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Deep Dish


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I only caught the first hour of deep dish' set. Liked what i heard, but obviously wasn't there long enough to do them justice.

A most reliable source told me that Deep Dish was playing the most awaited track of the night -- Luke Fair's remix of I Want You All to Myself - KOT last night. Did anyone catch it?

I really like Inside as a venue. Last night got packed fast, but the crowd was appreciative, comfortable, and I had a really nice time.

Can't wait for the Benson and Hedges GoldClub Series launch on Nov. 26..stay tuned for a very, very, very special guest.


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Wheeeee, Monday partying

-- Jay aka Fut


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Classic Deep Dish. Stayed until 3:30, and the partry was still kicking.

What a Tuesday treat. Hurting a bit at work today, but well worth it.

What a good looking crowd. Wow, some of the girls there were incredible. Most were well above average.

Nice warm up to Howells on Friday!!!


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Good times. Got there with Tearer, Che, and Temper Tantrum at around 9:30 (good job on holding a spot in line for us, smackers!). The venue is nice, although the basement would really benefit from better ventilation.

The opening DJ seemed to think that big pumping tunes constitute good warmup stuff, but at least his mixing wasn't bad. Deep Dish played pretty well, if a bit hard. The bass was turned up way too loud though.

Nice to see some familiar faces:

Tearer, Che, Temper Tantrum, LibraDragon (who I totally did not recognize at first
), Nesta, Chemi, and LukeF (good job on the Guv residency!).

Nice to meet Da Majikal Whyte Aisle and OLM. Hope to see you guys out again soon.

- Sam
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Temper Tantrum

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Holy beautiful People Batman!

Did anyone else feel like they had walked onto the set of 90210?

The nicest surprise of the night was the fact that the event was *free* when I had heard rumours it was going to be anywhere from 20-40 big ones.

I got there around 9:45 after a last minute decision and wasn't in the greatest mood in the world for a variety of reasons --> but after about an hour at the club I was all smiles, everone was having a great time and the music was GOOD.

The opening DJ (I'm still not sure who he was) was mediocre with track selection and pretty decent at mixing. My comment on him was 'he's not [/i] bad [/i] "
But not really mind boggling either.

That was Deep Dish's job.
I wish I could stay for the whole thing but I had to jet. Let's just say the man surpassed all my expectations of him.

Good to see (I'm doing shoutouts now ala jennstar :p )
Tearer, Che, RJ45, Nesta, Chem11, kate, Mr. Furious, Orange Richie + co. and Magic White Isle (who's last drink I'm sure had something to do with the pain in my head this morning. Note to self)

Inside was an excellent intimate venue, would definetly go back.

t. tAnTrUm


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Ali was on the decks by himself for the first hour and a half. Very nice selection and mixing. The bass was too high for most of the time I was there. It was nice to hear DD drop Luke Fair's "Kritical". Met some Tribe peeps - Magical White Isle, Mr. Furious, Klubmasta Will...nice to meet y'all!

There was some seriously HOT women Inside!
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Klubmasta Will

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too much fun for a tuesday night.

the crowd was great. all the usual suspects were there.

got to see several people that i haven't seen in ages and got to finally meet and have a drink with a few people that i had only ever had the pleasure of dealing with through telephone and email.

nesta, nice to meet you too.

i was very impressed with deep dish, although i wish i could have stayed til the end.

now i just gotta get through the work day, grab a quick nap, watch 'the west wing' and then we're off to the x-box launch. (weekday parties are going to be the end of me ...)
I love these rare Tuesday night, mid week parties with insane DJ's a la Danny Tenaglia last year at The Living Room. His proteges, Deep Dish, didn't disappoint me last night nor have they any of the other times I've seen them.

Some have asked, so I'll commment on Sean Miller, the opening DJ. He had the crowd grooving to more popular tracks but did a good job of mixing and creating an anticipation for DD. If nothing else, I will definitely give the man MAD respect for/to his girlfriend. Holy shit is she hot, sexy as hell, and can shake her ass. I had several friends who were trying to, or wanted to, 'hit that'! I was cracking up all night as they tried and failed.

I don't remember what time Deep Dish came on because I was already very, very loaded.
They played some deep ass shit, very bassey. The track selection was great. I heard some remixes of great songs that I hadn't before, like the Finally mix. I was dancing all night and had an all around blast. I almost wish the party was on a Friday so I could have gone harder.

It was great to be out with so many friends, both Tribe and non-Tribe. Massive crew out made the night all that much better. Nice to chill with theVIBE (as per usual) Tearer, Temper Tantrum and Che and it was nice to meet and hang with RJ45, Nesta and Kate. I look forward to more good times with good friends. Can anyone say Danny Howells? Anyone, anyone?

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Libradragon:
Matt, get off my train (of thought.)
Where the hell were you and Kimberley last night?

Yeah I know...

Deep Dish are back soon though.


I barely need to mention my joviality over the night. It was evident, cuz I was smiles all up and down.

The crowd was crazy, and I felt like I was at a house party. I kept bumping into people from all over my life. I even ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in 3 years.

It was lots of fun hanging with a big Tribe krew: RJ45 winkin' at every opportunity; Magical White Isle was giving me lots of presents and his presence; Che - making me laugh all night; TT - practically throwing ciggies at me (like I can quit when this is going on); Kate - the music was too loud to go up (literally 'up') and say hi - but she looked super sweet; Nesta - you look like a guy I saw...; Tara - you're a sweetheart; Libradragon - rowrrrrr. Then there were the DJs partying with us - Luke, Kenny, Mark S...

The music: Deep Dish did it for me. Plain and simple, I was in the zone from the first beat till Sam pulled me outta there at 2:45am. Thankfully too, cuz we had to drive to Hamilton and each get up at 6:30am for work. I feel kinda dizzy today.

The club Inside is smashing good. Good vibe, nice security guys, decent sound and lights, and outfuckingstanding caliber of women.

The best part of the night was when a stranger offered me a slice of chocolate cake. The two bites I took were heavenly, then I realized I was eating cake in a club, and put it back on the bar.

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i'm all about getting to see amazing DJs for free! they were fabulous, although i was having difficulty staying awake cos i was very sleepy. (but not from the music)! didn't really like the club though. some really cool people, and lots of really pretentious wankers!
why do i keep on wanting to call the guy "shazzam" instead of his real name????


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by The Magical White Isle:

Some have asked, so I'll commment on Sean Miller, the opening DJ. He had the crowd grooving to more popular tracks but did a good job of mixing and creating an anticipation for DD.

What kind of music did he play? He is maybe the smoothest mixer of any Trance DJ I have ever heard. His mixed tapes are incredible.
Any one remember him close the small room @ Syrous 6 year? He was amazing. Just curious because I haven't heard him spin anything but Trance.

Klubmasta Will

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by The Magical White Isle:
Shazzam is a super hero!

actually, his name is captain marvel. he just yells "shazzam" to bring about the transformation.
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