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deeno's latest top 10 - please add on!

Discussion in 'House Room' started by Bloom! Productions, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Bloom! Productions

    Bloom! Productions TRIBE Member

    it's been a while since i've done anything like this so i figured it would be nice...

    in no particular order:

    01. Anders TrentmØller - Le Champagne - Naked Music
    - super metro area influences with some nice percussion change-ups!

    02. Quicksound - Stop Foolin' Around - Twisted
    -really nice opening track! deep tribal business to build from!

    03. Patchworks - Summertime - Q-Tape Records
    - really nice nu-jazz house, perfect for outdoor summer gatherings!

    04. Funky Transport - ChordORoy - Brique Rouge
    -wicked deep vocal anthem with a really nice message. Dj Phonique remix takes it down a notch into deeper territories!

    05. Sound Stream - Motion - White
    - the original is an amazing track by El Coco entitled Cocomotion (1977). this remix focuses on the percussion and the key line and hits it in hard with a superb baseline. booty shaking!

    06. Larry Levan - Don't Leave Me This Way - White
    - the original is by Thelma Houston (1983 Motown) and this remix is an unreleased instrumental by the famous Mr.Levan! sweet and deep, disco influenced house goodness!

    07. Steve Bug? - Spastic Dreams - White "Dj Promo"
    - Jay Dee's classic Plastic Dreams remixed into deeper and darker places by Mr.Bug (so it said on the release sheet)

    08. Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep - Juniour Re-Edits
    - the Swag remix of this rocks, spreading out the track into a 10 minute epic disco interpretation! the original of this is entitled Funkanova by Wood, Brass and Steel.

    09. Algoritmo - Cha Cha - Minus
    - deep, minimal, sub-bass business for those early morning sets!

    10. J Boogie - Dubtronic Science Album - OM Records
    - not all house on this album yet the tracks Curiosity and Rainfall are definitely influenced by the San Francisco house sound! downbeat for most house sets but i'm sure the crowd will understand. Amazing, absolutely!

    okay, so please feel free to add to this list.

    deeno > new mix coming soon!
  2. *SiLver*RoBoT*

    *SiLver*RoBoT* TRIBE Member

    deep drawn - boogie wolf - moon harbour
    - older tune, but one of the hardest tracks for me to hunt down. nice wicked bassline, with an eerie sample saying "it's boogie woogie"...don't ask...just gotta listen.

    marlow - exposed remixes - moon harbour
    - both the freestyle man and frankman remixes are really good. Nice deep tecky sounds. freestyle man remix will be a wicked party track i'm sure...have to test it out...

    georg levin - when i'm with you - sonar kollectiv
    - "black clouds above me, was all i know...but for a single day, the sun came through..." this track is sooooo dope, and the dude's vocals is definitely distinct.

    solid foundation - carambola - moustake
    - it's all about the frogsnatcher remix. amazing deep, tecky track which will get people on the dancefloor for sure..

    block 16 - electrokution - (brennan green & daniel wang remix) - balihu
    - both the original and bg/dw remix really good. bg/dw remix is a 13 min track which flows through many different moods of deep electronic music. very interesting track.

    ground level - beautiful (feel the beauty remix) - dialogue (promo)
    - track #7 on chris duckenfield's "sheffield mix sessions". this track is mah favourite track on that cd.

    bent - magic love (ashley beedle remix) - cdr
    - can't find this track anywhere...so only have a copy of it on cd. Amazing sexy vocals, on top of a sexy ass bassline.

    frankman - hypnotize - moon harbour
    - as you can see, i've fallen in love with the moon harbour label. another deep tecky track from this german label.

    that's all from me..not exactly 10..but I do want the new Dessous track.....


  3. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    Dub Taylor & Vital --> Your Soul --> Forced Tracks

    Robbie Hardkiss --> Everything is Changing --> Classic
    reminds me of some old DBX type shish

    Sean Garcia feat. Jay --> Sunshine Down --> white

    Unknown --> shhh ... you know who vol 1 --> white

    Dirty Funker --> This is Dirty Funker --> Spirit

    Unknown --> Groovin' Vol 1 --> white

    Soul Stars --> I Got You --> Sound State

    Rowan Blades & Naught G --> Control Freak --> Rocksteady

    Danny Howells --> Jam Loops vol 1 --> Sex on Wax
    give it a listen before all the prog-haters get their panties in a ruffle!

    Echomen --> Thru to You --> Hooj
    the electroy track is choice!!!

    Paul Johnson --> Dr Funkenhouse --> Motus White
    finally, PJ with a good record....nice lyrics, too!

  4. TRO

    TRO TRIBE Member

    Chemical Brothers Featuring Flamming lips - The Golden Path

    Nina Simmone - sinnerman (felix Da housecat Mix)

    Junior Jack Vs. Byonce - crazy in love remix

    Danny Howells - Spiked

    Room 5 vs Ashanti - Make Foolish Love

    Kings of Tomarrow - Dreams

    Who Da funk - Radio

    Superchumbo - This Beat is

    Thick D - Touch The Sky

    Joey Beltram - Ultra Drive

  5. G-FrEsH

    G-FrEsH TRIBE Promoter

    2 Guys with tits - u turn me on ( santos mix ) - Funktion
    Dj FeelGood - Turn the lights out - Moonshine
    Tranz - Body Acid Interpretation ( wink Rmx ) - MAW
    Dj Funk - Knock Knock - Funk
    Cirrus - Stop and Panic - Moonshine
    David Morales - In da Ghetto ( rmx ) - white
    Dj Icey - alittle louder - Zone
    Angel Alanis & Rees Urban - Black jack ( Jay walker mix ) - Solmatic
    Edge of Motion - Set up 707 ( thats the title i forgot the actual name ) - White <--- good ol acid goodie ( its on terry mullan Nu skool fusion tape )

  6. smack

    smack TRIBE Member

    1. Pufo and Sin Plomo - Wind Up [Fire]
    2. Goldfrapp - Train (Ewan Pearson 4/4 Instrumental) [Mute]
    3. Jason Brunton - Different Places (Observation Mix) [Laws of Motion]
    4. Thomas Buchner - Jolly Jumper [Exun]
    5. Merrick Brown - Gato Girls [Harmonious Discord]
    6. Silent Partners - Down By Dub (Joshua No War Remix) [Hi Phen]
    7. Phonogenic - Truth & Reconciliation [2020 Vision]
    8. Subsound - The Universal Sky EP [Affected]
    9. Smackers - Headphones [CD-R]
    10. Terry Francis & Eddie Richards - Garage Sessions Vol. 1 [Lifted]
  7. laser_racer

    laser_racer TRIBE Member

    10 from this side

    eastcoast boogiemen - under my sheets
    jazzanova - that night (wahoo mix)
    osunlade - might do somthing wrong -Central Park
    George Levin - In Your Car
    Jazzy Jeff and Erro - Rock Wit U yoruba mix - BBE
    Black Music - Cry of the Virtual Child - Moods and Grooves
    Amp Fiddler and KDJ - I'm doing Fine - Mahogani
    KDJ and Pitch Black City - Runaway - Mahogani
    GusGus - David (King Britt Mix) - Underwater
    James Mason - Sweet Love Your Embrace - re-issue

    take care everyone

    Paul V
    Easy on 4th every Sunday night.
  8. laser_racer

    laser_racer TRIBE Member


    that first one should read:

    Eastcoast Boogiemen - Between My Sheets - Lowdown

    sorry, I'm at work, records not in front of me.

  9. AshG

    AshG Member

    awesome release - best thing out of naked in a long time.

    also on point - though at 10 minutes its still not long enough for me. :)


    The Vanden Plas: Santa Marcherita(Derrick Carter Mixes)
    - pretty weird sounding, even for dc

    Three Kings: Shake Dat Booty
    - dirty bass line, familiar sample, and a catchy vocal bit seal the deal

    Lump: Better Eat Strawberries
    - "Better eat strawberries, so you can be a hero"
    errr... right.
    Its on Kompact but would sound right at home on Music For Freaks

    Morane: The Trick
    - This is a collaboration between Markus Nikolai and Theo Kreiger and its wonky and ultra funky

    Thomas Buchner: Jolly Jumper
    - Nice deep tune with good momentum, which i like

    TRO - that simone tune is hot!
  10. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

    Re: Re: deeno's latest top 10 - please add on!

    totally! :D
  11. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    My Top 10 for beginning of Sept 03

    Christian Varela - "Vegetable Channel EP" [Donkey Head]
    yeah yeah yeah I know.... this is techno... but still....!
    Piratebrain - "Free To Be Slaves" [Liquid Brain]
    Robbie Hardkiss - "Everything Is Changing" [Classic]
    The Deadbeats - "The G Thing EP" [Running]
    Groovin Vol 2 - "Groovin Vol 2" [White]
    Benny Benassi - "Satisfaction" [Hussle]
    breaks, yes... gonads, hell yeah!
    Point B - "Knowone" [Erratica]
    another electro-y track... brilliant!!!
    Loop Killaz - "Pm2Am" [Hard Hat]
    DJ Dero - "South American Techno 1" [Next Fire]
    This is my attempt at being Bad Boy Bill, yaw'll! ;-)
    Technasia - "Nebula" [Technasia]
    sweet sexy breaky house... gotta funkin' love that!
  12. Bloom! Productions

    Bloom! Productions TRIBE Member

    only thing on naked music i've ever purchased.

    i keep on listening to this in the store (baseline studios, guelph) while working. it's super funky, yes! also, ultra wonky... i'll have to make a decision about it soon.

    peace, happy houzing!
  13. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    deeno, when will you put out your next mix?
  14. Bloom! Productions

    Bloom! Productions TRIBE Member

    nesta, it's in the works (intellectually) and will be thrown down (physically) the next day both my neighbours aren't home ;)

    and to keep things on topic...


    11. Amp Dog Knights - I'm Doing Fine - Mahogany Music
    -Kenny Dixon Jr (Moodymann), at one of his best moments, bringing together Soul, Jazz and House - just the way it's supposed to be
  15. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    The latest editions to my bag are;

    The One - Pound boys pres. the SML crew pt. 2 - 83 West recs
    Tonight - H foundation - Soma recs
    Fire Hydrant - Lance Desardi - Pacific Coast Brand recs

    jeremy -never enough- jive
  16. vench

    vench TRIBE Promoter

    all right.....here's ten that I'm digging right now......in no particular order, here they are:

    01. Guy Gerber - Let me in (Mike Monday Remix) - Kinky Vinyl

    02. Numatik Soul - Nitelife (Original Mix) - Offset Music

    03. Paradise Soul - white label - Kinky promo

    04. Blakkat - white label - Shaboom promo

    05. Umlungu - white label - Kinky promo

    06. The Little Men - Cover up - Drop Music

    07. Vench - Room 101 - CD-R

    08. Dizzy - Comin’ Back Around (Lawnchair Generals mix) - Mouthful

    09. Just Muzik - Takka Takka - Drop Music

    10. Vench - Untouchable (Dub Mix) - CD-R

    some might be from a couple of months ago but I could care less.

    listen and enjoy.

    btw - mind the gap.

  17. DJ KWE

    DJ KWE TRIBE Member

    Is there anyway we can have a listen to your new tracks?
  18. ethnik

    ethnik TRIBE Member

    here are my latest fave's...

    Natural Rythm - Simple needs - blockhead

    Kaskade - Original - White

    Alexkidd - Come with me - FComm

    Vanden Plas (aka Derrick Carter)- Santa Magherita Pt 2 - Independiente

    Broken Home - Freakin you - Jiggy

    Broken Home - Rock your body - Jiggy

    Hesoshi - Thankful - Aesoteric

    Hakan Lidbo - Killer - Muzique

    Little Men - Smokers Delight - Drop Music

    those are the tracks that have been rockin my world the last couple of weeks...westcoast/chicago styles!


  19. ethnik

    ethnik TRIBE Member

    oh, forgot to mention....

    Swag (freaks rmx) - I need a freak - version

    Stefann Goldmann feat tuommi (i forget the title) - classic

  20. vench

    vench TRIBE Promoter

    my personal tracks or the other ones listed in my ten??

    either way, of course you can, just check the upcoming events forum for this friday......

    and you'll hear all of them!!

  21. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    DJ Ali - ghetto gospel man - village recs (get this one!)
    Desmet & diesel - For You - Tango (they can do no wrong)
    Latrice Barnett- Without Love - Moulton (I can't decide which side is better)

    jeremy -deep and delicious dubs- jive
  22. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    Marco Manco & Sharon Harris [-] Spirit [-] Converge
    The Freaky AfroNaut [-] Bibs and Baby Booties EP [-] Fairparks promo
    Bobby Peru [-] Jack 2 The Future [-] 20:20 Vision
    The Freaky AfroNaut [-] Got Ya' Workin' [-] Playd Promo
    Vibe Residents [-] DJs Calling EP [-] Stealth
    The Freaky AfroNaut [-] Understanding the Koochie [-] CD-R
    International Pony [-] New Bassline For Jose [-] Skint
    DJ Dan And Grandad Bob [-] Disco Hertz EP [-] Faith & Hope
    DJ How [-] Unknown [-] White
    how ever did i sleep on these last three?!?!?

    These are my current hot tunes... in no particular order, of course!

    Man! That SKINT track, tho.... Skint is quickly becoming one of my sleeper labels... the last 5 releases have been cool!
  23. ethnik

    ethnik TRIBE Member

    new pick up that i MUST add

    Souldoubt - I ain't hurtin - Bluem

    best Bluem release YET. all 3 cuts are killer stuff, with the highlight for me being the inside cut on the one side that has a strictly old-school westcoast feel. LOVIN IT!
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2003

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