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deep dish @ system


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Well what can I say wicked vibe, and wicked music!!! what more can you ask for.

I got to say that System friday's just keeps getting better!!!

Barhaus started the night off and I must say the man knows how to work the crowd. Then Deep Dish hit the decks, they started off kind of slow but started to pick it up around 3:30... all I can say is WOW!!!

It was one of the best nights ever!!!

kudos to all the tribe crew who showed up to this one, you know who you are.



What a wicked night!

Deep Dish were frickin' amazing! I couldn't stop moving. I left a bit earlier than I wanted to, but still had a great night.

Did anyone by any chance drive down Bathurst around wilson at say 4 o'clockish?
I was just driving with the windows open and out of no where there was this smell... I'm not sure how to describe it, it was putrid. The only thing I can think of is that it smelt like human feces. My friend was really drunk, so at first I thought he might have shit his pants. I pulled over and started questioning him. He denied pinching a loaf in his pants, and said he didn't even so much as fart. When I got out of the car I noticed that the entire neighbor hood smelt like shit. It was soo nasty... I thought I was going to Vomit. I started driving again and after a couple of blocks the smell went away. I wonder what the hell it was?

Anyway that's my story. Once again had a great night, just wish that whole smell thing never happened. So nasty.....


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Derouz started off slow and it seemed as though he the crowd wasn't feeling his housey stuff. I don't mind house music, but I wasn't too into what he was playing for around the first forty minutes. Finally he realized that no one seemed to be really latching into things after Mark left things off rather pumping, so he picked up the pace again and proceeded to rock it out for the remainder of his set. By the time Deep Dish came up at 2 AM, the crowd was hyped and ready.

Sadly, I feel as though they didn't pull up to their expectations. Deep Dish go fish. Sorry, but they just played pretty bland music if you ask me. They seemed to lose all of the energy Mark and Derouz had worked so hard to build.

This is the second time I've heard them play and I actually left early because they just weren't cutting it for me this time around. I wasn't impressed. [shrug] I hope things got better after 3:30 AM. I'm a devout Breathe person and I usually stick around until at least 5 AM, but Deep Dish were giving me no reason to do so.

I also heard a few sloppy mixes too. That kind of shocked me! Derouz stole the show if you ask me.

Looking forward to Lee Burridge in August though. He should pull through and make up for my disappointment!

Jay K.

OLM from HOM

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Am I the only one still up?

Well, I just got home, from one INCREDIBLE night. I went with my boy Special K, and we were anxious to hear what Deep Dish had in store. I'll have to disagree with the post above mine, because I was loving their set!!! They played some GREAT tracks, like a remix of ROMEO, remix of Creamer/K's WISH YOU WERE HERE, their brand new remix of a Depeche Mode track, and my FAVOURITE track of the night, the Deep Dish Remix of VAIIO's RAPTURE!!! PURE MUSICAL GENIUSES ... When they dropped that track, if you looked into the booth, there they were, dancing and singing along, which just added to the amazingness to the song!!! If you haven't had the pleasure, YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS TRACK!!! ... anyways, as the night winded down, they played some HOUSE classics, and then went back to the style they started off with. THE SPECIAL TREAT OF THE NIGHT had to be, them playing 2 ENCORE tracks after shutting down. The very last track, I looked up into the booth, and to my dismay, they were gone
... but I kept on dancing, and looked over, only to find ALI, and SHARAM, "BUSTING-A-MOVE" with the remaining patrons. Everyone, including myself, got to meet them, and talk with them as well. After the track was over, they handed out some YOSHIESQUE posters, and chatted with the crowd. WOW, these guys were SO NICE, when you talked to them, they gave you their full attention. I asked them when the release date for RAPTURE was (Sept/Oct
), and asked them what they were currently working on (The Depeche Mode remix they played earlier, and a "few others I can't name", ALI said with a wink). I thanked him for coming, and told ALI that Toronto loves them ... RESPECT!!!

Ok, I know what I just wrote sounds SOOOO cheesey, but I'm telling you, you'd all be feeling the same way I am now if you were in my shoes.

AND, on a final note, I got to meet, and say hi to a few fellow TRIBE members. CHE, BUMBAKLAT, MATT COLERIDGE, and MARK SCAIFE (am I forgetting anyone?). A special thanks goes out to Special K, who I came with (but unfortunately had to leave because he had to get up early for work), I had a great time man, more to come! Oh, and a shout to some friends I made from Brantford, who kept me company after Special K left. RESPECT EVERYONE!

Ok, time to get ready for work



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alright...what an incredible evening...yes behrouz definitely had the crowd going nuts with some wicked tracks, but deep dish definitely did not disappoint...great track selection (although i wasn't sure of a lot of the tracks being played) & the crowd was totally into their groove...just really, really, really nice...

tonnes of tribe, & GU kids in the place making the vibe just right...system congrats on your 1 year bash, happy b-day mark (totally forgot to wish it to you last night)...& to top it off how can you dispute these guys as kings, when they throw on first "your silent face" @ 8am in the morning, & then finish off with some more new order & blue monday (88 dub version), & then joinin' us on the dance floor for a little rump shakin...

see you all soon...


ps adam hope your chute opens today
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i have to agree with loopdokter on this one.

maybe it was simply that i had such high expectations, but i was not very impressed with deep dish.

they would have me moving for one moment, and then lose me a couple songs later. i didn't find their set "progressed" much, especially for a 6 hour set.

i did hear a lot of great tracks, but also a lot of *cheezy* tracks. it sounded like they were simply playing their remixes - the good and the bad - i was almost expecting to play their n-sync remix.

having said all that, i did have a real good time with all the people i was with. stayed till almost the end. they played their remix of Vaiio-Rapture, so that had me grinning ear to ear.

happy one year anniversary breathe! what's next?!!


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I was looking forward to seeing Deep Dish for the first time after hearing so many great things and enjoying their compilations.
I had a great time last night...but Deep Dish's set just didn't do it for me.
The set started off very slow, and whenever it started to progress...it would go right back were it started. There were brief moments with an upbeat tempo and a buildup, but then the next track would fall flat. Very poor programming. Everyone kept telling me "It's a 6 hour set, they haven't even started!!", yet it seems they didn't even get things going until around 6am. That's when the harder tunes came out. Too little, too late. I stayed for a little while longer, but the damage had been done. What a boring set. When I go to a club I expect to hear tunes that make me go crazy, not fall asleep. There were some good pumpin' tracks, but they were few and far in between. The set was to much on the chill tip and had no real direction.

For me, the best music of the night was coming from the back room where Luke F. and Carlos (?) were killin' it. Their set got me moving and some great tracks were dropped, including some of Luke's own production. Even the side room was bumpin' more than the main area. Locals outdoing the imports...haven't heard this before have we?

Overall I had a good time because of the atmosphere and the people. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, smiling and dancing away. But the great vibe still couldn't make up for the disappointing music.


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Deep dish dished it out and I took it, probably losing 10 pounds in the process. It wasn't the best set I've ever heard, but there was a period from about 3:30-4 (when they played WYWH) when it was just phenomenal and I totally escaped.

Great vibe, although the big guy who stands near the front (right) NEEDS, nay MUST, learn to control his dancing. There were times when i felt like a ping pong ball, just getting clocked back and forth in the sea of party humanity, and this dude was continuously elbowing me.

Did anyone else notice an 8 foot Giant getting funky????

Best vibe: The "tent" at the back of the main room. A nice collection of a diverse group of people: wasp, Chinese, Black, Indian, midgets, tall people, skinny people, fat people.........all united by the groove. I have found my new abode at System!!!

Dazed: Bathurst&Wilson is a ruffneck part of town. There are many possibilities regarding the origin of that smell.
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Special K

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im a wreck today! got home at 5, took off to work at 6

meh! Deep Dish were good, not amazing though, at some points in the night they had me really going but then theyd just lose me? They did play some really good upfront tunes however, like that Romeo mix! SOUNDED INSANE! i was pretty tempted to try and snatch that one up and just boot out of the club with it, it sounded sooooooo good lol...
A good night to say the least! Congragulations Breathe on your 1 Year Anniversary, hopefully youll have alot more of those coming your way! It was also cool meeting a few of you Tribe Kids!

Now its time for me to TRY and fall asleep!


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WHAT are y'all ON???

I dunno what people were expecting - Deep Dish started out as straight up HOUSE producers/DJ's and slowly evolved to develop the more progressive-y elements of the genre. And that's what I heard last night - cutting edge HOUSE music of all kinds - tribal, deep, progressive, etc...

House music isn't supposed to pound you into submission...it uplifts the soul! NO style of music should have to bang you over the head with super-hard, super-fast beats to get you to dance. Why would anyone expect that kind of thing from, of all people, Deep Dish???

My review: I was in musical bliss, grooving from track #1. And the DECADENCE surrounding me! fun fun fun...

Not everyone understands house music"

- Deep_Groove

Par- T

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aaacccckkk .... I'm in pain, somebody shoot me!!
How do I write a review sitting here at work after a busy morning (why must people be up calling us on a Sat. when I'm in no mood?) staring bleary-eyed at the computer with only 2 hours sleep? I'm not going to make it 'till 8pm
Oh well here 'goes...

Deep Dish at System: one excellent night, it could have been better, but excellent never-the-less.
Arrived around midnight and once inside, found the place full of Tribe Boarders everywhere you look, seemed just like the Tribe 8yr with the number - great to see everyone out.
Behrouz had gone on and was dropping standard house fare, can't comment too much since I spent most of his set socializing or waiting impatiently for the double D duo. He picked up the pace for the last half hour, dropping some hits like "Love in Traffic", etc, and I was off to dance-happyland in anticipation.
Deep Dish were up next with a slower session for the 1st hour or so. I wasn't feeling a lot from it until into hour 2 as they picked up the pace. Their set wasn't a gradual build, more of a up and down feel: a few full out banging tracks then a few more relaxed. Tracks were getting soo good by 4am so I was getting lost in the groove, trying to dance my ass off.
Didn't have much luck with the dancing part, System was way too packed to really get down and the never-ending walkway feel was getting on my nerves (where are all these people constantly walking back and forth to?).
DD would not let up with the cool tunes, I was totally taken away when they played a SOCA tune (a Caribana prelude maybe...) didn't expect that, who new?
I liked their set better, at the Warehouse back a few months ago, or was it last year, anyway..this was fun. Great to see so many happy people.
I had planned on leaving earlier but they would not let me go with all the great tunes towards the end. Eventually had no choice but to get going at 6:45 with the tunes making me want to stay, damn work on Saturdays pisses me off.

Thanks for making this trip to System so much better than I expected: Mike G, Lynn, Tara, John, Jay, Susan, Dora, Cremeberly and shouts out to Dave, Dave, Dave (why so many?), Suke, Naomi, Heather, Malia, Patio-D, Jayisbored, Matt, Wonderfly, James, Ambarish, Rohit.... my memory is failing me, I know there's more but I can't think ... it's taken all day for me just to write this.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Deep_Groove:
WHAT are y'all ON???

House music isn't supposed to pound you into submission...it uplifts the soul! NO style of music should have to bang you over the head with super-hard, super-fast beats to get you to dance. Why would anyone expect that kind of thing from, of all people, Deep Dish???

Not everyone understands house music"

- Deep_Groove

i thought the first 2 hours of the set were just phenomenal- did not stop dancing for them. unfortunately that wore me out and i was parked for the next couple of hours- until 'wish you were here' came on- absolutely love that track.

nice to meet mcbias and libradragon (again
and par-t, i didn't meet you but i'm another dave
. you could sing your own kids in the hall song...
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WOW!, what a night!

Had a few Gruv's at the pre-party, and I was rarin' to go when I arrived @ 11pm. I enjoyed Berouz(sp?), a nice warm-up for when Deep Dish hit the decks...nice set, but I had no concept of time for the entire night, due to my drunkeness
Just when I thought I was done drinking, Mike Greco hands me not one, but TWO vodka red bulls, and after those I was flying!!!

I know I met lots of people, but I can't remember a single name right now, apparently I met lift, sorry I can't remember...

Great people, great music, great drinks="Human Traffic night!"



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that was a great party! Deep Dish did not disappoint. awesome set. i agree with toby, i had no concept of time in that place. i stayed till the very end like i said i would. i have to say the best part of the night was the last 2 hours. they dropped some wicked tunes in the closing hours, not to mention the entire set. great vibe last night too. The coolest thing about the whole night and what really amazed me about Deep Dish is at the end of the night, when they put on a wicked old school encore, both ali and sharam came on the dancefloor and busted the moves. they also took time to talk to everyone that was left too. what a class act!

Spoony D and Luke and Carlos had the back room rocking once again.

It was good seeing the usual suspects. It was good to meet OLM from HOM. Sorry I lost you buddy, but we'll definetly see each other again and i'll introduce you to more peeps.

Tunes I spotted:

Kings of Tommorow - Finally (??? mix)
Vaiio - Rapture (I was waiting to hear this all night)
John Creamer & Stephane K - Wish you were here (They played it twice. two different mixes. God what a track!)
Gabrielle - Rise (Deep Dish mix)


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I forgot to add my congratulations to Breathe on 1 year of unbelievable nights on a WEEKY basis. Here's to many more years!



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best. breathe. evar.

For me anyways, I haven't been too often, but what an amazing set. I liked how the tracks they played spanned the whole gamut of house. Progressive SOCA! That track really got the crowd going. And holy remixes batman. It might have gotten a little on the commercial side with the recognizable remixes that were played but the crowd was feeling it. Which remix of Finally was that anyways??? Peak time for me was definitely 4ish, it started to slow down after that but I couldn't keep up for much longer anyways, left around 6. I must have missed a few of the better tracks they played at the end.

Special thanks goes out to the girl that offered me her mint drops, and the guy that offered me his joint


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What a fucking amazing night. Got there at 10:15 and it was completely empty. So got some drinks and chilled for a while. Mark Scaife was alright, nothing to cry home about. But still think he is a very underated dj. Then that dude, berouz somthing or other, came on, but wasn't feeling his vibe so checked out downstairs. Don't know who was playing but he dropped some wicked classics and I was thoroughly enjoying that. Left to catch the last half hour of behrouz, and he got alot better. By that point system was jammed to the nuts. So hard to find room to dance. Finally came Deep Dish. Started off kinda slow, but still good. At around 230 went wandering and met so many people, which is not like me cuz I go to a party, dance none stop then leave. Too bad I was too fucked to remember any names. But shout outs go to that whole asian cru at the back that was chilling with my freind Shannon. Sat and danced with them for a while. Next thing you know its 4:20, rolled, smoked, dropped my 3rd, then headed to the front cuz the music started kicking my ass. I was in house heaven. I haven't partied this hard since my birthday at system with Danny Howells. It was nuts. He(I think sharam-the guy without the beard) dropped track after track of pure progressive bliss. I was dancing mad hard. He wouldn't let me stop dancing cuz the music just made me keep on going. At around six the other guy took over, and no difference there. I just kept going and going. I had to stop a few times cuz I was seriously out of energy. By 7 I was completely drained but kept on going. It was a fuckin marathon. Finally left at 7:45. What a night. Fucking amazing.
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oh, what time did the place close down? I can't believe I missed out on Deep Dish busting a move with the crowd and chatting it up. Damn.


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They shut down at 8am, ending w/a classic New Order track. Actually, the last 3 songs were very reminiscent of high school, back when you listened to new wave.
I thought Behrouz was good, especially the end of his set. DD came on at a much slower pace, which kinda threw off the way Behrouz ended it, but within a short while, it picked up quite nicely. I saw DD last year at Industry, & during their 5 hr. set there, I was pretty bored the 1st 3-hours, but loved the last 2. This time, I thought the set was just amazing! Especially loved that Depeche Mode remix.
Happy anniversary to Breathe- this was truly one of their greatest parties. So many people came out to celebrate- so many, that I spent 1/2 my night trying to find friends who were lost in the crowd! DD certainly had a good time- they couldn't believe how long the crowd was willing to stay, referring to us as "Energizer bunnies".
Met 4 Twilo kids who came up from NY. They 'have no where to go' since the closing of the club, so now they just follow their favorite dj's around when they can. I was with 2 friends of mine from DC (where I'm from) who had never heard DD spin before. They brought their siblings from Niagara, who were introduced to the world of clubbing last night, full on. They had a blast- loved the tunes, the crowd, the vibe, etc... It was fun 'breaking them in', & they can't wait to see the pictures we took of this unforgettable night of their lives. Also met an owner of a bar in DC last night, when he saw me with my light toy that spelled "DC in the house!". How random is that??? One of those Twilo kids happened to be from DC as well (student in NY)- DC WAS in the house!!!
***BTW- Ali is the one without the beard.


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scaife set it all up... he pulled out what he knows the breathers wanted - like feeding time at the zoo... prep'd the vibe and introduced us - or rather handed us over on a silver fucking platter - to deep dish... who apparently were insistent on setting their own stage. S'all good, but I got the warm up I needed, and my night was set off! attention lost and found the backroom beats were what I needed, for a while... then I was just all over the place... talking, dancing, talking, dancing, babysitting K'od girlies in the bathroom, dancing, talking, dancing... dancing, dancing, dancing... fucking wicked night. I didnt want to leave... but we had some serious nature apreciation and kite flying to take care of

SOOOO many amazing happy smiling dancing people... happy b-day breathe!


^^mint drop girl


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What an incredible night!!! Behrouz played an amazing opening set. Deep Dish was everything I expected...and more! They dropped some sick, deadly beats. Shouts out to all the TBK and GU crew, and everybody else I met. Stayed right to the very end, and am I ever glad I did. Ali and Sharam came to the dancefloor to bust out after dropping the needle on New Order's "Blue Monday". Could there have been a better ending? I don't think so.

Congrats to Mike Greco and the Breathe family on their one year anniversary.

My friends from Austin, Texas are simply blown away by the city of Toronto.

Nesta out---&gt;don't take this shit for granted!



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ok... I'm confused... Barhaus/Derouz/Scaife... apparently I don't know what I'm talking about and/or need glasses and introductions. bah... brain damage sucks eh?

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