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decepticon vs. satori


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nice! that was some serious action going up on the decks..nice job decepticon and satori..mad mad scratchin
thanks to all those who came out , i hope you had a great time..i know i did..
mboy was juuuuuuuuuuust messed hah

next week
a drum and bass special..
rick toxic
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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last night was just a little...

A nice little after exams drunkfest is always good for the soul:D

Dj's were all on point.



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got there a little late after detours to for your eyes only and nasa... had a good time, first time ever being in there and thought it was a great place. decepticon and satori were rippin it up, great tracks, sick scratching, etc etc etc.... was also nice meeting pr0nstar and vinder and the rest of the usual tribe gang hangin out...... then ventured over to the 100.7 studios til 5am and ventured home.... work at 9am definately SUCKED this morning!! but a fun night out in toronto is always worth the pain of workin in the morning.............. cya's around! :)


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great night - thanks to two of my favorite DJs for tearing it up, hard and dirty pretty much the whole way through. :D