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Deeptechnofunk - Crimson

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by ditti, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. ditti

    ditti TRIBE Member

    This month's mix brings you through the deep'n'funky sounds of some of this summer's hottest new releases by Oxia, Jim Rivers, Marc Romboy, Paolo Driver and more. Thanks for listening - DITTI


    Download: julymix - crimson.mp3

    1. Talking House - Master-H Feat Alice Orpheus
    2. Plastic Bed - Oxia & Eric Borgo
    3. We Can Do This All Night - Jim Rivers
    4. Firdaus (Original Mix) - Sabb & Dj Emerson
    5. Disco Croccante (Original Mix) - Paolo Driver, Vlay Moscow
    6. Weinerschnitzel - Matteo Spedicati
    7. Believe - Evren Ulusoy
    8. Blow (Original Mix) - Dirt Crew
    9. Heat (Marc Romboy Remix) - Namito
    10.Lucky Star(Kolombo 2010 Unreleased Remix) - Ron Carroll, Superfunk 11. Last Train (Original Mix) - Veitengruber
  2. ditti

    ditti TRIBE Member

  3. ditti

    ditti TRIBE Member

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