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Decepticon vs. Satori- april 25th


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Thursday April 25th
DECEPTICON (Urbanfunk,www.decepticon.cjb.net)
SATORI (Digital love, activate, R31357OR)

Toronto's 2 top techno turntablists (say that 3 times fast) face off on 4 decks and 2 mixers. Both recognized for their scratch talents and crossing of genres, this is going to be an incredible show.

alongside- tommy smalls, james maggs, j-mat

$5 all night
ladies free B4 11pm
huge pints! free pool
Milano's - 325 king st. west- toronto


join us for beer, pool, and lots of trash talkin
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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1000-1100 James Maggs
1100-1200 tommy smalls
1200-0130 Satori vs. Decepticon
0130-close J-Mat
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i know i was when i woke up sunday..holy shit.. you'd think that sleeping for the many hours i did , i would have sobered up..nope..got out of bed and almost feel into the fridge