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December Set


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Hello folks, here is a link to my December set. Once again I thought i would post it here for your listening enjoyment.

Comments are always welcome.


Track list:
01. Alexander Church, Cycles of life "Original mix"
02. Flash Brothers, The Call "Original Mix"
03. Jondi & Spesh and Jerry Bonham, Ghost of you "Ether Dub Mix"
04. Mert Yucel & DJB feat Mish Mish, Dreamer "Original Mix"
05. Decent, Tempura "Original Mix"
06. Chris Salt, Dub Soner "Original Mix"
07. Fluke, Pulse "Paris & Healey Remix"
08. Skinny Monkey, Heavy Vinyl "Kasey Taylor & Luke Chable Remix"

Enjoy and thanks for listening.


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Downloading right now. I thought your November mix was wicked as well! I look forward to giving this one a listen.



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lovin' this mix bro

keep up the good work

the tune around the 29 minute mark is amazing
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Thanks man!

The track at 29 minutes is "Tempura". I fell in love with that track the instant i heard it on the release website.
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