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Deep House - Track ID

Smiley Jo

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Lyrics are:

"To get high just to pass the time,
To get high with a lonely friend of mine"

It's very Miguel Migs-ish, in fact it may be him, but i'm not sure.

Please and thanks!!

Joanna :)
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I prefer the Jay J remix - Jo, if you find a copy, please let me know...I've been looking forever for this track.

Ash - just received your cds, and will give it a listen - thanks.



Smiley Jo

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Oh there's another remix I should check out?
Sweet, i'll download both tonight.

Jason, if I track it down, i'll hook you up.

Joanna :)
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Jo -

Why you no come to da source for dis shizm? *grins*

The boys are correct, it is in fact Music & Wine by Blue Six but I believe you heard the "Th'Attaboy Vocal" verson on my mix from my show on 89.5 two weeks ago. The original was written and produced by J. Denes - vocals by C. Russell. The original release is on Fur & Femur Music (Distributed by BMI) circa 1999 - and it was licenced and re-released by Naked Music. Serial Numba NM002. It is also available on Naked Music's Bare Essentials Mix CD and it was released (yet again) on the vinyl version double LP of that compilation with many other sweet-ass tracks. Serial numba NMLP005.

The compilation vinyl pack is good value for your $$$ because it includes the best mixes from their first 7 releases. And, actually for once, they're all good - save for one that I could do without. It's pretty rare you get a double-LP that's laden with good tunes. You usually see 3 or 4 strong tunes supporting 4 or 5 totally shitty ones the label's trying to push.



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not hard to tell summers coming......
Yeah I grabbed this track this past weekend, such a solid groove and probably will be in alot of dj's road cases this summer, good call Jo....



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the entire new blue six - beautiful tomorrow cd is good .. and worth buying

best tracks imo are ..

close to home
music and wine (teksoul dub)
sweeter love