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Deep & Progressive - DJ Trolld - Heads


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This is a promo mix I recorded, its both deep & progressive ... if you can handle that.

1. 2nd Shift - Are You Ready For The Future ft Heather Halo (Jamie Thinnes Revisited Mix)
2. Black Bit - Unbelievable
3. P-funkateers - Final Fling (Groove Assassins Original P-Funk Mix)
4. Justin Chodzko - Delta Sun (Trevor Loveys Remix)
5. Radar - Jam-H
6. Groovemaster K - Movin
7. Dajae - Brighter Days (Lenny & Cohen Mix)
8. Chris Kaeser - Harmony
9. Jonathan Peters - Music ft Maya Azucena (R&B Mix)
10. Relation - Superenlightened (Circulation Remix)
11. Budai & Vic - I Love Deep
12. Discouraged Ones - Say It Together
13. No Boundaries - The Clown
14. StereoK - I Can Tell You
15. John Dahlback - Better Without You (Playmaker's Schoolyard Club Mix)
16. Sandro - All Night Long
17. Discouraged Ones - Shiny

---> Download High Quality (192-320 kbps)
---> Download Decent Quality: (64kbps)

---> More info

Enjoy, lemme know what you think, this is basically my first real promo mix!

I generally spin a harder sound (as evident in places) but I felt like exploring the deeper side of my collection by mixing in some nice deepness ...
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