

    I agree on the Tessa and Spike points though. You know they get down.
  24. graham

    graham Well-Known TRIBEr

    tessa campagnelli.

    why ?

    she fucks.
  25. nawberry

    nawberry TRIBE Member

    Well, I love anybody who is shrewd enough to come up with Rick …I am humbled, I completely forgot about him; he has everything that Wheels has (less the glasses), is much cooler and definitely is less of a wildcard in terms of spazing out or doing something stupid.

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