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well first off, i will start with a positive note,

mark oliver never dissappoints me, always top notch, always, he should be playing more out around the globe, the world needs to hear him. Josh Gabriel, fucking awesome shit, altho i was expecting him to be a bit more blah, i was pleasantly surprised by the throbbing acid lines, and squelching builds!! fucking top bidding for the night, goes to him.


paul oaken-flop

have seen him many times, his presence is there, but i found him to be a bit blah tongiht, plus the crwod of fucking people who just push push push all the time, makes it a very tough time to be patient for 4 -5 hours. Maybe a bigger venue should be considered, or less tickets.

speaking of which
did anyone notice how at the koolhaus they were taking the entire ticket, putting it in a bin, and letting you in. we watched the guys take a bag of tickets, give it to scalpers to resell just outside. are they really scanning all tickets??? cause i think they were being a bit sketchy!!

good hotdogs outside for a change, hot in the middle, loved the bacon bits, the fake ones yes guy!!

didnt stay for van burren, couldnt take the constant pushing, its get to me, and makes me angry, and seeing a sea of people also leave, left me wondering, if they were feeling the same vibe!

ultra spin looks good



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Photos: Decadence III @ The Guvernemnt

Hello Tribe;



And now the pics; (275 in total!)



soulbrother 10

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Waaaaaaaay too jammed! No room to dance. Even the Kool Haus was shoulder to shoulder. Maybe it got better later, but I split at 3.
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Oaken-choken-please fold and go away. He had a decent night, but didn't do much from my viewpoint.

There are so many better djs, and it sucks that we end up bowing down to hype and feel the need to use oakie-pokie as a "draw" to bring more people to the venue.

I didn't catch much of Danny Howells, but he deserved to have more space in KH. (i.e. Labour of Love)

I followed a crowd through the orange room, good music, but I don't know who was playing at 3am.

Gabriel warmed up the KH crowd well enough, and Armin plowed through and brought the energy right up over and above anything ok-en-whatever could pull off with his need for anthems so he could slack off and grandstand for photo ops.

Great visuals, although the vibe could have been nicer and less pushy. It just felt overpacked (duh, what did I expect), but overall a good night, and the music was good, but I could be jaded here, but no WOW! moments for me of musical bliss.

Armin was great to put on a Leafs jersey. I still saw a throng of bodies in KH even after I felt wiped, and left after Armin wore the jersey, around 6:20.

Hope everyone had fun!

Anyone have pics?


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I'll keep this short and sweet. It was pretty much everything I expected. I was tortured to 2 hours of being force-fed Armin van Buuren for what seemed like an eternity of the same track due to being with a girl that wouldn't let me leave that room. I think it's a prerequisite that in order to listen to trance, you need to be:
1. REALLY fucked on drugs. Like, REALLY, REALLY fucked.
2. Walk around with your shirt off.
3. Creepy.
4. PUSH people out of the way.
5. Wear sunglasses.

Sadly, I don't fit the above prerequisites and felt very out of place. Haha.

For the most part I managed to find a few locales where I was able to avoid the crowds. It was more a social night for me. Sander's set was so-so. I didn't really get to hear much of Burridge. I heard some of Danny but I don't remember too much of it. I do recall him going on a bit of a tangent that had my crew wanting to go elsewhere.

Overall, it was what's to be expected for an event like this. Crowded, rude people, (but SURPRISINGLY for Guv) polite security, mediocre sets (from the ones I heard) and a lot of people in several rooms really mashed on drugs.

I'd much rather spend a night in a more intimate environment with my friends and one or two DJs, but it is what it is. I had a good time overall simply because of who I was with, not because of what was going on. :)



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Yeah I had to stop looking at them (those pics) after seeing that (nipple lady). I wonder if this girl knows her nipples on the internet...
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mikeryan said:
Yeah I had to stop looking at them (those pics) after seeing that (nipple lady). I wonder if this girl knows her nipples on the internet...

To say the least..not a pretty sight.


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she's kinda gross.

ANyway, waaaay too many pushy ppl. from woodbridge and stoney creek.

And what's with ppl. taking pictures from cell phones...like all of em....


Bad crowd IMO at kool haus.

Music good, especially Gabriel
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Knew guv & kool haus would be rammed so i didn't even bother except to wander through to find people ( if that was possible ).Orange Room: started with turtle playing a GREAT warm up set, then D-Monic played one of the best sets i've heard him play (which i told him), ICEE ( wow ) rocked the room (very impressed) deep, vocally and really slammin' breaks, then some other guy played....skip to Robb G....ROBB G destroyed the orange room.....OMG....new, old, remixed, aggressive, chunky...spot on....what a way to end the night in the orange room, then made my way to the guv to hear the end of Danny & Lee playing B2B which was quite good!!!
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that gabriel dude dropped a couple of bombs, sander was big, dirty, dark beats hot stuff, howells blew.

fun party though, good crew, typical guv crowd, many weirdos to crack jokes on, thats always entertaining, it got better later after some people left and there was more room to move. The sound itself was impressive in both big rooms, too bad danny brought brain bruising beats instead of the funkier more melodic stuff I like, a lot of people seemed to enjoy it though, still stayed really late. the various lounge areas upstairs and behind the guv were a godsend especially the one behind the guv after things got heated.

the line moved fast, search wasn't a rape, coat check was easy, the bouncers were friendly, a lot of people will probably bitch about the smoking but it wasn't that bothersome, the decorations and effects definitely added to the monster party vibe in the kh and guv, there are washrooms everywhere in that place...it was a well run event.

wow i just wrote a good review of the guv...im shocked

not the party of the year by any stretch, the afterparty was better, but I dont regret the $40
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