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Deep Dish Go Fish


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two weekends, two road trips!

No cover, $3.50 drinks!!!, pool tables, TONNES of room... What more could I want? The place kinda reminded me of 'le scratch' a giant pool hall in Oshawa, except for the fact that there were no skids and the music was underground.

Sharam played ok. It was a kinda chill through most of his set, but I was enjoying the slower BPM near the end of the night as the booze started to catch up with me.

For the better part of the night Myka had me goin in the purple room -Toronto style, what can I say?

TRIBE presence was certainly felt even as we were waiting in line to get in. Its kinda cool to see so many familiar faces out of their natural habitat.

Cri, thanks for the hospitality sorry we left early this, morning Rich had to be at the shop.

Peace & love. D


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SUNKIST:
Sunny was there and i was bashing house by myself???heeeey.


I SO wanted to bash house last night.


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Well if this wasn't the best night I've had in a LONG time...between the dope beats, and meeting a plethra of tribers (for the first time) what a great bloody time!!!

Olga (blueker) Marian (liquidfairy) and myself travelled from old london town for this one, and what a great trip.

It's almost like the whole night started a good hour or so after we got there, when I pointed ou Tina (kix) to marian..
myself being the sort of shy type sort of sat back and watch and then to my amazement just see a stream of faces that looked sooo familiar.
It's a really bizarre feeling when you see all the people that you've NEVER actually met but seem to know alot about...
Like how Tina is going to school in KW, and Allies thing with disney movies...all things I remember reading about ..strange things that some reason stuck out in my mind.
I've been on tribe for over a year now, so it' was really nice to finally meet some of you..

great too see Laura and Tommy again.. it's been a long time
nice chat with metal morpheouses...( I DID finally remember when I met you before!!)
hmmm and Allie (man what a pleasure!), Mboy, vinder, Highsteepa (what a charactor!) Tina, susan, Kenny, doodlebug, mingster... and thats all I can think of at the moment..

I danced my ass off.. haven't done that in a long time...i thought the tunes sharam was dropping were sick.. I was even lucky enough to get up in the dj booth for awhile and talk to him.. so that was great...

All in all twas a fantastic night...nice to see everyone... great tunes and great people... that's really what it's all about right?




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I agree with some people when they say the music was kinda boring... Does not even compare to the show at the Kool Haus - that was PHENOMENAL. But this one... meh...
Despite being a little bored at times, I still had a genuinely good night because you are all so happy and just fucking GREAT!
can't emphasis this one enough.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by KiX:
Laura has nice tits.


i'm usually not a fan of larger boobs, but i must admit they do look tasty.



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Y'all have pretty much said all there is to say...
here is my reiteration.

Venue was great. Spacious, differing in it's environment provides for not feeling claustrophobic. I must admit, I loved the non-smoking thing. I didn't smoke that much, and I left not smelling all stinky-like. Which was nice. Plus, I think it's easier to breathe when there is no smoke. Who knew!

&lt;---Still a smoker, don't get your hopes up.

Sharam was meh...like I've discussed with a few, I think the standard of care that a DJ puts into his set can be influenced by where they are playing and what kind of hype there is around the party. I think this is prolly the kind of appearance is which Deep Dish (or Sharam) might just take the opportunity to fuck around on the decks. Not to make it too spectacular, but just nice. He did alright, could have pounded it a little harder though.

Can you say T.B.K.? Holey moley! This was by far the best part of my night. Having so many great faces around me. People to talk to and just party. I think the best part, for me anyways, was that everyone was there just for the party. No ulterior motives, or political bull-shit. Just devoted party people...I love it. Thanks everyone, like Kix said, each and every one of you!

Crazy night in the K/W. So much driving from place to place. Went to Waterloo and back, then back to Waterloo, bla bla bla. S'ok, savoured some good trance in the car, another highlight of my night.

Thanks for the after-party, good times. And everything else that happened all night.

Ahhhh....I think it's time to retire in front of the Simpsons. 3 episodes at least tonight! A perfect ending.


Smiley Jo

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So I have experienced the Revolution, and lived to tell about it!!

What a crazy night!

It came complete with severe hoochie-mania, the sauna that was the Purple Room, an insane number of people who were off their trees, and some pretty ass mixing from Deep Dish. I have to say last night had all the indredients to send me running from K/W as fast as possible. Thankfully my night was saved, as on previous occasions by tons of cheerful grins, excited waves hello, and tons of hugs!

Finch and I arrived at 11:30 and didn't even count on getting into the club. Turns out we barely waited a minute before being inside. *grin*
It wasn't too hard to find some familiar faces once inside, cuz it was as though someone had planted a massive TBK bomb in the middle of the Rev, lit the fuse and waited for the explosion of fun!
Tribers everywhere! OMG! Loads of people I hadn't seen in so long, a ton of introductions, and of course, my regular party kats! My bad mood from earlier on that day wore off quickly, due to all the sweet compliments and hugs! Thanks guys!

Now I'm not one to bad mouth DJ's too often, but in reference to Deep Dish's set, I might be quoted as saying something like "I hate this. This sucks."
That was kinda harsh I admit, and they did manage to salvage themselves slightly later on with some funkier tracks, but those were few and far between. To each his own I guess, cuz everyone seemed to be liking it. It just was not what I was expecting.

In the Purple room, Mattlok rocked it, pulling off some crazy mixes, and playing some seriously bass-y tracks. Myka followed and was fantastic as well, (as usual *grin*) but surprised me with some deeper and almost tribal sounding stuff.
I would have been more than happy to stay in that room all night, but it was a trillion degrees in there, and it seemed like no one was aware that there were other people around them. ie. I got elbowed, stepped on, shoved and bumped enough times. My mission to dance was pretty impossible.

Despite the chaos, I'm glad I chose to go, if only to see all you kats I haven't seen forEVAR. Special shout outs to JanICE my dancing queen, Dave for the drink and for making me laugh so much that it hurt, and of course to Finch for making the trek with me. *muah*
Twas a night to remember.

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Temper Tantrum

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I had a blast. Despite some sketchiness at the end of the night figuring out how to get home or wear to crash it all worked out. Deep Dish started off badly, but by around 2 AM I thought the music was jumping. Now I understand the lure of the purple room, Myka, much like DD didn't start off too well but finished up quite solidly. Ahhh house, glorious house. Holy TBK overload batman. I nally got to me LostintheEhole!! Excellent to see lots of familiar faces with big grins but especially thanks to Sunkist and dazed for amusing me on the ride home
, Tina and Kyle for preparty shenanigans, Mboy for coming to dinner with me and driving ass up there, Orange Richie for borrowing 30 bucks from me and not paying me back!!! (I know your good for it
), Mingster and doodlebug for being the coolest ass shaking chicks around and for helping me on the mission! , RJ45 my sexy little teddybear! And too everyone else
The bagels and photos were not delivered. Where the hell did everyone dissapear too?

Nice venue, cheap drinks, liked the smoking outside because even though I'm a smoker I could actually dance and breathe.

"Fun times were had by all"

a better man once said.

Oh and Metal Morphosis had the best tshirt ever.



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Alliee!!! noooooo
I remembered about the bagels and pictures in the elevator as soon as I got home!!
I guess it just wasn't meant to be...

The music by Matlock and Myka in the purple room was kickin..I had the best time in there! For the most part, the 'deep dish' sound doesn't really do it for me...but towards the end I was having a bit of fun

It was super good to see so many familiar TO faces in Waterloo..and weird..weird-good



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Great! Night!

I had an amazing time because of the people I went with and the people we all met up with.
I was wandering around most of the night like I always do... I had a great time!

Deep Dish musically was ass IMO, Mattlok & Myka were way better. But that's only for myself

O well, post some pics later maybe

Here's my other pics I took for Groove.ca


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*LOL* @ CC

... and then *blush* for the comments before!

I just want to say that my breasts look abnormally large in that one picture... if they were really as big as they appear there, I dont think I could stand up straight!!!! (thanks tina- you have great tits too *wink* *L*)

ok, the music last night SUCKED, but thats ok, I still had lots of fun with the crazy amount of TBK out!!! There must have been 60 of us, without exageration!!!!

The Rev was a really fun place! Like someone said, it seemed kind of like a giant chucky cheeze for grownups! *grin*

ok, I havent done this in a really long time, but Im going to try to give a shout out to all the tbk present... *Grin* here goes:

To the road trip crew:
Tommysmalls, Pronstar, Vinder and Susan- you guys were lots of fun, and kept me alert on the ride back!!

Thanks to CRI for having a bunch of us over for a quick pre-drink before the club!!

And to the rest of the TBK in no particular order:

Orange Ritchie
Galactic Phantom
Smiley Joe
Lil Timmy
MC Bias

Phew... I think I got everyone... please forgive me if I've left anyone out- it was a long night with a LOT of Tbk! (that list alone is over 40 people!)

btw Shawn, I think that date to a stripclub is in order!!!!! *LOL*

And- a few pictures that Pronstar took that I thought HAD to be posted *grin*:

Me, Pronstar and Dora acting crazy::

Toby and some girl... I thought the look on toby's face here is just priceless:

I didnt even see this picture being taken, but its just really funny that I know right away that that is Keith's arm!! *LOL*:

and this final one, *I* took if I do recall correctly... such nice composition.... *grin*:


thats about it!!! I had a great time last night BECAUSE of all you people!!! *mwah*



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For the amount of pics that I watched Kenny take of all those dancers, I'm surprised not more made them up there!!LOL

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning (well this afternoon) and have my clothes NOT reaking of smoke...nice change..

also the few times I went back to the purple room, it was for sure jumpin... dam well enjoyed myself back there...

until next time..


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What a crazy adventure. Waterloo always makes for a very aimless night and a number of suprises and unexpected events.

The drive out with allie was nice and relaxed. Good to meet up with Dazed, Sunkista and Kyle at tina's place for the preliminary celebrations. Very nice of Kix to host us for the predrink where we were all wearing our WWJD bracelets. (really?)

Found rev to be a spacious, clean, breathe-able environment, and I was quite impressed with the lack of expensive cover/parking/bar costs. As everyone has mentioned before, HOLY TBK. Lots of fun with you all. Dish (no deep) was ok, but very slow in coming on. Like jay said, "It'll take him about 2 hours to get going." Yeah. When it finally did get going, there were only a few hard tracks that had my ass shakin, but then I went back and caught some extremely dance-able Myka. Stole the show, if you ask me.

I can't mention everyone like laura did, but i have to say a super special thankyou to RJ45 who let me crash on his floor area, and an even bigger thankyou to Mingster for driving my sorry ass all the way to hamilton and back to waterloo so I could retrieve my vehicle. The after party in Hamilton was great, and after a game of NHL 2002 on Sam's PS2, I snuggled myself nice and cozy on some cushions. And to all the rest of the afterparty-in-hamilton crew, it was a pleasure.

In all, nice to meet many new faces, and always a pleasure with the regulars. I'm hardcore looking forward to future partying at the cottage adventure (where madnezz and I will booty sandwich anyone who makes a public display of affection)

Once again, I have met my Waterloo.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by madnezz:
*ok, the music last night SUCKED, but thats ok,</font>

that's because you were a snob and didn't hang out with us in the purple room.

strip club here we come

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Ok....gonna try and post again...last one didn't make it through.

I realized as I was driving home from this special event, that I had the same shit eating grin on my face. A buddy and I decided to drive to KW to catch Deep Dish again. After the incredible performance at the Guv, it was only fitting to check them out at this joint called Revolution!! You mean if I get there before 11pm, I can get in for free? Well in that case, after paying $30 to see them at the Warehouse, I'm there. What better excuse than to get outta the city to an unfamiliar place.

Dateline 10:30pm. We arrive at Revolution and see a long line up. We wait for about 10 minutes and get into the club quickly. No searches at the door, just have your I.D. ready. Oh yeah....no false advertising.....there wuz no cover.

Revolution should really be called Club Vitality for the following 3 reasons:

1) I forgot that KW is a university town. So, university town means university crowd. Everyone was really young and youthful. It reminded me of my university days. What a big difference partying with folks who had the energy to dance. Although I only knew a few people who travelled from T.O., this was a university bar. (The ladies were looking young too....um can I see some I.D. so that I don't have to ride in the back of a cruiser?

2) Right when I walked in and took a look at the youthful crowd I noticed something else. NO SMOKING. NO ONE WAS SMOKING! Now, I like to enjoy a cig with a drink when I am out boogying. With the bylaw in KW, smoking was confined to a seperate patio outside that was heated. What a difference it was to be moving around in a smokless environment. My clothes were smoke free. I could smell the fragrant women around me. I could take big inhalations of oxygen...with out worry. It was sweet!

3) Um....I met 2 women who were 8 months pregnant. Go figure. Yes, now pregnant women can party with wrekless abandon. Looks like the KW kids start breeding early. Gotta school the youth by rocking the fetus to the funky beat. Pregnant women in the bar? Unheard of.....but it was pleasant to see. They were both glowing.

Ok...enough of the idle chit chat. The music in the big room kinda sucked so I ventured into the Purple Room. I believe the DJ was Mattlock and dude was rippin' shit up. All of these frosh boppin' to the beat. What a great atmosphere that room was. Everyone was having lots of fun dancing to that hard house shit. Some parts of the room even had carpet on the floor. Mattlock's set was tight, but I was iching for my Deep Dish.

Dateline: 12:30pm. Deep Dish comes on but there is only one member. I spot Myka stepping behind the plexiglass DJ booth and give him a wassup. We both chit chat over the amount of T.O. folks representing. I step over to Sharam and thank him for the enlightening set at the Guv. Now, I'm not one to ask DJs for requests but the booze starts talking and I stumble to ask Sharam..."Is it possible for you to play that Rockwell track that you played in Toronto? That shit blew my mind!" He gives me a big smile and a "You bet!" Later on, he drops it!

The room was rocking. Maybe the set wasn't as good as in Toronto, but I liked it. I am not a prog-house fan, but when the choons sound good, I give respect where respect is due. Tonight more respect is due. I walked around mini interviewing the Revo-regulars and asked them if they have heard of Deep Dish before. Many of the folks had no idea who this dynamic duo were, yet there were dancing!

It felt good seeing some of the Tribe folk again. Fuck I don't know who you all are nor do you know me....but it was good to see some familiar faces. Dora darling, so good to see you, your haircut is stylin'!

At Club Vitality, everyone was moving and grooving. Folks were very friendly and the ladies were easy to talk to. I didn't see the Etch-a-sketch folks that linger around in the Toronto scene.....this experience was much different. (Is it too late for me to enroll in a second degree?)

Thank you Deep Dish for sharing your talent with the rest of the world. You are very gifted and have enlightened the path to what incredible party nights should be.


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Wow...what to say?

Great faces+Great tunes=One kick ass night...it was awesome to finally meet Josh, and thanks to RJ for the after party...that last tune was tops!

Overall, an amazing night...I like the Rev...love cheap drinks, and wikked tunes by Sharam...

"Human Traffic Night"

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