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my sister turned 16 today, so i watched my rents tell her about life, then my brother and i sat her down and told her about the shit we used to get up to. after reviewing the convo, im curious as to why neither of us is dead, we did WAY too many drugs.....i could feel myself cringing when i was trying to warn her about the perils of the same things i did and enjoyed...the only advice i had for her was, drugs CAn be fun, but they come at a price............discuss
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my little brother, is just a few years my junior and we're pretty tight. he's more into the whole indie post-ska and punk scene and isn't really into electronic music at all. we burn sticks together all the time, but i don't think he's done anything harder and the same with most of his friends.

he drinks like a sicko and the kid knows how to party, but ultimately i think his 'scene' just isn't drug saturated as the electronic community.

while i think they're missing something, i also think they might be better off.


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Don't hound on your little siblings so much about growing up. You turned out fine, so they will too..they have to live through their experiences on their own pace...scaring them and telling them stories about your party days isn't going to make them "think twice" if they have the chance.

Also, the "drug scene" isn't nearly as what is used to be...became too "trendy" and drugs are weak now:p It's all about the $$
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My nextdoor neighbour back home was just turning 16 and he asked me about what I thought of drugs and alcohol etc.
I watched this kid grow since he was about 3.
Anyway I just told him getting fucked up is fun, but you still have to be responsible. Being high or drunk doesn't give you a license to be an idiot. Yet alot of people think so.
I tried to be as honest to a kid who wanted to know what its like, when all he hears is "don't do it" from teachers and parents.
He ended up asking me to hook him up, so I bought him some beer and gave him a roach because it was all the weed I had.
We had a good neighbourly bond after that.