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deep and funky mix for your ears


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hello all...

it's been far too long since I've been able to update you all on our mixes at Redline, but here I am to report a brand new mix. It was done about a month ago and just put up over the weekend.

'ave a listen and enjoy. Lots of promos and unreleased stuff.



Holding On - Just Muzik - CD-R
Hot Soup - Inland Knights - So Sound Recordings
Gettin' Thru - DJ Buck - Tweekin
Pillage - Inland Knights - Drop Music
Brazil - Just Muzik - CD-R
Theme- Paradise Soul - Kinky promo
Cover Up - The Little Men - Drop Music
Untouchable - Chris Vench - CD-R
Bitch - Bionic Bump Band - 2020 Vision
Ride the Snake - Majik Johnson Remix - Shaboom
Kings Grove - Chris Vench - CD-R
Doin' me Wrong - The Beginerz (Mike Monday remix) - Oxyn promo
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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chris, that just muzik promo is fucking OFF THE HOOK brother.

the kinky promo is pretty nice as well.

and the only thing i will say about your tracks is...PHAT

nice ne guv'ner!


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thanks Mike.

my mind was in another place when I made the initial posting...

and yes... those Just Muzik promos are killer.

I'll bring the cd and drop some next week for ya.

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