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Deep fried mars bars

Temper Tantrum

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i keep hearing about these and want to try one. Does anyone know a restaurant in the gta that serves them?

it sounded incredibly gross to me at first but now i'm intrigued!
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they are awesome, but they only have 'em in Scotland as far as I know. I bet if you found a Fish and Chip shop with a Scottish proprieter he / she would gladly make ya one.


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I think the CNE has them every year although I haven't been able to find the booth yet. If I had a deep fryer I'd make them myself. Mmm now I want deep fried ice cream.
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there have been a few threads about this over the years that named off a bunch of places that serve them. try searching and you should be able to find something.

or you could always make your own.

Temper Tantrum

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I will call the cloak and dagger tomorrow, thanks PF9K :D

Any other suggestions in case CD doesn't make them anymore???

Deep fried ice cream is AWESOME. We used to serve it at my old restaurant.
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They're not common place. The only time I've ever witnessed them being served in on Robbie Burns Day (Jan 25). I could recommend a spot but I'm in the wasteland called Ottawa.

They are pretty much what you'd expect - they are frozen and then dipped into batter and deep fried. Not bad to try, but an entire bar would easily kill an adult.
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Joe Seven

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There was a newspaper article awhile ago about a restaurant/pub in Toronto, where the dude would make deep-fried mars bars, and would also deep-fry anything you brough into the restaurant. This means you could get creative. His #1 seller, though, was deep-fried apple pie with ice-cream!

The name escapes me now, but it started with "Mc"... McGuinties or something like that.

Oh, this place does them too: British Style Fish & Chips
73 Coxwell Ave (entrance on Dundas St. E)


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Duke of Gloucester

649 Yonge St (upstairs)


(the key is...the mars bars have to be frozen before dipping in batter and cooking)
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